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February 4th, 2011

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I totally know how Nerd feels considering that actually happened to me!!  There’s still a lump and it’s still tender and when I got my hair cut a couple of days ago my stylist found a bald patch!  The impact of my head with Jim’s face actually caused my hair to FALL out.  That’s just bizarre (and Jim still has a mark! ha ha!).

The only time I regret only giving the bears three ‘fingers’ is when they’re doing what Lech is doing and it just looks so wrong.

On Monday I’ll have a sneak peak for you guys of the new ‘project’ that’s been eating up all my free time.  I know some of you are familiar with my other comic ideas and stuff from my website and deviant page but I’ll be really surprised if you can guess what it is… :)

I’m also excited that it’s February as that means winter is half done and I can’t wait for warmer weather.  Sam has figured out how to undo the snaps on all his pjs and prefers to run around pant less so I can’t wait for spring.  An early Valentines present: little robot in love.


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Ooh, gonna make a monkey take the fall, huh? Gonna blame it on the “Monkey see, monkey do?”

    I like it!

  2. Tedflip

    Monkeys are always easier to blame. A bear could get away with anything :].

  3. Tedflip

    I also love how Crack bear is becoming more… Open towards Evil lately.

  4. wererat

    he’s not planning to… ya, he would do that, wouldn’t he.

  5. Anthony

    @Crack: Oww! Geez, he’s yellin’ rite in our ears.

    (This zoo iz Hell ya dingbat! XP)

  6. Angela

    Ha – Cracked has finally cracked. At least Lech knows where to go to get repairs. Or place blame. Whatever works.

  7. Hoheh

    Crack cracks me up. And… a monkey? This is going to be entertaining. And somewhat illegal.

  8. Nicole

    Monkeys?! If you have any poo, now is the time to fling it.

    Poor Tanked can’t get his helmet off! And Crack with his ears down looks like a puppy dog. ;)

  9. TJ YZ

    LOVE Crack!!!!

  10. purpledog39

    Notice that Lech was wearing gloves, so there won’t be any fingerprints on the steering wheel, if bears have fingerprints.
    “Who is driving? Bear is driving! How can that be?”

  11. kitsunekage

    I’m pretty sure involving a monkey is illegel in seventeen countries and Kansas….unless he/she/it is a fully qualified mechanic!
    and Nerd, could ya help tanked get his helmet off.

  12. Aps

    Haha, love it…I love Lech’s response to Evil’s mocking and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen Crack angry! :)

  13. silverfang16

    What does Evil care? He wasn’t going to heaven…… -_-

  14. Kobrag

    Dammit. *Awaits the Crack/Evil fanfic with interest.*

  15. MegaHentai

    See, `cuz normally, if I saw lech asking for a monkey, I`d assume something more… lecherous.

    @purpledog39: Nice ref. Made me smile.

  16. Blacky Blackerson

    One of the rare times you’ll see Crack angry, which is extremely funny. I can’t help but feel sorry for Nerd, he turned out in the worse condition than any off the car riders. It’s always funny watching Lech flip people out and this is his 2nd time in this book.

    I can’t wait untill you decide to do merchandising. I would get up wearing my Tanked shirt drinking out of my Gimp Cappuccino cup (I hate coffee), and using my keys attached with a Death keychain. Don’t know if I’d be gutsy enough to go out with Crack or Gay merch. though.

  17. DoggyGal

    It surprises me even more when I rarely see Crack angry on his own occasion,with the exception of Crackaphobia comic,but still. And for someone with a Crack induced mind,I rarely see him curse as well…wow:D

  18. Glowworm

    Oh sure, blame the monkey because we all know monkeys cannot drive.
    I love Crack on those two bottom panels.

  19. fan#666

    omg! that was soo funny. I wonder what they need the monkey for?

  20. JS

    Sure, blame a primate; everything’s always our fault… global warming, banana depletion, smashed Mustangs…

    Geez, Nerd looks a lot worse off than Lech. What happened to that guy?

    I’m not absolutely sure, but I think this is the closest we’ve come to seeing what Crack looks like with his eyes closed. :) He looks phenomenal in this strip, BTW. Isn’t it a little gratuitous of him to assure Evil he’s going to Hell? I think I’d resent being singled out like that!

  21. Roderick

    Panel 8, +1 on puppy Crack =3.

  22. JDona

    Absolutely love Crack in this–he looks like a little (or big?) Daxter flipping out at the involuntary threats to his health. He seems particularly put out that his drama was ignored!

  23. phDexter

    “Well, that can only lead to disaster and hilarity. Let’s go!” (AVPM) <= This. (1st thing that came to my mind)
    Also, that little robot; is it a reference to a HIMYM episode?

  24. Bored Stiffy

    Evil is pulling a Grinch face in panel 8. You can also see lech having an “AHA” moment in the same panel. Also I don’t think Evil ever paid back Crack for the “Interrogation”. Might be coming up soon.

  25. JS

    I was wondering if the robot was a reference to a throwaway line in the movie Heavy Metal… but I’m probably way off the mark. :)

  26. Bored Stiffy

    Testing Gravatar, nothing to see here, move along to the next comment.

  27. boredstiffy

    Whoa, I have been messing around with Gravatar. I typed in the comment below “please del(ete)” (remover the parenthesis) and all of my comments on this thread where removed. Good to know.

    Original comment: Evil seems to be pulling a grinch face in P8. Might there be payback for the “Interrogation” a few stories ago?

  28. Hal

    lol, Crack always makes me laugh with his spastic, spontaneous outbursts. XD

  29. Daisy

    Huh… why is Nerd the only one who looks like he got put through a woodchipper? And where did the cuts come from? I didn’t see any broken glass.

  30. squeakybunny

    Bring on the poo-flingers! Monkeys are good excuses for any problem.

  31. UltimaNamir

    Hahahahahaha the way Crackd looks when he says evil is going to hell was hilarious!

  32. Moogle

    he’s gettin himself a “monkey” wrench x3

  33. Nicole

    Poor Nerd’s even got a black eye. Maybe there was a bunch of junk behind the passenger seat that pummeled him when his seatbelt failed.

    And, hoo boy, the animosity between Crack and Evil in panel 8 is epic! I’ve never seen Crack quite so sane.

  34. Wani-wani

    Cracked’s expressions are so funny!!! XD I’m guessing Lech is going to use the monkey to fix the car?

  35. Rosewater

    not sure flipping someone off works when you only have four fingers

  36. kitsunekage

    @ Rosewater bet it works even less with only two

  37. Ratapoil

    haha this is hilarious! Evil’s going to hell? He COMES from Hell!
    And crack trying to remove his fastened helmet!!

  38. Blacky Blackerson

    @Ratapoil You do mean Tanked right?

    @kitsunekage But with one finger, it would be an infinate flipoff.

  39. kitsunekage

    @Blacky Blackerson ….Well played, good sir, well played.

  40. Thunt

    I honestly don’t know why this comic isn’t at the #1 spot at TopWebComics. This is amazing work.

  41. JS

    Nope, I was wrong… Crack closed his eyes a few times while he was interrogating Evil. I guess he can only do it when he has absolute control of a situation. :)

  42. kat

    Monkey wrench?

  43. beaufleur

    Now, why does the little robot remind me of Sam????

  44. zomgkiwi

    Oh god!? twins
    good luck with that missy

  45. reccaman

    two cool phrases both of them i ‘ve heard on cartoons and are funny themselves we’re all gonna die and you’re going to hell

  46. Crimmy13

    Lol ‘You’re going to HELL’ Crack amuses me greatly -w-

  47. Ryu

    Crack reminded me of a highly religious person…. who was it….
    the name is there, I just know it…

  48. Cam

    Crack seems to be getting a little more brave, huh? This is the second time he’s spoken up against Evil. I guess those self-help tapes are working. ^^ He cracked me up at the 8th panel.

  49. Thwaitesy

    “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!” to Evil “You’re going to Hell” LMAO

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