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May 20th, 2009

Page 79

You know, I think Crack made some real progress this time :) But I doubt Lech would agree.

The bonus Wednesday updates will continue through May and all of June to count down until the release of the first volume of Bear Nuts! :D Watch for pre-orders starting soon plus we’ll be moving shortly to a new URL: (more info on that soon)

Today’s vote incentive is a detail from one of our “Melee” prints that we’ll have at Anime Boston this weekend (May 22-24) Click if you like ninjas! Or click if you dislike ninjas and want to see some die!!!
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  1. y0shaw

    lol friggin epic :D


    Wooooow! 0.o Crack actually did it! I knew he could do it! I believe Nerd must’ve listened to those tapes before he gave Evil a horrible good thrashing. Some people really snap under pressure! I see the word “end” in the last panel. Could the same be said for Lech?! The drain O would turn Lech’s cone into “the champaign glass of death”.
    Poke at him to see of he’s
    still alive Crack. Ooooh! is that ketchup?!

  3. Xel Unknown

    I hope that Lech is alright… I’m betting that if anything Crack had saved his life by getting the deadly stuff drain out of the cone. But Lech isn’t going to have that make him feel any better for getting knocked out like that. By Crack of all bears.

  4. Xel Unknown

    Just to note… I’m not a fan of Lech. But I don’t like the though of him being dead… Also betting that is real blood by the way.

  5. SEA

    Yay, he did not run away screaming XD

    …yeah, lech would not consider this progress.

  6. cheezedog

    Lech is probably dead after that Drain-O bath, and beating… Even the cone is crumpled!


    Maybe Lech will survive his attack. Evil survived getting beat with an ugly stick and really heavy rock.
    Gay made a full recovery from being bear-b-qued and knocked sensless by Lech a couple times. Crack had serious gashes. They all healed nicely.Lech recovery is going to be a while. Lech is having bad day! Ketchup spill on last panel!


    Gay’s bear-b-queing was provided Evil.

  9. squeakybunny

    Lech has learned that lyeing has dire consequences.

  10. David (:

    Hmmm i feel sorry for Lech ): ..

    But i love the last part xD gurgle*

  11. Squival


    Loved Crack in the bottom left panels as he looks at his broom then back to Lech still whilst screaming his head off. Genius! ^^
    Ahh the perfect pick me up for a hangover this is :)
    … that and water

  12. Nate Fakes

    Haha! Oh my gosh. Did he kill him!

  13. Kenichi340

    Hahahahahah!! That was awesome! Crack did it! And…Oh geez, I hope Lech is OK XD

  14. taytaylalala

    holy crap, he’s bleeding, lmao. x)

  15. M

    I love how Crack – while screaming – looked at the broom before continuing to obliterate Lech :P

  16. eep

    omg I love every bear.,.,,.,even Leach hes sooooo manly ^^ x

  17. Kristen

    That was comedic perfection!!! Poor Lech, that cone has caused him nothing but trouble. Hooray Crack for overcoming a fear and facing it.

  18. Oddiccus

    Perfect ending. I hope Death Bear is next…

  19. Evil2.0

    Wow, I’m proud of Crack, very proud. I doubt any of this will every help him in teh future… but then again ya never know he might have found some inner subconcious self protection somehting or other.
    Very nice. Am dying to see whose up next, and the bear nuts volume.

  20. ASRodrig

    i love his face in the last panel!

  21. WillSimplyBe

    OMG… panels 8, 9, and 10 just might be the most awesome things I’ve ever witnessed. EVER. Bravo, sincerely!

  22. Kimo

    Lech, word of advice: karma. I’m sorta glad he got the shit kicked out of him.

    Although, a little critique; I think the ending came a little too fast. It feels like there should be another page to wrap up the energy that is shown on the page. You do how you like, though.

  23. G-ret

    Heh, i betcha Lech thought it was tanked remembering how he scared him “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

  24. Christian

    awesome comic, and awesome ninjas.

    is there any chance that you’ll post a higher-resolution copy of the ninja picture (or sell prints on your site)?

  25. qtsushigirl

    I love your endings. They’re not meant to be educational or teach a message, it’s all about laughs. :D Well done! *Takes notes in hopes of conquering my fears some day*

  26. Kookaburra8su

    Anorexia nervosa?

    Hunger V’s Fear!

    Hunger WINS!

    Crack owns Lech!


  27. RagingDragon

    Poor Lech. He’ll be feeling that in the morning. X3

  28. Leak

    I take it Lech ISN’T dead, seeing as this isn’t “Nobody Scores!” ( ) where death usually only lasts to the next installment… :D

    np: Modeselektor – Hyper Hyper (ft. Otto Von Schirach) (Happy Birthday!)

  29. admin

    @ squeakybunny: you always make me laugh :D
    @ Squival: glad I could help.
    @ WillSimplyBe: thank you!
    @ Kimo: thanks for the crit, though I didn’t want to draw out the violence too much though :)
    @ Christian: I definitely would like to sell prints through the site in an eventual store, stay tuned for details as I have someone working on that for us :)
    @ qtsushigirl: thank you, glad you like!
    @ Leak: thanks for the link, looks like a fun comic!

  30. johnny

    Hi, this is my first comment… I love the way you keep the story line intact as chapters are going through.

    keep’em comming…

  31. George

    Wow! That was wild. I’ve gotta check back to this place more often! :)

  32. Xu-kitty

    Ooooh, heh heh, Letch’s having one hell of a month, ain’t he?

  33. Skittles

    ive noticed Crack misunderstood the term “fight your fears”


    lol, go Crack

  35. CrackBearLuh-ver

    I luh-vvvvv crack bear! hes my fav fav our of all the bears

  36. pErSoN

    Lech bear is awesome….but Crack bear is adorable…….I’m so conflicted………………..

  37. la

    I was laughing so hard. I espeically love the last line of panels. That’s just… perfect. The writing is amazing.. and I love their expressions.. 8″D poor guys, both just trying to do what’s right.

  38. S.P

    How is it that Lech is bleeding?

  39. Skulljack17

    I think it is funny to imagine panels 5 and 9 together, so it looks like he’s yelling cause he picked up a broom for some reason. Great fun!

  40. Kitsunekage

    To any El Goonish Shive Bunnies readin’ this, Crack’s outbrake rivals Susan’s Hammer Skills!!

  41. HaloMythbuster

    I just realized Panels 8-12 is all one breath, lol

  42. Kat

    I love you Crack!

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