Page 67
April 13th, 2009

Page 67

The return of Sanctimonious Gay who actually has good reason this time to get all high and mighty :) And no, Lech is not humping the tree, he’s just REALLY itchy (as far as I know, trees don’t have a pulse and Lech has SOME standards)

Todays vote incentive is an Easter greeting from Prozac :)


  1. Ari

    Whoah, at first I thought Lech just suddenly went nuts in the last two panels and was about to attack Evil. But upon closer inspection, I think he just got hit with a tranquilizer dart instead.

    Great page, as always!

  2. Q

    That’s… blood…

    He’s in trooooooouble.

  3. Adam

    that’s not blood that’s a rash of the groinel area

  4. Eptha

    It’s probably crabs…not that I’d know what crabs looks like…


    Poor Leach! I’m glad it’s not the mange. I like how you draw the bears’ ear positions in relation to what mood they’re in. Beary “life like”! You truly captured the ursine behavior! Interesting, do not wash dog with tomato juice if sprayed by skunk. There are skunks around the Dallas metropolitan area. Just glad my dogs haven’t ran across any! But unfortunately my car had. It was trying to cross the
    in the dead of night.


    It’s a good thing those bears live in a zoo. They have it better than the…. dare I say it! The “average bear”! Judging from previous strips, they can leave whenever they
    wanted. Maybe Leach took advantage of that to mate with wild bears and brought back a souivenier! At least he can medical attention at the zoo. If left untreated, the rash would make him more cranky and furless.

  7. Joe

    Awwww! Poor tanked!

  8. Amaranth Pink

    For some reason I really like Evil’s expression in the last panel. I lol’d at Lech’s though.

  9. NiaTeppelin

    “Maybe I will!” LOL priceless.
    Poor Tanked :(

  10. Pepper

    I love your comics. Evil is the best. :D

  11. Kamino Neko

    Lech has been scratching the everloving hell out of his groin…with his claws, with the branch, with the whole damn tree.

    And blood isn’t likely a result of whatever cooties he’s got down there, but rather the fact that he won’t leave the area alone.

  12. Squeakybunny

    Wouldn’t it be something if that bush that Lech was scratching himself with turned out to be poison sumac or poison oak?

  13. Evil2.0

    Poor beerless Tanked bear, I hope he gets more soon.
    I am now posetive that the tree wants to kill him.
    Thank you Gay for being a neat freak, now go get the disinfectant, Lech was on the couch.
    What did Lech do??? o_O did he fall in posion Ivy or something more inapropriate.
    Also the fact that Lech is “willing to rub”, is probably giving Gay bad, bad ideas.
    Also I loved Evils face at the end, so funny, and so panicky looking? This is where you run and hide behind Gay who is the clean shield..
    …Please don’t let him fall and infect Evil!!!!!!

  14. BN Fan

    lol ‘Ewww’ … that sounds professional. Poor Tanked ;__; I’d like to think he’s upset because Lech pushed him away like that, but it’s more likely he’s still mourning his beer. And you’re implying that Lech will hump anything with a pulse… nice XD

    … … … Prozac in the eggsuit is freakin adorable btw.

  15. Kamino Neko

    … Also, it occurred to me…this is the first arc, that actually focuses on BEAR NUTS…. o.<

  16. admin

    @ Ari: you’re right! I wasn’t sure people would get that until they saw the next page :)
    @ Eptha: good cover!
    @ Tyrone: tomato juice is fine if your dog has a dark coat, but it would have turned my yellow lab pink. Besides, some of the special shampoos you can get from a vet probably work better anyway.
    @ Squeakybunny: now that would be mean :)
    @ Kamino Neko: nice observation! I didn’t even pick up on that :D

  17. Typh

    Leech looks to be enjoying it maybe a lil to much in the last panel:P

  18. Tonka

    Similar to Ari, I finally twigged to Lech getting tranq’ed at the end but at first I thought he just realized that “rubbing” on Evil might be misconstrued. Also, the Easter Prozac vote incentive was beyond cute.

  19. Neveko

    Lech would probably be pleased to hear the keepers calling him the “big aggressive male.” :D

  20. Glowworm

    I also at first thought Lech was attacking Evil-apparently not.It was just a tranquilizer. Tanked and Gimp look so cute.

  21. deathBlackWings

    awww Tanked looks so sad

  22. Yai

    Awh! Poor Tanked, the look on his/her face. (I’m still confused if either Tanked is female or male..) Tanked is my favourite. I wonder what L has.

  23. Wolfen

    Well it’s not called “Jock Itch” for nothin!

    Aaaawwww Poor tanked, crying over spilled beer.

  24. £Ø§Ð

    What Did You “Do” Any Way? That practicly Sum’s it Up.

  25. RagingDragon

    I said it before, I’ll say it again: Somebody needs to get that bear to a clinic. O.O;

  26. Kirk

    Why does Lech have frilly panties on his tummy?

  27. W.E.R.

    most likely some kind of fungal infection since it seems to be spreading. and poison sumac would only get on the outside of the fur, which on a bear is usually very thick.

  28. foenicks

    Last panel = NOMNOMNOM

  29. Tigerspew

    Ewww… i hope its not lice

  30. Eptha

    @wolfen I’d cry over spilt beer….well maybe not beer, but definately a mixed drink….poor Tanked

  31. Wolfen

    Kirk: he is a lech. heh.

  32. FE

    poor tree….

  33. Dragon-Aul

    Awww!!! Poor tank! He’s gonna need a new tankard of beer man! Bad Lech!

  34. Lax

    Evil has a bear-like face in the bottom second panel :D

  35. Appel

    i wonder what it is… but its most certainly not lupus

  36. SweetRMS

    poor evil this is what the other bear has

  37. Christodoulos

    Hey, I’ve just found out about this webcomic, and read all 67 pages to catch up xDD
    It’s just TOO awesome! =DD
    Great work, keep it up :)

  38. Referas

    I just found this comic on some other comics banner thingy, and have to say love it. Never laughed so much at any online comic, and ive read a few, and im following like 10 of them, so it sais alot.. Kudos!

    Cant wait for next one ^^

  39. Sebine

    We need to get Tanked some counciling

  40. Rick2Tails

    Just read through all 67 of them this morning after a freind linked me to this comic.It`s funny, well drawn and very good! I hope to see much more of this in the future! *bookmarks*

  41. Rick2Tails

    Also one other observation… This zoo is about as secure as the Wonderland Zoo (Hair Bear Bunch reference for those who dont get it )

  42. oyoy

    Is SHUNK the past term of SHANK? This is getting good!

  43. admin

    Hi to Christodoulos, Referas, and Rick2Tails :) Thanks for the comments, it’s much appreciated!
    @ Appel: no, it’s definitely not lupus!


    A man’s worst nightmare!!

  45. Bearnutsisthebest

    Just wondering, but who the hell did he get that from, if its what I and the zookeeper think?

  46. S.P

    Aww poor Tankster.

  47. Trolldrool

    Rereading this and just now noticed the Monty Python reference.

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