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May 11th, 2009

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Studio Dooomcat will be at Anime Boston from May 22-24th. I’m pretty excited as I’ve always wanted to visit Boston and I love a weekend away. We don’t get to do US cons very much as it’s pretty expensive between plane fare and hotel and food costs compared to the CAN dollar so we have a lot of fun when we do get to go :)
If you’re in Boston please drop by and say hi! You can find us in the Artist Alley.

And more news! (often I can’t think of anything productive to say so this is fun) The final proofs for Bear Nuts vol 1 are off to the printer and our publisher DMF is working on getting the new site going. We’ll likely have a pre-order option up soon so we can see what kind of response the book will get. To celebrate BN is going to 3x a week updates :D
We’ll have Mon/ WED/ Fri updates until the book is available in early July! Keep an eye out here for more news and an eventual re-direct for the website.

Today’s vote incentive is one of the button sets we’ll have for sale at Anime Boston.


  1. Kitsunekage

    Sure, I’ll beat the dead horse, but…. DEATHBEARFORTHEWIN!!!!!
    I have three favorite baers: Death, ‘cuz I’m into spirits (As my name suggests), Evil, ‘cuz his even more twisted than I am, and Crack, not because I’ ve used crack before (And I’ve never), but because I see my own terrifying brand of insanity lurking behind his blood shot eyes….

    Heh,heh….Run,rabbit,run….. no one runs faster than you eat….. <..> Whut? /continues to listen to music/

  2. Elkian

    Room full of plushies ^^

  3. matt

    death bear forever and how does hey have a scyical

  4. purpledog39

    Nobody mentioned the lion plushie.
    Where can you see lions? Only in Kenya! Come see Kenya, we got lions!

  5. J.C.

    I find it rather peculiar how the bears are REALLY fearful of Death, as shown here. I thought it was normal at first, considering that Death can make you go numb just by touching you, but is that really it?? :?
    Was there a particular incident that started this?? In panels 7-10, Death is JUST passing by (though he’s carrying his scythe) and Lech and Tanked just act like he’s literally (and I mean literally) the Grim Reaper.
    Maybe more will be explained when we get around to Death’s childhood story, maybe nothing regarding the others bears and him will be explained.

  6. phoenixgod1995

    doomcat plushie!

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