Page 256
March 4th, 2011

Page 256

This turned out to be another of my favorite pages, I don’t know why but I really like tormenting Nerd too. Then I draw him really sad looking and feel kind of bad.  It’s also a blast putting Tanked out of character (he does get up to some real unpleasantness this arc, all of it rather fun to draw!)

Unfortunately we’re still dealing with some high risk issues with the twins and it looks like the standard treatment is bed rest/constant monitoring in the hospital by about 24 weeks which isn’t really all that far away.  I’ll likely have to drop down to once a week updates a lot sooner than I expected and I don’t know what the hospital wifi is like but I imagine they won’t have room for me to set up my desk/mac/scanner… I’ll let you guys know when it switches to only Mondays.  On another dissapointing note I had to give up my spot at TCAF this May which I was really excited about as it would have been my first year, and there’s no way I’ll make it to Anime North either (sorry Ben!  Thanks anyway for the would-have-been Pocky ) or Fanexpo which is even going up to 4 days this year to deal with the overcrowding issues from last Aug…

Tams, I’m going to miss your b-day :(  You want to come visit me in the hospital instead?  I’m sure it will be just as fun as going out to dinner!!  blarg.

At least I get to draw stuff like this.  (warning: it’s classy.)

EDIT:  Wohoo Woot!  The ninja shirt sold out for the day :)  That write up was pretty funny too.  Big thanks to anyone who voted/and or grabbed one, I was a little slow and I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to order mine.


  1. Hoheh

    Tanked not drunk. I want to see it.

  2. TheTBBNo1

    Stomp-Gasm <3

  3. Ciao

    He’s really taking the booze withdrawal very hard. I will laugh so hard if after he is out of this phase and becomes an elegant intellectual….

    …..with muttonchops. :3

  4. Sterling Rodd

    @Ciao — Oh ho! But what if he remains the Stompgasm Guy? :)

    I’ve been of the opinion that Tanked looks like Gordon Pinsent in “The Rowdyman”… but now he’s acting like Gordon Pinsent in “The Rowdyman!” :)

  5. Vulpixgirl

    Tanked without alcohol is hilarious!!! XD The bears should take it away from him more often! :D

  6. Laurel

    They’ve got to lock Tanked up in a cell, trainspotting-style.

    That said, good luck with the babies! Shame about missing the cons, we were looking forward to picking up some more merch :3 But health is more important, and there will be other years!

  7. Sterling Rodd

    Send a proxy. I bet Nerd would love to do a con. :)

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