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April 10th, 2009

Page 66

Public indecency AND a totally sacrilegious use of beer, an otherwise good day for Lech.

Today’s vote incentive: Happy Holidays from Tanked to anyone who celebrates Easter, or anyone who celebrates a long weekend :)


  1. Cho-Ran

    interesting… as soon as I post my comment on the last page, this one pops up! XD
    poor Tanked though.
    (it seems it might be something STD-ish… or maybe just a rash. I wonder what happens next!?) >w>

  2. Benben

    LOL crotch critters!

  3. CyberCorn Entropic

    An uncomfortable Prozac and a heartbroken Tanked, all in the space of a few minutes. Lech is on a roll. :P

  4. james Booooooosh!!!!!!!

    So the zookepper said dang becus he saw that one of the bears was itching himself so he thinks they need to mate..So this is where you interduce the female bears huh?

  5. Kristen

    The sheer look of joy on Lech’s face when he was using the branch to scratch was awesome. I’ve watched my male friends make the same face when they are attending to their “itchy places”

  6. DominicanKing614

    last time i remembered i NEVER itched that much even as a man …. hes gonna bleed something fierce when he tears skin lol …. i doubt its cause hes eager to mate either ….. what im wondering …. is what the hell did he screw in that zoo to catch something evil down in his nether regions lol …. good luck to him with whatever will happen lmao

  7. khielira

    lol!! poor Tank! *hugs*

  8. khielira

    aw poor Tanked!

  9. tyrone

    I hope Lech doesn’t have the mange. My dog once caught the mange from jumping the fence to mate with questionable female dogs at night. He iched, scratched and loss fur! I had to sponge bath him with some stuff that was sooooo powerful, that if you didn’t mixed it right. not only will you kill the mange, you’ll kill the dog and it’s owner! That stuff could start a car! it should work on bears too!

  10. Stormwolf

    Im wondering if evil is messing with Voodoo again???!!

  11. Jepix

    Ok, Prozac’s smooth-uncomfortable-exit is just brilliant. I watched the same pannel in 10 minutes, laughing, staring, laughing and on and on.

  12. NiaTeppelin

    No, not the beer! NOOO!

  13. SweetRMS

    he wasted the beer on his itch.
    He needs this…its a funny itching powder for bears.
    Take a look.

  14. Glowworm

    I love the panel where Lech starts scratching himself with that branch-and then pours the beer down it!

  15. £Ø§Ð

    Tankes look when He Swiped the Bear, Pricless.

  16. £Ø§Ð


  17. BN Fan

    LOL … okay, by far the most funny page yet. I laughed so hard at Prozac’s reaction XD And because I’m a pervert like that I’m guessing the keepers ‘Dang’ was referring to the fact that from that angle, it looks like he’s doing something other than scratching.

  18. Seraph

    looks like Lech has crabs. :C er… fleas, though they seem awfully centralized!

  19. RagingDragon

    Somebody needs to get that bear to a clinic. O.O;

  20. BlueKnightOne

    But… But… The beer… *sob*

  21. atomic_chew

    I now think the guard has something to do with it :\
    is he trying to get rid of lech by causing some… WAIT! The guard gave him the STD!!! :O!

  22. zee63

    Man, the look on Lech’s face in the 6th panel is so funny but looks so wrong to someone that doesn’t know he’s itchy! XD

  23. Evil2.0

    I’m suprised by how little Gay is bothered with Lech’s “itch”.
    I *LOVED* Prozac’s weirded-out expression and his ” back-away-slowly-then-run-like-all-hell-broke-loose” escape plan.
    I am now posetive that nature hates Lech, that alcohol is planning on evasive actions, and that Tanked bear is sad.
    Also a very painfull and humiliating trip to the vet is foreseen**.

    Ps. Tanked makes a cute Easter……bear?, but I have a feeling those are alcohol filled eggs. :)

  24. Yirr

    Well, looking at the last panel, he looks like he’s…eh..doing something, and agressively pushing Tanked away. Agressive bear, clearly due to “needs”… -Are the zookeepers going to castrate poor Lech?

  25. admin

    @Evil2.0 – alcohol filled eggs…I wouldn’t put it past him. Plus you can get chocolate like that at Xmas, why not at Easter?
    @Tyrone – Ugh, mange sounds bad. We’ve had to deal with skunk spray a couple times and the vet warned us not to use tomato juice on our yellow lab :)
    And just in case anyone else is wondering, THIS time, Evil had nothing to do with it.

  26. Fr3aKaZ0!D

    alittle discusting “Mommy what is that bear doing?” ” I tell you when your older” :P Well tanked is not joyful right there Hey…you wasted my beer.

  27. Typh

    poor tank had his drink taken, i would have figured him to flip out though after that:P

  28. Shin-Goji

    I noticed something…

  29. blind2d

    I wonder what the ‘dang’ is about…

  30. CyberCorn Entropic

    Let’s hope he hasn’t got Saber-Toothed Crotch Crickets. (
    They’re scary little beasties. (

  31. CyberCorn Entropic

    Those didn’t work…. Will and reveal the Saber-Toothed Crotch Crickets or am I barking up the wrong tree?

  32. CyberCorn Entropic

    I guess I was barking up the wrong tree. Take 3 and So Forth Too bad these comments aren’t editable.

  33. rudo

    alternate approach: “Mommy, what is that bear doing?” “…I’ll let Conan O’Brien explain it to you”

  34. admin

    @Shin-Goji – maybe that is what Tanked’s thinking :)
    @CyberCorn – Maybe Saber-Toothed Crotch Crickets are extinct? They sound pretty hard-core!

  35. Sneakybutler


  36. PsychoDuck

    Panel nine is probably the best ever panel in the history of this comic.

  37. Leak

    Yeah, well – they already abused the alcohol when they turned it into beer… yuck!

    There’s so much better stuff out there – so why do they still make BEER? :(

    np: Radiohead – Creep (Acoustic) (My Iron Lung EP)

  38. FE

    …. I wonder what the zookeeper’s thinking….
    I love Prozacs exit, he’s so disturbed by Lech lol

  39. Tinna

    To be fully honest, I still don’t believe Nerd bear is a boy, because I’m a girl, and I love star trek just as much as he does, and with the glasses on, he looks female to me. Wouldn’t it be funny if all t he guy bears find out later that Nerd Bear IS a girl?

  40. Oranges

    Tinna: Really scary thought, Evil knows Nerd bear is female and that’s his way of courting her.

  41. CyberCorn Entropic

    @admin ~ Think of Saber-Toothed Crotch Crickets as being like drop bears and jackalopes. Stories can be more authentic than reality. :P

  42. Los

    LMFAO!! MY GOD, I’m only now just catching my breath over that last panel!!


    Poor beer D:

  44. TheTBBNo1

    Lol, what Lech is doing in the last picutre looks so wrooong! xD

  45. Michael Sirius

    @Oranges scarier thought, Evil knows Nerd is a guy and he’s still trying to court him.

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