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March 7th, 2011

Page 257

We’ve been starting to think about watching our language a bit more carefully.  Sam’s nowhere near ready to mimic us yet (I think) and we’re realizing changing speech habits is a difficult and time consuming process. Of course Jim is the worse offender and he’s ready to give up and gets annoyed whenever I call him on it.  I’ve been trying out “frick” a lot lately but that’s because I’ve been watching too much Scrubs.

Evil’s having a good day; lots of nasty stuff going around and none of it caused (directly at least) by him.

Thanks again to anyone who voted on that last Shirt Woot derby!  Two prints back to back was amazing and so timely for us!  Both designs are still available through Woot’s Reckoning page.  This week’s theme is ‘Woodland Critters’ and I of course did a bear.


  1. BlutTier

    Is it bad that when Prozac was screaming at Tanked I could of swore he called him a ‘little monster’ and had to go back and reread it? xD

  2. Solario the Visored

    @SlopDoggy: Of course! He’ll do anything that might result in him doing something outrageous and mean, even being polite! X3

  3. IonOtter

    Hooboy. Now you all know what the DTs are like. (Delirium Tremens) It can actually be fatal if especially severe, and not treated. Tank’s in serious trouble.

  4. Wolfen

    I would so love to see that last panel as a t-shirt! That would be funny!

  5. Blacky Blackerson

    @Nicole: No one is ever safe around those bears XD!

    The swearing is really no problem with me, especially around my little sister. If I ever swore, I would have had to rub a red hot chili pepper on my tongue without water. That was my parents solution to bad language.

    It would be funny if when the girls move in, one is the one who gave Lech..uh..crabs. That would make for an ackward living condition.
    Man, my life is busier than ever, with all this studying for 3 different test and ACT prep and trying to keep a promise of finishing a mural before Spring Break which (tragically enough) was shortened due to snow days. Dosen’t help that I have a low attention span when I’m not drawing neither.

  6. Sterling Rodd

    @Blacky — “Dosen’t help that I have a low attention span when I–SQUIRREL!!……. when I’m not drawing neither.” ;)

  7. Rhapsody

    First time commenting but some possible helpful advice for you. When I was involved with theater, we would do a yearly children’s show, so of course all the “adults” had to watch their language for 2 months or so. We found that if you just say “smurf” (or similar ie. smurfing, smurf it, or smurfed) it’s easier to shift out of the words we don’t want young ears hearing (and repeating)

  8. Lydia

    Tanked, don’t eat that! you don’t know where it’s been! D:
    Evil, I’d be careful aggravating Death if I were you…he does still have the death touch, you know.
    Why do I get the feeling Prozac is off to find more happy pills?

  9. Tony

    I love belligerent tanked, he is so cute. The part where he flipped them off was great.

  10. FVanLatte

    >.<I love this comic~It is sooooooooooo cool! I can’t wait to read what you have up next~

  11. FVanLatte

    oh yeah, I LOVED when Tanked flipped them off!

  12. HayTiger

    :b AWESOME COMIC! I LOVED IT FROM THE START!!>.< I hope your next update is awesome as all the other ones~

  13. Hoheh

    Someone’s in a bad mood. I recommend against hurting Prozac again, though. Hulk Prozac punch to the face…

  14. tannim

    To be grammatically correct, you should add a comma before mister. Example “And you can just stay out here until you calm down, Mister!” Also “Shut it, Evil!” I don’t know if you bother with them though, but it just occurred to me. I like how gimp always has bandages when needed. The oven mitts an death are funny

  15. Lydia

    Yikes, I hope Prozac washes that finger quick. Never trust what’s been in Tanked’s mouth.

  16. Rosewater

    aw gimp is so cute in panel one

  17. CBob

    Gimp seems the most stable by miles, IMO, but I think no one notices because all the others are so spectacularly unstable that he just disappears into the background.

    ‘Course all of that will probably change when he gets a story of his own. Death used to appear super stable too.

  18. Hoheh

    Being full of it. Evil is doing it right.

  19. JDona

    Oh, voice actors! In a burst of fantasy I’ll offer what comes to mind and hopefully it will be interesting. I’m afraid when I read the comics all the characters have fairly high-pitched voices, owing to their size (and comedic context), but here’s a choice influenced by my own horrible upbringing and zero consideration of the cost of hiring them. Please forgive the long post!


    Prozac: Rob Paulsen (Hulk Prozac: Jim Cummings)
    He’s a slightly pompous, cheerful, yet fundamentally unstable character with a lot of dialogue, all of which Rob Paulsen excels at. I imagine Prozac would sound rather more like Paulsen#s natural voice, with the paternal tilt coming in when he’s trying to mediate–with the Hulk Prozac being someone else entirely (see Tanked below!). (Best known for: Yakko Warner, Dr. Scratchansniff, Pinky, Raphael, Antoine D’Coolette)

    Evil: Charlie Adler
    I can’t imagine Evil with one of those dramatic evil mastermind voices like the Joker or such, but rather a more socially graceless lackey type without a boss, Charlie Adler has played every lackey AND their boss, and I’m sure he could work out something. (Best known for: Starscream, Buster Bunny, Cow and Chicken and the Red Guy, Snively Kintobor)

    Death: Dante Basco/Raphael Sbarge
    Can’t quite decide here. I imagine Death, being given to seclusion and probably not used to talking over a pack of nuts, would be somewhat softly spoken but with a wonderful voice that people will stop and listen to, or at least make most of the audience swoon. Basco and Sbarge could both manage that. (Basco known for: Zuko, Jake Long, Rufio | Sbarge best known for: Carth Onasi, Kaiden Alenko)

    Gay: Kevin McDonald
    McDonald has played multiple cross-dressing incarnations in KITH, a short green cross-dressing alien, and a tall green alien in a dress (and sounds a little bit like a drag queen). Plus, he’s Canadian! (Best known for: KITH characters, Agent Pleakley, Tallest Purple)

    Lech: Brandon Keener
    Keener has one of those masculine voices which sounds confident and suited for womanising almost to the point of an act, but which seems to be to be masking that the character is probably quite inexperienced or, perhaps, partial to more than just girls. At any rate, he’d sound great describing his feelings for a Mustang or arguing with McDonald as Gay. (Best known for: Garrus Vakarian, commercials)

    Nerd: Tara Strong
    Though I’m sure Nerd would rather be voiced by, say, Michael Dorn, Mrs. Strong has done enough male characters in sci-fi/fantasy settings plus enough regular male boys and sugar junkies that she could do a nerdy bear with a penchant for Picard/Leia slash extremely well. (Best known for: Dil Pickles, Timmy Turner, Bubbles, Raven, Ben [Ben 10])

    Crack: Richard Steven Horvitz
    As I think someone else noted, Mr. Horvitz does insanity, screaming, paranoia, and disturbing sound effects very well. I imagine half the sounds coming from Crack would be some sort of gutteral squeak or gagging, which he i so good at–although Mr. Horvitz described himself as a method actor so today’s strip may be painful for him! (Best known for: Zim, Razputin, Billy)

    Vanity: Candi Milo (Christine Cavanaugh is retired …)
    I’m thinking Vanity would have the voice of a cute little boy with deep narcisstic tendencies and a different inflection than other cast memebrs, like Dexter or Babe with a mean streak, for which Candy Milo probably best suited. (Best known for: Dexter, Astro Boy)

    Gimp: Frank Welker
    What would a bear in a gimp mask sound like? I don’t know, but Frank Welker would. (Best known for: Everything)

    Tanked: Jim Cummings
    I imagine of all the bears, years of heavy drinking will have reduced what exists of Tanked’s voice to something a little gravelly, but with a remarkable ability for explosive screaming and disturbing sound effects–hence Jim Cummings. (Best known for: Darkwing Duck, Taz, Pete, Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, Ed)


    Additionally, without knowing as much about the characters, I would cast Sloth Bear as maybe Michael Dorn (given a deeper a voice, his is one of the best around!) and for the two as-yet unintroduced bears at the bottom of the bio page, from left to right I might suggest Melissa Fahn and Tress MacNeille, which with all the names above should bring the total cost per episode to a mere $2 million CAD (or about $2.05 million USD!).

  20. Crimmy13

    Aw, Evil looks so cute and hopeful in the 8th panel <3

  21. JiG123

    Awesome comic so far X3 I wanna see Hulk Prozac vs Sober Tanked

  22. JoJo

    Your comic makes me laugh out loud. Which isnt really a good thing, considering it’s 4am on a school night.

  23. EJAK5199

    What is Death wearing???

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