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May 13th, 2009

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I personally don’t deal well with horror movies. I find any movie I spend watching with my eyes covered is not a good use of my time :P I accidently watched Stephen King’s “It” when I was 8 and that didn’t help. By the way, clowns are horrible, disgusting creatures who should never see the light of day.

This is also our first Wednesday update and we’ll continue those through the rest of May and all of June leading up to the release of vol. 1 of Bear Nuts! To everyone who complained at me about not updating enough – so there. But I’m afraid I can’t keep this pace up for more than a couple months (so much for a buffer…) so enjoy it while it lasts :D

Today’s vote incentive is another button set we’ll have with us at Anime Boston in a couple weeks (May 22-24). Hope to see you there!


  1. Ed-

    I agree 100% about Clowns, creepy bastards… Can’t wait for Vol. 1 to come out!

  2. wutdisdo

    I just love how Tanked just keeps screaming like that! It looks like its music to Lech’s ears! ha!

  3. Ewig

    poor tanked

  4. King Todo

    The fact that you can pump out a marvelous comic like this thrice a week really puts other webcartoonists to shame.

    I’m still reading and loving every second of your vivid characters and amazingly funny plotlines. Keep up the wonderful work, and trust me, I’ll be there to read it.

  5. Roxanne

    I know how he and also you feel! I watched IT pretty young too (sharp teeth… *shudder*) and I can’t stand too much suspense or gore. I think the last time I saw a horror movie was 2+ years ago and I spent most the time looking elsewhere.

  6. Lynny

    hahahahahaha….can’t stop laughing….

  7. Stephen

    generally, i love american horror films, minus the saw and hostel series. Part of their appeal is the suspense, and for some, sheer volume of gore. A witty, bantering, or just plain evilly talkative monster doesn’t hurt either(Child’s play Chucky, and Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger both excellent examples.)this horror is one of the ones i find hilarious in the sheer stupidity of the murder fodder.

    First time i’ve commented, and i love this comic, its on my list of comics to regularly check up on every day or so,

  8. Garrett Williams

    I get the feeling the couch will be a little wet after scaring someone who DRINKS A LOT.

  9. Nastee

    lol @ the wet couch comment
    I don’t know, I watched IT about the same age as you, and I liked it. But then again, I’m kinda like Lech with the horror movies, I love them(as long as they’re good, not the dribble that are 90% of today’s horrors).

  10. Nastee

    Also, some more emphasis on Crack in the future? Please? :)

  11. Amaranth Pink

    Tanked’s screamy face is love.

  12. squeakybunny

    Pennywise was supposed to be ‘wet your pants’ scary. Same thing with ‘Killer Klowns from Outer Space’.

    Don’t dis all clowns because of a few horror movie examples or bad make up on some Shriners. When I did it professionally, my character was very subdued and shy around very young kids.

  13. ang

    lol i luv scary movies and any chance i get i’ll scare the shit outta whose watchin it with me lol and clowns rnt that creepy r they?

  14. Squival

    Yay for 3 times a week now (if only until summer ^^)
    Also you saw IT when you were eight? :O

    And lol at Cracked Bear freaking out after Lech scared him xD

  15. admin

    @ KingTodo: until till Julyish, otherwise I’ll go crazy, I’ve got way to much work to do and BN is sort of a hobby
    @ Stephen: thanks for the comment :D Have you seen the Leprechaun movies? Those are gold! Especially the one where they go to space!
    @ Garrett: too true :)
    @ Nastee: this one’s still about Crack :)
    @ squeakybunny: I’m afraid one bad clown ruined clowndom in general for me… though I do find the balloon animal ones kind of mesmerizing

  16. Eptha

    Um…that actually depends on the clown. yeah the ones that are all happy with the makup and poofy hair need to die, but I happen to know a gal who makes a very sexy clown. Course she doesn’t really do much besides dress silly and wear a pink wig.

    I had a similar experience with horror when I was 5 with Aliens….I couldn’t sleep in my room for like a month. To this day I hate most horror movies.

    Great strip! It’s so mean to pick on Tank like that though. how much does anyone want to bet he’s still screaming in the next strip :P

  17. heather

    ya i saw that move to the movie IT my mom made me watch it and i dident hate clowns before just kinda dident like them naw they scare me O.o i will never see that movie again i only saw it like 3 times ever

  18. Kenichi340

    I just like how Crack looks all wrapped up in his blanket listening to that tape. Doesn’t look like he likes the idea about facing his fears head-on, though.

    And I love horror movies. But whenever it’s about supernatural things (The Grudge for example), I have a hard time going to sleep for the next two nights until I get over it.

    Now as for clowns, I agree. Never liked them XD

  19. BN Fan

    lol… Before I actually started reading the page I thought Crack invited a girl over because it was one of his fears.

    Aww… I wish Boston wasn’t so far away :( I needs me some Bear Buttons! You reckon they’ll be in your store one day? Good luck at the con! :D Wish I could be there. *goes off to pout in a corner somewhere*

  20. Rahr

    So, the woman also took off her top while she was down there? A woman with a shirt on usually just earns a thud death. A topless woman earns a splortch death. :D

  21. TYRONE

    Go Crack! You can do it! Turn on ur Hifi set! That helps me relax! that’s awesome how Leech scared the…..uh…..lets just say Tank can go strait to shower! Bears don’t wear clothes! the couch will need shampooing! @SqueakyBunny, Yea! CLOWNS ARE COOL! That movie “IT” Just made me laughed harder! Scary things can be fun! @Administrator,Leprechaun movies are awesome! I’d get ill if someone was after my “pot ol gold!”

  22. NiaTeppelin

    “[…]leading up to the release of vol. 1 of Bear Nuts!”

    Hurray! *raises arms*
    So looking forward to it! :DD

  23. Emily

    I wish I head earbuds that would stay in my ear as well as Crack’s do!
    My friends and I always scare each other during horror movies…what’s our deal? xD

  24. Xu-kitty

    Ha ha! Ohh, you silly stupid little blonde girl! Don’t you know your provocative mini-skirt, while wandering alone, is Murderese for “My entrails look beautiful when outside my body”?

  25. nobrain

    LOL awww poor tanked.

    Hey, Alison, I hope you don’t mind that I’m using tanked as avvies for msn. Well, friends ask me about my display pic and then I show ’em here so it’s sorta advertising.

  26. Evil2.0

    Oh I know somehting bads gonna happen to Crack soon, and poor Tanked he doesn’t deserve the abuse.

    I love horror movies *(in my opinion) they’re awesome!!!:)
    I feel bad you disagree though. And.. I have no problems with clowns I just would rather like them at last 10 feet away from me at all times.
    See ya on Friday.

  27. Kookaburra8su

    Ok, so it’s too late to have the print run itself numbered, but what about some signed and numbered copies.

    Auction the first one and have the rest going on sale at the show.

    Tanked’s weazed out scream, priceless!

  28. squeakybunny

    Bad makeup jobs scare me. Circus clowns have to exaggerate because the audience is at a distance, but up close they can be frightening. I worked as a strolling act which meant I was in among people. My makeup wasn’t half as thick as some old ladies wear, and a lot more expressive. When I did birthday parties, I sometimes came an hour earlier and the ones that were scared of clowns would watch as I put on my makeup and told stories to them. It wasn’t to cure them of their fear, though it did help with a lot of them. The idea is to show that it is just like them dressing up for Halloween and pretending.

  29. King Todo

    Oh, I’ll be reading past July, no matter how many times you update. :D

  30. Nate Fakes

    Bears can’t take those horror movies well – even though they rip salmon to bloody shreds when they fish. Different scenerio, I suppose. Great work as always!

  31. Jeremy Kuehnau

    My girlfriend started crying while watching Misery. lol.

  32. taytaylalala

    the drunk bear made me laugh so hard. x)
    once again, love it. =)

  33. Scruffy

    Clowns terrify me. I never saw it. I just… yeah. Clowns scare me (no I don’t know why, but everytime I see a clown at anything less than a thousand food distance everything in my stomach screams ‘protect yourself!’)

  34. Sebine

    Poor Tanked T_T awwwwwwwww T_T

  35. RagingDragon

    Lech is a creep. XP

  36. Kimo

    Ooh, I love the red splattered backgrounds in here. How do you get that effect with whatever program you use?

  37. Nicole

    You don’t like horror movies but you watch Supernatural and like it enough to own the box set… I’m the same way.

  38. machchunk

    apply directly to the forehead


    Poor Tanked

  40. ice

    how come death gets a scyth im mean he can kill people by touching them (shudders) danm he freaking scary

  41. pixi

    i also agree about clowns they are freaky Aliens Not people!!!

  42. Elkian

    Lech is such a jerk. That was an Evil move…

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