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March 11th, 2011

Page 258

And so begins the individual torture… I think Lecherous Evil is getting too comfortable with each other and deserve some kind of hideous fallout.  That gives me ideas :)

I’ve noticed I haven’t gotten a chance to respond to comments very often over the last few updates and I apologize.  I definitely do read and appreciate them all and I blame the babies for my distraction.  I blame them for everything these days, makes them good for something other than slowly sucking all the life out of me… which reminds me we have another ultrasound next week and it may be  far enough now that we can find out if they’re girl parasites or boys.  I’m not sure which I would prefer, I could probably come up with a few pros and cons for both, starting with “OMG three boys under the age of two” being heavy on the con side for boys.  That and we still can’t agree on names; it was hard enough when we thought there was only one.

I posted this on Face Book and totally forgot to put it up here so this is my very belated happy zombie Valentine to you all.  I actually started to type Thanksgiving first, I suppose it could still apply.


  1. Ryan

    Oh no, hes is gays room. D: That is not good at all. XD

  2. Chris

    Poor Crack, he really doesn’t like corn.

  3. D.Durand

    Lech and Evil bullied ? Let continue that story forever !

  4. Tedflip

    Lech and Evil sure are hanging out a lot more…

    Poor Crack :[.

  5. Angela

    Wow – Tank is having the longest hangover in the history of hangovers. I am curious what crazy shenanigans Lecherous Evil was about to get into. A giant sack and a shovel = trouble.

  6. Ly

    Oh no, I LOVE team Lecherous Evil! D:

  7. kitsunekage

    Am I the only one to pick up on the Aliens refrence?

    Also, hate to state this, but, what if they’re (The twins) a boy and a girl?

  8. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    I can only wonder what’s going to happen to Vainity…

  9. RO

    Tanked needs some Prozac.

  10. silverfang16

    Eep! Is he destroying Gay’s fabulous outfits?!

  11. Bosn_C_Otter

    I can very much sympathize with Tanked. I quit a heavy addiction to pain killers last summer. For three weeks I wanted everyone to DIE! Not to mention horrid depression, shakes, insomnia, fever…. etc. Yep, sometimes fun cost ya.

  12. Katsudoo

    I feel bad for Tanked but I know it’s for the best. :( Perhaps…perhaps a REAL Dapper!Squirrel friend will reward his efforts? You can do it Tanked! Do it for the dapper!

    And let’s face it, three kids under the age of three are the con side of both genders. :P I’ve got four sisters. We…we were not gentle. It will really boil down to the temperament of the mini-chubkins rather than what their gender is.

  13. shadowwalker

    Is Tanked perhaps related to Charlie Sheen?

    Maybe the babies will be one boy and one girl. Make it easy and name them : Thing One and Thing Two.

  14. Blacky Blackerson


    silverfang16@: No, but when he gets done with Gay’s Gucci products, they’ll be in a “smelly” situation.

    I can’t blame Lecherous Evil from forming up; that’s Prozac’s fault. He’s the one that told everyone to suck up Vanity being part of the group and get along. So what better way than teaming up with someone as insidious as you. So thanks Prozac, you brought pain and destruction to everyone until they disband. Top notch job!

    Yay, only 2 more makeup school days before I’m free. Today I know for sure ACT prep is happening, but I don’t know about Monday (kinda don’t want to go then). After those days, all that’s left is to get prepared for my spring trip and get away from the state in generall (can’t wait for Six Flags and a short cruise). I also may have a client in my highschool willing to pay for a design for him. Things are starting to look up for me!

  15. Some Person From Toronto

    Oh, no, please DONT!
    Team Lecherous Evil does not deserve any “hideous fallout”!
    Less conflict is better for everydody, and those guys are epic together! :(

    Oh, what’s the point, you make these comics like a month in advance or something! it’s far too late now! D:

  16. kéké

    I’ve just finished to read the whole story !

    Very impressive ! Look like french cartoon Bisounours ^^. plus Evil !

    Keep continue !

    Kéké, French Fan !

  17. kenichi340

    You know, as I keep reading this comic and how insane it gets it makes me wonder what little Sam will think of his mother once he learns to read and finds this comic XD

  18. Sterling Rodd

    @Kitsunekage — Can’t be different sexes, dude, they’re sharing a placenta. That means they’re identical twins. Fraternal twins each have their own placenta and can be different sexes. Good eyes, though, on the Alien homage! I missed that till you mentioned it… yeah, the scene with Parker and Lambert near the end, sure. That answers one of my questions (what’s that falling on Evil’s head?).

    The other one is, what… or who… is in the bag? (I was gonna say “sack” but if I asked “who’s in the sack?” I figure I’d just be opening the door for a lot of jokes mostly at Gay’s expense.)

    I always thought Tanked was kind of oblivious but apparently he’s really been keeping notes on people.

    Nice going, Alison; you finally made me wanna hug Crack. :)

  19. Sterling Rodd

    @Alison — I have a question for you, then, if you’re in an indulgent mood. When you imagine this as animation… whose voice do you imagine for each character? :)

  20. Ariane

    Wow, the symptoms for alcohol withdrawals are not fun: Poor Tanked.

  21. grim reaper92

    noooo poor crak

  22. centkin

    If you *REALLY* want to put the fear of god into Lech — after some really nasty plan with evil succeeds, he should start growing the beginnings of horns. They can be temporary (gone after atonement) but that could really really spur some situations and character growth for him.

  23. Cloudy

    poor Crack and his misfortunes XD. .
    and trespassing in Gay’s room. . .whooo this can not end well. .
    Can’t wait for Monday! 8D

  24. Zoe

    Is it bad that I laughed at the corn more than Evil getting splooped on? Because that’s what happened. I don’t normally laugh at suffering of people or characters even, but the corn is so absurd that I couldn’t help it.

  25. TheTBBNo1

    Poor little Bearnuts. This is gonna be a very tough chapter. lolz.

  26. Lydia

    Poor Crack. He needs a hug. Wait….is he afraid of hugs? Like claustrophobic, or something? Better not…

  27. Lydia

    Oh, and do I even wanna know what’s in that bag, or what just fell on Evil’s head?

  28. Nicole

    I’m with Sterling…who’s in the bag? It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was Vanity.

    Poor, sweet Crack. And I really fear we might see a Gay-Hulk if Tanked is tearing up his clothes.

  29. Sterling Rodd

    @Nicole — I never thought of Vanity! I was thinking of Nerd.

    But then, I always think of Nerd. :)

    @Lydia — I think it’s an allusion to Alien slobber. But the first thing I thought was… well… that Tanked was having some sort of SEVERE kidney problems. :D

  30. Kralion

    Oh noes! NOT THE GUCCI!

  31. SlopDoggy

    I don’t mean to make light of Japan’s problems, but Gay walking in on that is probably what caused it…

  32. Batjustice

    I wonder what he has in store for Prozac & Death?

  33. Rosewater

    wow I was wrong Tank is a jerk when sober

  34. reccaman

    poor crack and he never did anything to tanked either a few had it coming though

  35. Rahnee

    I still don’t get the purple rhino. I get the purple but not the rhino.

  36. Tyr

    dude, if they’re both boys can you PLEASE call them chip and dale? that way you can go, “CHIP N’ DALE WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO THE NEIGHBOR’S DOG?!”. Also, I’m a twin, and I have to tell you, not fun. it’s seriously a balancing game. though with an older brother it might be different, but when it came to my brother and me, like if one got treated differently, there’d be this disconnect when we were little and we’d interpret it as “mommy likes Tor better” or “Mommy likes Tyr better”. Also we got dressed the same like right up until 5th grade, and when they head into jr high, you’ll find that they start struggling wildly to find their own identity, honestly during the beginning of that, you’re going to feel like you can do no right. so sorry in advance

  37. kitsunekage

    @ Rahnee go back and read the comments near the beginning of….. chapter three, i think? I’ts explained there. But, basiclly, a rhino was once a symbole for homosexuality. (Heh, say that word with an oxford accent, it sounds funny.)

    Yes, I’m tired, let me sleep.

  38. DoggyGal

    The one explainable and sensible reason Crack should actually be afraid of corn :P

  39. iznisha99

    Riipppp. And Gay’s room. And Tanked withdrawal. O.O

  40. Blacky Blackerson

    @Nicole: I think Gay’s to feminine to go Hulk as proven on many occasions.

    I wonder when the evil monkeys come to play and what exactly do they do to Tanked?
    I just can’t get over this; how are Evil and Lech still physically sound? I mean, credit card fraud is bad but poisioning kids and carrying God knows what in garbage bag with a shovel is A-OK!?

  41. Sterling Rodd

    @Blacky — I don’t think you’re giving Gay his due. He’s not Fight Club material, true, but he’s no milquetoast either when the time comes to stand up and represent. He’s the only one I can think of off the top of my head who’s been completely willing to take Evil on one-on-one, and he’s by no means afraid to mix it up with Lech, either. I think he’s amply demonstrated that he’s still a guy, and he’s still a bear. He might be prissy, but he’s no sissy. :)

  42. Blacky Blackerson

    @Sterling Rodd: Never said he was a wimp, just said he would probably never go Hulk. Do you honestly think Hulk+Gay Bear mix (especially when one of the last solo pics of him was him dressed as a tart)? Somehow I don’t think that would meld well. Also, I believe there’s another bear that stood up against Evil (who happens to be your avatar) and actually beat the crap out of him. Maybe not with his fist but still. Gay only beat Evil.. wait, he never did; Evil choked him nearly to death.
    If I sound douchey right now, then sorry. I actually like the character alot. However, saying Gay will turn Hulk on anyone is like saying Nerd will be like Chuck Norris, Evil will be an angel, and Tanked will turn into a polite British bear (outside of a fantasy).

  43. Sterling Rodd

    @Blacky — Nah, only Pro’s got the inclination to flip that switch. I just mean I think Gay’s shown he’s a pretty tough hombre when he’s provoked enough to get past worrying about breaking a nail. :)

  44. Colleen

    Wow…when EVIL says its sadistic and he actually seems to really feel bad for the victim…you KNOW its bad…especially when the victim is one of his favorites to pull tricks on. Looks like Vanity got off easy with having his bamboo put up in a high place…Tanked could have just as easily torn it to bits instead.

    They really need to get him some beer, this can only get worse.

  45. Smakkowarner

    What’s that falling on Evil’s head?????? ??? ??

  46. sneakers

    Wow Tanked and the withdrawal is terrible for everyone involved. But the corn? Hilarious for everyone except Crack. I do feel bad for him because phobias really are no laughing matter, but he’s in a comic so…


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