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February 25th, 2011

Page 254

Now that I look at this page again I think it would have been more fun to have team Lecherous Evil turn on each other… next time I guess.

I know some of you got really into commenting on Monday’s health care stuff (it was even mostly name calling free!) but I appreciate the give and take and found it all really interesting.  We now know that we’re facing a pretty risky twin birth with a near certainty that if they make it they’ll be in a NICU for anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months or more so where I’ve previously had the luxury of never thinking about my health care situation it’s definitely more on my mind lately.  I’m extremely grateful that we’ll only have to worry about them getting healthy and not about how we’re going to pay for it, and I appreciate that even more now.

But enough about scary stuff and more about me :)  I have a couple of things I could really use some help with if you guys are bored and particularly if you’re eligible to vote on Shirt Woot (you have to have at least one purchase from a Woot site, I keep wanting to buy some of the fun kid stuff from the Kids Woot site but they won’t ship to Canada… grr.)  This week’s derby competition is a double-take where all the designs that didn’t win a print but got an honorable mention have another chance.  The Derby opens on Friday around noon, though I’m not certain what time zone exactly.  I have these three designs in the running:

The two-toned Tiger, the Unstealthiest Ninja, and “You Weren’t Invited” from last week.  So if you’re eligible to vote I’d really appreciate it as a win would pretty much pay for a double stroller and two new infant car seats :P  God, my life is going to be over for the next year and a half!!

Problem number two isn’t so fun: a sharp eyed fan noticed my Sushi Fish design being used on a Chilean Sushi restaurant website.  They’ve altered it and incorporated it into their branding, it’s even on their Face Book page (not sure why a sushi place needs a FB fan page??)  Last time I checked the site was down due to bandwidth exceeded so maybe my problem is solved but my cease and desist email bounced due to a full in box and the emails I’ve sent to the web designers have so far gone unanswered.  I imagine it’s probably the web designers that have done this and not the little sushi place and if so I’m royally pissed as they were paid to make the site hence they’ve profited from my design without my permission and they’re not just some foreign company that happily ignores copyright laws: their english site has a freaking Toronto address!  If I don’t hear anything by Monday I’ll try calling them and see who I can send my bill to… jerks. I’d post a link to the web designer’s page but it’s a horrible flash heavy monstrosity I don’t want to inflict on you guys.

So if anyone knows any copyright lawyers that can send them an angry email/letter/whatever lawyers do to scare people for me that would be awesome.  I don’t think it’s worth trying to sue them and I imagine it will cost me a lot to try.  I hate art theft cases like this as you pretty much feel helpless because there’s generally nothing you can do (this is like the third time this has happened to me).  For comparison here’s the original version in my deviant gallery and it’s also available on my Red Bubble account.

Ok happy thoughts:  horsey!


  1. Andrew

    Hi, Miss Alison. I just caught up to this page of Bear Nuts & I’ve enjoyed your comic greatly. I can’t tell you how much art theft irritates and infuriates me (it’s snagged me, too, and it really makes you feel violated…), so I checked that lame sushi place’s website and guess what: the site’s account has been suspended! XD I lol’d so much, seriously. So apparently, the karma-faeries must have come around to kick them off the internets.

    Also, please keep up the great work, always a pleasure to find good, interesting artists online!

  2. Carrie

    So, I recently discovered your comic and have been quite enjoying reading my way through the archives, when I noticed your Shirt!Woot designs on this page and realized that you ALSO designed three of my most favorite t-shirts! (The “Unstealthiest Ninja” trilogy.) What a crazy coincidence! Mad props to you on your funny and adorable comic AND t-shirt designs!

  3. sneakers

    Those shirt ideas are so cute!

  4. sneakers

    I am sorry about the art theft.

  5. Juduspriest

    In the immortal words of Monty Python ruuunnnn aaawwwwwaaaayyyy

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