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February 28th, 2011

Page 255

So Tanked without alcohol is not a pretty picture… and of course it’s just going to get worse.  Here’s a preview from an upcoming page showing just how much fun everyone’s having :)

Thanks for all the help with the art theft guys.  The Chilean site still seems to be down and all my emails to them bounce due to a full inbox.  I did file a report with Face Book so I may be able to at least get that taken down and perhaps they’ll get the message.  I am annoyed that I never heard back from any of the web designers as I imagine it’s all their fault.

I also meant to thank you guys for your suggestions a while back about plushie orders and etc.  I am aware of Kickstarter but I have been warned about it by another web comic who had a successful campaign. Apparently Kickstarter is run by Amazon so they both get their cut of whatever funds you manage to raise and it’s a lot higher than you’d think.  Basically, there are other ways and as I don’t have time right now to worry about it I won’t.

Big thanks to anyone who voted for my tee designs currently up on the latest Shirt Woot derby.  Two of them are in the fog (which means somewhere in the top 9) so hopefully at least one of them gets printed this time :)


  1. pingo1387

    Evil is definitely my favorite bear.

  2. sneakers

    Poor withdrawal Tanked.

  3. Thwaitesy

    Awwwwww Poor Tanked. T_T

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