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May 18th, 2009

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My little Crack is being so brave AND Lech is trying to be responsible! It will likely end badly.

Happy Holiday Monday to all the Canadians! I’m going to be in my pj’s aaallllll day :D

Today’s vote incentive is the Crack button set we’ll have at Anime Boston this weekend (May 22-24)! Come find us in the artist alley and say hi! :D


  1. walabane

    I see a beatdown coming letchs way


    I’ve never new Lech only had only one “e” in his name. I’ve been spelling it either “Leech or Leach”! Forgive me o great B.N. GAWDS! That cone just ain’t helping at all! The self esteem tape Crack is listening to just might work too well! Nervous+startled bear=mualing! Lech’s cussing and aggrivated won’t help either. Hurry up wensday! Happy Canadian Day!

  3. ASRodrig

    Hee hee, good thing Crack isn’t afraid of brooms!
    …or is he?

  4. Squival

    Crack Bear probably has a fear of phobias too.
    Oh this can’t end well for Crack Bear at all, a freak out is coming

  5. Nate Fakes

    He’s one brave little bear! Lol. I’m sure he’ll make it through all of this okay

  6. cheezedog

    Say… Is that a walkmen of fearlessness?

  7. Kenichi340

    You can do it, Crack! Show ’em who’s boss!

  8. BN Fan

    Looking forward to seeing Crack beat the sheet out of Lech with that broom. Mostly because then maybe we’ll get to see Gimpy again (medic) :) OH and that second Crack button has that ‘eww-I-think-I-just-stepped-in-something’ look, lol.

  9. squeakybunny

    *snerk* Isn’t Gay the one that is supposed to be coming out of the closet?

  10. admin

    @ squeakybunny: nice one :D
    @ cheezedog: it just may be!
    @ Tyrone: lol… no problem, and thanks!

  11. midnightlost

    does crack overcome his fear of brooms? or does leche passout or get stuck and get mauled in the horrible fit of fear to come? lol

    come on wednesday! suspense is killer.

  12. Zelly

    Dunno if it’s intentional or not, I love that it looks like Crack has his entire hand/paw in his mouth. Some people bite their nails and others cut their wrists, Crack skips straight to the wrist biting.

  13. £Ø§Ð

    Heh, Obliterate It… I Know Where this is Going… ;)

  14. TYRONE

    Maybe this will be one of those scenes where Crack gets so startled. He jumps so high and hits the ceiling or get his claws stuck in it and remain stuck there! Then ceiling would give way to his weight and Crack comes crashing down with a piece of hitting him on the head! That should make him ferocious! It’s a classic cartoon gag!

  15. Elvisp

    this is soooo not going to end well

  16. Evil2.0

    LOL to squeky bunny’s comment, I can’t belive I didn;t think of that when I was reading this. I’m dying to see what happens as Crack listens to his self help tape… (I still don’t think it’s gonna help him in the end).

    Hurry up WEDNESDAY!

  17. Kristen

    Ok, Maybe my mind is stuck a little bit in Deliverance territory, but a broom and Lech’s heine up in the air. . .I’m scared.

  18. RagingDragon

    I think they should put a sign on that closet door that says morons with cones shouldn’t go in there. Might keep Lech from accidentally killing himself. X3


    Crack will probably wet himself to.

  20. GIMP

    oh poor crack

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