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May 4th, 2009

Page 73

I was such a picky eater when I was younger… and still I guess. My husband does most of the cooking and I’ll only eat broccoli if it’s cut up into small enough pieces and drenched in sauce so I can’t taste it :)

Today’s vote incentive is an early marker sketch of Death… creepy Death.


  1. Tinna

    FIRST POST. I still stand by my words, Nerd Bear is a GIRL. That’s why evil picks on her so much. Least thats my argument for why.


    Yea! I was a picky eater when I was a kid. Mostly still is! Some of the names of prepared dishes had names that didn’t require much imagination to figure what it was made of! like hog head lunch meat,cow tongue, fried pork skins etc….. yuck! Crack knew that corn wasn’t any good. it’s gone in “self defense mode” by making itself too hot for Leech to eat it! that cone is owning Leech right now but he’s making progress! Get that bear a drink! Not that way Evil! now he’s a living champaign glass! Bear cannot live by bread alone!

  3. kristen

    OH. . .MY. . .GOD. . .I love Crack. I love Crack. Can I say it again? He’s my favorite character because his fears are HILARIOUS and he’s had the best one liners in the whole comic.

  4. Nastee

    Yeah, but it hardly feels like his story, it could be any dinner in any other character’s story, it’s just that he has a one liner every page. I guess it will go somewhere…
    Crack’s story can’t be just one liners and tons of other characters just for filler… right?

  5. PsychoDuck

    Well, how much story can you expect out of such a rapidly-changing, incredibly on-edge, crack-deprived bear?

  6. W.E.R.

    sounds kinda like my younger brothers best friend. all he usually eats is bread with ketchup and vitamins

  7. IWX

    I think you’re getting Nerd and Lech mixed up. Lech is the one with the Elizabethan collar. Nerd is nowhere on this page.

  8. Wolfen

    Maybe I should not say anything about all the yeast that is in that bun… hehehehe.

  9. akonite

    lol and cue nerd informing him about yeast, bleached white bread (although the bleach aspect might not bother him if it’s germaphobia he’s currently on), or one of the MANY other things to trigger a panic attack and starvation.

  10. squeakybunny

    Wait till Crack gets a look at…. raisin bread!

  11. Kenichi340

    I think Evil read all of our minds with what to do with that cone with liquid. I hope Lech doesn’t drown!

    And OMG that early sketch of Death is so creepy o_o

  12. Nate Fakes

    That is true about bread! Lol. These bears always crack me up! Good work (as always)

  13. Squival

    wow your right, bread IS safe ^^
    That early sketch of Death Bear looks so very awesome as well :D

  14. Evil2.0

    I have and always will be a picky eater. I can’t understand how with the laxk od proper nutrients adn stuff I didn’t eat over the years, I still ended up so healthy.
    HA! I’m not the only one that refuses to eat the meat. The horribly created meat byproducts, they made be good, but they’ll only be good for you if you eat em’ once a year.
    Not to seem any meaner than I am normally, the death bear sketxh is not all that creepy. I’m sure you can make it much much creepier…

  15. BN Fan

    I won’t eat hotdogs either… they’re nasty. Although I also would never chew on a condom, but I guess they’re safe, too. Unless you’re allergic. Also I agree with Gay; LECH NEEDS A BATH, yech.

    You covey the motions and thoughts through the expressions/ poses so well… I think that’s one of the reasons I love this comic so much.

  16. sandy kilo

    yeah, you’re right. i luv how you express what they feel^^ the technic you drawn the charachters is neither too much, nor “pas assez”……how do you say it in english?

  17. RagingDragon

    Freud would have a field day with Crack…

  18. Xu-kitty

    *old death sketch* Yeah, Death works better as a mellow guy. All the Creepy Evil smiles should, of course, belong to Evil.

  19. ChibiEmiAlvi

    *first time posting*

    Gotta agree with kristen, Crack’s fears are just hilarious xD Good job as always, heheh~

    Mind if I add Bear Nuts to my Recomendation list in my blog? :P

  20. Heather

    Lech is probably gay. Or bisexual. It’s clear his love of his so called ‘manliness’ is possibly a deep seated confusion he has with his own sexuality or soemthing. He fears the fact that he may prefer guys or that he likes BOTH guys as well as girls as somehow a detriment to his ‘machoness’.

    Such a thing is bullcrap of course- being gay or bi does not make a man any less of a man. But hey, Lech doesn’t seem to be the brightest sometimes eh?

    (Of course, my hypothesis could be all bull. That too.)

    Great comic page!

  21. David (:

    JAJAJAJAJAJA I <3 Evil’s Bear Face’s xD

  22. £Ø§Ð

    …Well, Crack DOES Have a Point.

  23. Tigerspew

    Its the reason he didn’t wash that he got cooties! And not just any cooties, but SCABIES! Nasty little boogers

  24. FE

    how much do u get there is something wrong with the bread and crack is gonna go on a hunger strike!! lol

  25. squeakybunny

    @Heather: Hard to say whether he is or isn’t. He is the one with the frilly panties though.

  26. heather

    lol i have been vary picky with food i am alittle like the green bear but i like corn on a cob but i don’t like the caned stuff lol ^_^
    and i love the evil bear i wud be helping him casing trouble lol

  27. Daemonfly

    Just wait until he learns HOW bread is made…

  28. foenicks


  29. Kurtz

    I just lost my appetite for hotdogs.

  30. thegrinchlover

    @Tinna: just because someone picks on someone a whole lot doesn’t make them a girl…and nerd isn’t on the page…

  31. japlander

    (^U^) LOL!!!!!
    stumbled onto a new favorite!!!

  32. Heather

    Hey! Another Heather! (The one with a lower-case ‘h’). Eh, I don’t care for corn in general myself. It kind of…disgusts me for some reason. The only thing I dislike more is turnip (yuck!)

    I’m more for peas and caarotts when it comes to vegetables.

  33. Orion

    I always love watching an artist improve their style as time goes on. I love the style. I’ve really enjoyed reading this comic.

    Hopefully one day I can utilize and improve my drawing skills, and follow my dream of making my very own web comic. ^^

    Looking forward to seeing future pages. XD

  34. Lax

    Actually, bread also has bacteria, just like other foods. :D

  35. squeakybunny

    @Lax: I’m not certain but unleavened bread doesn’t have yeast in it, so it wouldn’t have any bacteria.

  36. Tinna

    May 4th, 2009 at 3:32 am
    I think you’re getting Nerd and Lech mixed up. Lech is the one with the Elizabethan collar. Nerd is nowhere on this page.

    I know Nerd isn’t on this page, but I want to get my theory out there. That and every time I see Nerd drawn, I swear to god my gut says he’s a girl.

  37. Kurobara

    It looks like Evil is pouring teriaki sauce into Lech’s cone. XD
    Om nom nomage.


    poor crack

  39. Puck

    Cracked in that last panel reminds me of Hannelore from Questionable Content….

  40. Kitsunekage

    I had a dog who created an ingenius way to eat with a cone on. He’d run at the food bowl, drop he’s head, ram the food, tilt his head back, and nom on the kibbles that were trapped in the cone! And it worked! Every time!
    …..Made ane helluva mess, thou…

  41. Sketch

    Darn, I was oneish year late for the early Death sketch. D:

  42. redtoster

    why do i think Lech has a Scottish accent

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