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January 31st, 2011

Page 247

I actually finished coloring this arc well over a month ago, before I had my own car accident and the whole idea of smashing cars became less funny to me.  At least Lech wasn’t going far enough to build up much speed but it did feel a bit weird to go back to this and think about all the soft tissue damage they probably suffered and which methods of rehab will help the most… At physio they put electrodes on Jim’s neck and I wanted to see what that felt like but I’ve just had ultrasound and heat, and occasionally excruciating massages.  There’s no pain any more, just a little stiffness sometimes, especially when it’s cold and I shiver and tense up.  My right thumb is still sore and I’m not sure that sprain will ever recover fully.  It doesn’t help that Sam is very busy and constantly picking him up strains my hand more.  I can’t wait until spring :P

Mini comic for the Further Confusion program introducing the bears and their room keys.  I don’t do one off pages very often so it was kind of challenging to come up with something so short.


  1. Luka

    And Cracked dies of a heart-attack.. lmao xD It’s hilarious that Tanked’s is the only seatbelt that held out!

  2. Jim

    The owner is going to have a hell of a time explaining THIS to the insurance company.

  3. Tedflip

    That’s exactly how James Dean did it… I think.

  4. midnight

    lol, crack passes out from severe induced paranoia attack

  5. Your Obedient Serpent

    So, did you get a decent boost in your hit counter from the exposure at FC? I still have my key!

  6. Darkcrystal

    Best/Worse ride ever!

    Great comic btw been reading your comic since before your son was born. Just never felt like posting till now :)

  7. kitsunekage

    Wow. The one with the lest amout of brain damage never even moved! Also, Poor Crack. And, How is Lach gonna explain this to Prozac?

  8. Roderick

    Radio: ” ? Slow ride, take it easy ? “

  9. Batjustice

    OMG I laughed the hardest at this strip than all the others just from Evil’s reaction. TOO funny lmao!

  10. Kobrag



  11. mehdi

    It’s funny to see evolution of evil’s mood. He was so bored before the accident.

  12. DoggyGal

    Something tells em that in the end,Prozac is gonna come,yell,forgive and chore him,then bring a clipboard out:D Awesome dude!

    And…for some reason,the link seems broken for me.

  13. Flute

    How awesome wouldn’t it be if all the bears were available as plushies D:

  14. fan#666

    I… didn’t see that coming…. I thought they would drive THROUGH the wall or somehting…. FunnyLOL

  15. systemcat

    Can any one access the comic voting page? It seems to be down. I vote for one other comic & this regularly and I can’t get to the voting page through either site. (Do note that other comic is no where near getting close to this one in ranking, it’s past 100).

  16. JS

    Well, Lech got his wish: he got to drive it… once.

    I had an uncle who favoured what seemed to me to be decommissioned destroyers as cars… huge GM boats-of-a-car that took up most of two parking spots. They had V8 engines about the size of a Honda Fit under the hood. He let me drive his car home from a restaurant one time and I nearly did what Lech just did before leaving the parking lot. The drive home was nearly as interesting. Lech was right; you DO need man balls for a car like that. :)

  17. Glowworm

    Well, at least Tanked was safe–he had his helmet on and his seatbelt.

  18. JS

    I wonder if Nerd still wants a turn.

  19. JMD

    Have you tried splinting your thumb when you’re doing things that may strain it?

  20. silverfang16

    Wow…..that was some expert driving that! Wonder how he reached the pedals….

  21. Nicole

    *throws her arm around Evil and dies laughing*

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That was the BEST! I totally did not expect that! :D That was one short joy ride! I love how they run into the wall right where Evil and Crack are. No wonder Crack passed out…I can just imagine his eyes rolling back in his head as he goes down. *snarf*

    The Further Confusion comic was cute. Love the mini-appearance by Death. ;)

  22. Blacky Blackerson

    Well that was inevitable. Never thought I’d say this, but Evil has a good reason to laugh at them.

    You know what sucks; I can’t go to any con you have in Canada because I live down in the Dirty South (Tennessee), so the trip would be hell for me. Maybe if things go well, I will make my own web comic in college and maybe get the funds to go to one of yours (or even be a guest artist). Oh, and this is your 3rd voting pic I saved. Keep it up, and my computer will be filled with your stuff.

    I’m going to guess the order of the books just for fun. If I’m 100% right (although you won’t know for 9 years), I am awesome. I’ll exclude book 3 ’cause it’s obvious who will star in it.

    Book 4: Gay (probably sad story)
    Book 5: Crack
    Book 6: Vanity (even sadder story)
    Book 7: ???? (no snitchin’)
    Book 8: Lech
    Book 9: ???? (same black rules XD)
    Book 10: Nerd
    Book 11: Gimp
    Book 12: Death (saving the best and probably most complex for last)

  23. rtlstien

    I think the bears did the owner of the car a favor – They proved there are no airbags!

  24. DoggyGal

    @Blacky Blackerson
    Actually, Vanity is going to be for volume (book) 3. I have both current books, one and two,and * spoiler*

    at he end,it has a full sketch of Lech,Evil,Nerd,Crack glaring or staring angrily of being annoyed by Vanity having his hands up as if saying “Close Up!” to a camera or something..Tanked is there too, looking sad, but with googly eyes:D So cutes!

  25. Kate

    Is there a place we can see all your extra stuffs? I’d like to see all the keycards and old vote incentive comics. :)

  26. Blacky Blackerson

    @DoggyGal: I’m talking about origin wise. If you already knew that, how is Vanity going to get his Origin when he already had his arcs for book 3? I dought Alison will go back to Vanity so early.

    Here’s another arc idea. What if you did a parody of the t.v. show Survivor. It would be a perfect time to have Sloth make an appearance and make things extremely interesting. Just a suggestion.

  27. Anime fan


  28. Daisy

    Anyone else see that one coming? XD Evil has the right idea here.

  29. Topazert

    “Jack ass theme” Bwahahahahahaha!!!

  30. Kookaburra8su

    haha… I was so waiting for reverse though. And how did Nerd come out of the seat belt?

    Christmas and new years, ‘Tis the season to suffer injury. Took a tumble over a log, inverted myself with the entire impact being on my shoulder. Grade 3 dislocation of my AC joint (collar bone actually dislocated at both ends) and cracked the first rib. They refuse to operate so it’s a permanent injury with physio. Will never get 100% use back. Not happy about that.

    Thank goodness for BN.

  31. Hal

    Best half-a-second ride ever apparently~! Haha, that’s great! XD

    Maybe not for the car’s owner, he’s in for it~

  32. Anthony

    I’d be surprized if prozac tries to act all….. how you say, “gangsta”

    Love the mini-comic BTW.

    (Get well soon :( )

  33. Blacky Blackerson

    You know for a while, I always wondered how old the bears are. I figure they can’t be too old, so I think they are in their 20’s in bear years, but who knows.

    I also noticed that you have a character *insert object* adventure arc before a Tanked arc. This may be purely coincidental, but are the adventure arcs going to be more common. If so, than you can have Nerd’s Star Trek Adventure (I heard you say that was a possibility), Crack’s Rehab Adventure, Vanity’s Staged Adventure, and what would probably be the most contraversal, Gimp’s S&M Adventure.

  34. JS

    @Blacky I’ve always had the impression the bears are fully adult (esp. the way Tanked drinks). It’s just that being zoo animals, they’re relieved of most of the real stresses in life and are free to indulge their irresponsible whims and eccentricities… which is why the strip is so hilarious. :)

  35. 13thprotector

    I’m sort of new to reading this, and I gotta say this stuff is hilarious. ^_^
    Keep up the good work.

  36. Heart of Blades

    And that’s way Evil didn’t want to join them *nodnod*

  37. DoggyGal
  38. DoggyGal

    @Blacky Blackerson:

    Most likely because Alison probably won’t even have the book out till late August or so again, thus giving her,like 5 months worth of time to do an Origin of Vanity thing.Or probably,and most likely,won’t exactly have an origin now,but instead have a lot of Vanity related comics. I do know that the books both start out around having the bears introduced through origin,but that can always change at any point,like now.

    Either way, there isn’t exactly a necessary reason to contemplate n the fact of it. We shall find out in future references of the comic

  39. Colleen

    Evil better calm down before he pulls something XD

    If Prozac shows up in this chapter I can’t wait to see his reaction to this…it will beat Crack’s fainting ten fold XD

  40. Jadugara

    OK,…I simply have to say that the shocked and freaked-out look on Lech’s face after the crash was one of the best things about this particular comic, if not one of the best things I’ve ever seen…. It deserves every laugh Evil has the breath for…

  41. S.B

    Evil seems to have cheered up a lot, or maybe he just is in a heaven that is composed of everyone else’s misery.

  42. Nicole

    @S.B: I think you nailed it with that brilliant little piece of composition! :)

  43. Hoheh

    Driving. Lech failed it.

  44. Newfound

    I found this comic yesterday, and I stayed up late last night to read the majority of it. :’) And then, as soon as I could today, sat down to finish the rest of it. Consider me hooked.

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