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April 27th, 2009

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Oh Tanked… I’d love to animate that exchange some day :)

Todays vote incentive is a page of Tanked sketches. By the way, I’d like to thank everyone who’s voting. We’re up to number 5 on TWC which is awesome but as long as we just stay in the top ten we get a lot of visibility and basically free advertising which helps immensely… so thanks again guys :D


  1. Scat Rash

    I just love how they all have different drinks. :P

  2. Kirsten

    Tanked is so my favorite ever xD

    And I love how Lech still have his STD-Cone :D

  3. Shoove

    Am I the only one who finds it a little odd that Nerd is grossed out by what Gay says as opposed to what Tanked is doing? Or is it that they just expect it from Tanked, and there for ignore it?

  4. Heather

    Shoove: the eternal question. Is witnessing a friend spew when such an action from them is probably old hat more disgusting than when another more ‘respectable’ friend talks about what goes out the other end?

    Guess it’s a preference thing. I’d be more grossed out by tanked myself, but then my friends only spew on special occasions, if you get my drift. (Oh drinking happens on a slightly tipsey scale sometimes happens outside of special occasions though not regulary- and HAMMERED OUT OF YOUR MIND AND SPEWING is more for those special moments- warms the heart huh? But then I’ve never had a hangover or spewed from being drunk. Then again, I don’t like to get blind drunk. The idea of not remembering what happened is actually a fear -perhaps a phobia?- that I have. It sounds shit scary to me. I am the one people stumble over to help get to the bathroom and make sure don’t text message break-up with their bf/gf by accident! The tipsey but not blind one to give addresses to the taxi. Oh joy. XD.)

  5. Nate Fakes

    Lol. That is hilarious! Those bears think too much sometimes.

  6. Shoove

    Heather, I have to agree with you – on all accounts.

  7. Dorks of hazzard

    Oh and here i thought he just had the hole tanke gay and nerd bear thing was just a joke. Lech bear still has that thing on that means a continue from the last comic! Thank you now i don’t feel left in the dark as much. I still would like to know what nerd bear feels about evil and the bees?


    rofl, i love Tanked

  9. la

    xD ……………….I think I’ll get back on the corn……. from now on…

    my dog eats his barf. ;__;

  10. S.P

    I have to agree with Gay, it is disturbing. I’ve always hated the way corn comes out virtually undigested.

  11. Kitsunekage

    To expand on Gays corn speeche, Ever notice how you can always find a disturbing amout of carrats in one’s vomit,even if one has not eaten said carrats in over 4 mounths….. food for thought.

    This comment is sssssoo00000oo coming back to haunt many of you at your dinne tables….


  12. sneakers

    I like how Nerdy has a hot dog in his plate!

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