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May 8th, 2009

Page 74

Todays vote incentive is Prozac from our coloring book pdf (the current donation gift).

Keep an eye out for more news hopefully soon: BN will shortly be moving to a new URL and may even have a store someday :) It will probably happen faster then how long it took me to get this comic online since I have nothing to do with it, thereby ensuring it will go smoother!


  1. Shoove

    Ah Nerd, always helpful. And Prozac, always cheerful (just don’t take away his pills). And Lech… well, I think we all know already. *snickers* While Crack might be a little over board, are his fears really that outlandish? I think he might be right about some of that stuff.

  2. Perzy

    aaaaaa…por leach…….he really should take a bath…..

  3. Kamino Neko

    And that, Lech, is why you’re not allowed to take off your collar.

  4. Rockin_cj

    Mwahahah, awesome as always. I find I like to read each comic through a few times to enjoy the art better, always such a good job!

  5. CyberCorn Entropic

    Looks like Cracked agrees with Prozac. It can’t be fun going through life panicking at every little thing. That also seems to be the calmest I’ve ever seen Cracked.

  6. KET

    Cracked looks so sad…
    Lech is getting what he deserves haha

  7. sandy kilo

    poor craked ….
    but ….what is drawn on the presents ? what are phobias for dummies?

  8. Amaranth Pink

    Oh, Lech :B

  9. Kenichi340

    Poor Cracked, it must not be fun at all having all those phobias. Looks like he’s going to try to change his life for the better.

    And lol Lech, I guess you got to put up with the cone for now XD

  10. Anna

    Aww, Nerd is so helpful.

  11. Nate Fakes

    That poor bear! He’s hungry AND itchy. There’s got to be a better solution than that collar! Lol

  12. Squival

    hehe a dummies self help tape for phobias, hope it works ^^
    I feel kinda sorry for Lech Bear I would want to pat him but… well, I just wouldn’t wanna touch him :P

  13. Zelly

    Aww poor Crack bear looks so sad and worried in that 2nd panel.

  14. qtsushigirl

    I love how they tease and fight like kids but then help each other when they really need it. Reminds me of my siblings. :D

  15. W.E.R.

    wow… something Cracked didn’t freak out on.

  16. BN Fan

    Yaaay another wallpaper :D Thank you! Also looking forward to the shop, yaaay again!

    Atleast Cracked doesn’t seem to have a plastic phobia like my dog does.

  17. BN Fan

    *Crack oops

  18. dreabutt0o0

    im surprised crack isnt scared of self-help. maybe the voice will freak him out
    lech is still itchy? poor std bear ^_^

  19. kristen

    I Loved That. “But I’m Hungry . . . . .and Itchy.” Perfect

  20. RagingDragon

    I’d bet 20 bucks on Crack developing a weird plastic phobia. X3

  21. £Ø§Ð

    I Like Cracks One Blue Eye There.

  22. IWX

    I find it hilarious that he can’t scratch just because of the collar.

  23. Evil2.0

    Please let these tapes help…. though I doubt they will.
    And it’s Lech’s own fault he’s itchy, let him suffer.
    Wow lack of comments… Oh well cute Prozac pic, I’ll see ya all on Monday.

  24. Roxanne

    I’ve always found the whole “Dummies/Idiots guide to…” a little strange. Especially when you get into things like anxiety or other mental health problems. I’m just waiting to stumble across the “Idiots Guide to Self Esteem” or something similar someday.

  25. squeakybunny

    I am a bit surprised that Gimpy hasn’t been admiring Lech’s collar. It is a form of bondage device and has a lock on it to boot.

  26. Wolfen

    squeaky, funny thing is Gimpy might know how to remove that lock…

  27. Heather

    Poor Prozac. He’s like a more upbeat version of Leonardo of TMNT sometimes. Heh. Only not a Ninja. Or a turtle. And less angsty.

    (I am a Leonardo fan. Which is apparently odd for a girl in the TMNT fandom, who seem to create ary Sues for Raphael most o the time).

    Prozac is also my favourite bear here, with Gay and Nerd nipping at his heels.

  28. beaufleur

    OMG! My bf just told me about this comic last night, IT IS HYSTERICAL!!!! Funny, funny stuff!!! Congrats! ^^

  29. Mara

    Awww. I actually kind of feel sorry for Lech even if he does deserve the cone of shame. lol.

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