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May 1st, 2009

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I had braces when I was younger and my parents would cut the corn off the cob for me. After I got the braces off, I kept doing it because it tasted better that way somehow… or I’m just nuts. I’ve been accused of that before :)

Happy first day of May everyone! It’s now officially sandal weather again!! And short shorts, just ask Gay :D


  1. Tremaine

    Oh god, poor Lech.

  2. PsychoDuck

    The corn he cut off the cob… It looks like it has two hands sticking out the top of it. I can see why he fears it so much.

  3. Dorks of hazzard

    Dose death bear eat?

  4. Roxanne

    First time commenting but I had to say the “Kiss The Cook” Apron and the look on Gimpy’s face made me smile.

  5. Perzy

    IT’S SO YOELLOW !!!!!!!!!! XD
    poor Crack……what other foods is he afreid of?????

  6. shadowwalker

    My first time replying!

    i looove Bear Nuts, *chants* more more more we want more! :P

    Have you thought about making Bear Nuts greeting cards…including cards your obligated to give to people but really don’t like or want to get a card for, Evil would fill that role very well.

    T-shirts, stationary, mugs, plushies, hats oh my!…Bear Nuts could take over the world and people will be saying Care Bears who? :P

    Thank you for the awesomeness of Bear Nuts!

    One of your newer fans,

    shadowwalker =)

  7. Panda

    Oh goodness I lawled heartily at Lech’s attempts to eat. Poor fellow.

    And Prozac’s look to Crack when he says it’s so yellow XD wonderful

  8. kristen

    I LOVE the way that Lech is eating the cob of corn. I have to wonder what it would be like in crack’s head. I’d like to know, but only for a moment. prolonged exposure may lead to psychosis.

  9. Kylie Ann

    Heh … Cracked is a Green Lantern.

    Absolutely loved it. Love Evil stealing food off Lech’s plate, loved Prozac being sweet trying to help Cracked … does Cracked eat? Loved Gay looking at Tanked, who has obviously passed out again.

    So cute. And yes, merchandise would be nice.

  10. Pepper

    Man, I love Evil. It would be interesting if you made a poll in which we could pick our favourite bear. I wonder what the results would be. :D

  11. Kenichi340

    Evil, I know Lech can’t eat well because of his cone, but that doesn’t mean you can sneak a few bites away from his plate! XD Somebody drill a hole through that cone close to his mouth so he can eat properly. *Sees Evil grinning while holding a drill* On second thought…

  12. Squival

    lol I like Lech’s apparent resourcefullness :P
    Also ‘Kiss The Chef’ apron FTW!

  13. Pancake Dog

    I do that too! I love corn that’s been cut off the cob. Especially when it stays in these neat little rows… We can be crazy together.

  14. W.E.R.

    haha Lech trying to eat is tooo funny.

    Go “Kiss the Cook” Apron woooo! i have one myself

  15. Squeakybunny

    Could be worse for Lech. It could be soup.

  16. Nate Fakes

    That poor bear! Get that thing off him! Lol

  17. Glowworm

    Heh-Evil’s swiping Lech’s food!XD!

  18. BN Fan

    Woo another update! :D It’s so yellow… Gay must be offended by that one. And speaking of which I’m too distracted by the short shorts to comment further.

    Ohh but wait! You still planning those single character wallpapers? I’m lookin forward to those.

  19. taytaylalala

    x) and lech is just trying to actually eat the whole time.
    i love the apron. ^^

  20. Leak

    Does Cracked even know what popcorn is made of? :D

    np: Can – Uphill (Anthology (Disc 2))

  21. admin

    @PsychoDuck – ha you’re right! That’s totally creepy, and unintentional.
    @Roxanne and shadowwalker – thanks for the lovely comments! I actually did contemplate greeting cards once but more as a joke (ie. for special occasions like “Congratulations on leaving rehab!”, etc) A store is in the works though :)
    @Pepper – that would be interesting. My own favorite bear changes all the time depending on who I’m writing/drawing at the time
    @Pancake Dog – we need a secret handshake for this crazy club
    @BN Fan – right! Wallpapers are still in progress; they got side tracked by a bigger project :) More to come…

  22. MeisterJ

    XD my brother did the same thing after his braces were removed.

    I think it’s funny that Gay goes from nude, to clothes b/c it’s summer…
    I also like seeing more of Gimp :)

  23. Sebine

    I wanna see more Death but Crack is FUNNY!!

    Laugh a minute with Crack Bear

  24. Tina

    Haha, love the vote incentive. I almost expected his shorts to be, well, shorter. XD

    I also think the fear of corn is normal. I won’t eat it either.

  25. TYRONE

    I love that “why do I even bother” look on Prozac’s face in 8th panel. Poor Crack. That unseasoned and unbutterd corn been through two sets of already. Yikes! But it’s getting dark yellow and dried already! They’re gonna give Crack a heart attack! It might work if someone just put LEACH’S plate of food on the floor. He could stand on fours and and eat like a dog! Congratulations on Leach trying to eat” human like” anyway! Gooooooooooo BEAR NUTS comic and store!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Diva

    Awww…why doesn’t Gimpy Bear’s apron say “Whip the Cook”? Or maybe flog? Yea, I’m thinking he’s more of a flogger kind of bear… =D

  27. TYRONE

    I MENT “two sets of paws”! I wonder if Leach would’ve gave Evil a “warning” growl if he could see what Evil is doing!

  28. Evil2.0

    Haha, lets let Lech starve for a while, I’m sure he deserves it adn that way there’s more for us. Let us follow Evil bear in his quest for mashed potaters.
    I love Cracks face at the yellowness of the corn, ’tis funny. But the color does not compare to the creepiness of the digestive functions and physical appearance of the offending food.
    I know that Evil’s hoping Lech chokes on the corn, would be hilarious.
    And the short shorts, Gay looks so cute training for a triathalon?

    Keep up the crack,

  29. Garrett Williams

    Yes, you are nuts, but also yes, corn does taste better when it’s freshly cut off the cob. Especially when it stays in rows, like the Pancake Dog mentioned.

  30. RagingDragon

    I suspect Prozac may have to increase his dosage if he has to put up with many more of Crack’s panic atacks. XP

  31. Xel Unknown

    I wonder how the hell did Crack get like this…

  32. Drani

    I wonder how long it’ll take them to figure out how to get the cone off. If Nerd can work a TV, can he work a cone?

  33. Wolfen

    Hey Dooom, Why am I envisioning Lech’s collar as a basketball hoop for wadded up paper? hehehe, that would be a great idea.

  34. sandy kilo

    ^^^ahaha qu’est ce qu’elle est marante cette bd , it’s so funny

  35. sandy kilo

    and how about a story with the bear with a lather mask? he is rather unknow..but i m sure it will be make .
    huh… is my english is good?

  36. Crazy Cat

    “I had braces when I was younger and my parents would cut the corn off the cob for me. After I got the braces off, I kept doing it because it tasted better that way somehow… or I’m just nuts.”

    I do the same thing hahaha

  37. Crazy Cat

    P.s.: Sandy ton anglais semble pas si mal à mes yeux. ;)

  38. Saari

    Luv your stories :D I’d like to see one about Gimp, he’s such a cutie ^^

  39. midget

    haha, how gay watches tanked, probably dribblin on the table^^

  40. Squeakybunny

    The more I think about it, they should have put that collar around Lech’s waist like a skirt. He certainly wouldn’t be able to scratch down there with that on, and Gay, Tanked, and Evil would have lol material for as long as Lech has to wear it.

  41. sandy kilo

    thank you crazy cat ^^on attend vivement la suite

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    I really want to try Gimp’s cooking

  44. la

    XD poor lech.
    Heh, “kiss the cook” Gimp. All the details you put in~<3

  45. Otend

    You’re not crazy — it does taste better, for some reason.

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