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May 15th, 2009

Page 77

And that’s why Tanked is not allowed on the good furniture… and they don’t have much furniture to begin with.
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  1. W.E.R.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. you so deserved that Lech. high five Tanked!


    Leech started it! That’s what Tanked should say! Leech already know he’s gonna get chewed out! Maybe he’ll get it cleaned in time and flip the pillow over?! But bears can smell things up to two miles away! Leech is screwed! Poor Crack, Being nervouse works up an apetite. These tapes ain’t helpin! Wish i’d had the money to go see you guys at the con. Would be well worth the trip! Tried to win that texas lottery! it’S NOT HAPPENING! Still lookin B.N. BOOK VOL 1!


    Tanked has has his own “little brewerie” going! xp Bear wizz

  4. Kristen

    Tanked’s face in panels 3 and 6 are Hilarious. I can’t wait to see how this arc plays out.

  5. Gutherin

    awww I LOVE Tanked face in panel 6!!

  6. Kamino Neko

    I’m terribly disturbed by pondering how the two plotlines will collide…

  7. Crotalus

    Looks like he’s wearing a straightjacket in panel 9, (prophetic?).

  8. Appel

    @Kamino Neko : same here O.o
    cant wait to see the rest^^

  9. Kim

    Omg….. I can only see disaster amounting from this. On another note though, Crack is absolutely adorable in that 8th panel, with all the stuffed animals around him and he all wrapped up. I think he might be becoming one of my favorite bears.

  10. Kenichi340

    What did you expect from a bear who’s constantly drinking beer, Lech? You were asking for that.

    *Read panel seven* What kind of phobia tape is this? I’m no expert of the “For Dummies” brand, but that doesn’t sound like something one of those self-help tapes would say XD

  11. Pepper

    Looks great. Crack looks so cute in panel 8. <3333

  12. Glowworm

    panel 6 is hillarious-Tanked’s face is hysterical-as if he wants Lech to be blamed!

  13. luckinflux

    OOOHHH Alison, If you ever decide to make a giant Doom Cat stuffed animal like the one in Crack’s room, I’d be all over it! Now that I think of ot. I’d probably buy any of the bears too!

  14. Roxanne

    lol The 3rd panel made me go “Awwwww” out loud with the look on Tankeds face. I just wanna hug him!… after he’s cleaned up.

  15. RagingDragon

    Again, I feel the need to state that Lech is a creep. -_-; Poor Tanked! :(

  16. ChibiEmiAlvi

    Looks like some people’s comments in the comic before this one inspired you, huh? xDD
    Well, is Leech’s fault, he shouldn’t get mad at poor lil’ Tanked~

    And again, Prozac shows why is important to take his wise advices. ;P

  17. squeakybunny

    Got a sneaky suspicion that someone will be diapered before too long.

  18. DisAstrum

    Does Tanked ever talk? The only time I saw where he said anything was in his hallucinogenic near-death experience with the squirrel. Just wondering. I am glad he isn’t a boisterous drunkard “I love you MAN!”

  19. David (:

    awwwww >w< i <3 tanked xDDDD! :P

  20. Pikarazor

    Absolutely love the comic so far! :-D

  21. Evil2.0

    Not the couch….really thats just horrid luck.
    I love the whole fact that Lech has to clean. It just doesn’t seem like him. Lets see how bad he messes up.
    Poor Crack, I hope he gets to eat before he gets scared again.

    Looking forward to the book.

  22. Kimo

    Haha, you have the whole “This is really awkward, but you really did freak the sheet out of me” face pat down on Tanked. I’m surprised he was sympathic to Lech though, not because he’s a jerk- but what about all the times Tanked has hurled chunks of food everywhere? He doesn’t seem to care.
    I guess the whole peeing thing has to do with being scared, and admitting being afraid is embarrassing at times (especially when you’re a guy).

  23. FE

    lol Tanked looks so embarrassed lol

  24. Squival

    rofl at Tanked’s expression xD
    I hope Crack Bear won’t get an accidental scare if he bumps into Lech ;P

  25. Yai

    Aw! Poor Tanked, his face broke my heart, but, Lech deserved it! I love Tanked.<3

  26. Nate Fakes

    Lol. You gotta go, you gotta go!

  27. Storm

    I want a tanked plushie so much right now, his look in the third panel is just so adorable… <3

  28. atomic_chew

    &hearts Tanked ♥ I love Tanked, he is so precious.

  29. Sarita

    For some reason I looked at the 3rd panel first and then the 2nd panel. It was… a disturbing transition.


    ha ha, Lech had it coming

  31. KnivesEverywhery

    … Lech is a nice guy.
    No, seriously! He actually goes through the trouble to help others and stuff. ._.

  32. Alexca-Rivers

    ow poor tanked, the little thing just got scared, anyways that should teach Lech a lesson: Dont scare people like that you dont know when they’re gonna pee

    Crack is sure feeling the emptiness of fear in his core… or stomach i guess

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