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January 28th, 2011

Page 246

Ok yes, it’s rather unrealistic that the keys were left in the car but it is the employee lot so that’s what I’m going with… besides having Lech boost the thing would be a poor role model indeed!  At least he’s using proper 10 & 2 hand positioning.  I know I’m jumping the gun on this one but I’m soooo not looking forward to teaching Sam how to drive :(

Here’s the final hotel key card designs for the Further Confusion con from a few weeks back.  I had a lot of fun working on them so I hope everyone who got one enjoyed them.  They’re definitely a fun addition to a con rather than the usual hotel logo.  I hadn’t seen custom printed key cards before and I love the idea.  Speaking of cons, any local Ottawa/Gatineau peoples do check out the 2nd (I believe) G Anime con next weekend (Feb 5-6) at the Palais des Congres.  Me, myself, and Jim will be there in the artist alley and I believe on a webcomics panel so if you’re there please stop by!


  1. Kralion

    10 Bucks Leech put one of those steel balls people put in the rear of the car…

  2. ...

    I’m surprised that Tanked is going for a ride too since he’s not allowed on furniture.

  3. Tedflip

    Why isn’t Nerd Bear wearing a helmet too :[?

  4. Anthony

    Bird Boy – Volume I: The sword of Mali Mani (Sounds pretty awesome.)

    Ya think that’s good, you should check out Samurai Champloo (This anime might be a lil’ old, but….)

    It’s about this girl named fuu, who’s looking for the sunflower samurai.
    As she searches for him, she travels around town with these two samurai badasses, Mugen and Jin.
    Fuu makes a promise for Mugen and Jin to kill each other once the search for the sunflower samurai is over.

  5. Shada

    Ah! The helmet makes a return!

    Tanked! Tuck and roll!

  6. Shane.K

    LOL brilliant site, love your comic, I think we need death bear back in this to teach Leech a lesson.

    Once question where did Leech get the keys from :P ??

  7. rtlstien

    I love Evil’s ‘This should be interesting’ look

  8. kitsunekage

    Dude, Lech, you’re still in “Park”, you need to be in “Drive” Before you can go anywheres.

    @Admmin Accually, it’s no longer the 10-2 position, it recently got changed to the 9-3 position. It allows for more movement in the steering wheel.

    That and I’m suprised that lech isn’t holding onto the wheel with only one hand!

  9. Batjustice

    that last panel is priceless lmao! & tanked being um *special* with the helmet lol

  10. Kobrag

    I really hope he stalls.

  11. Moxie Man

    Key: The employee could have easily forgotten to take it. Of course ’round these parts of rural Maine, I know people who do leave the key in their vehicle. Then again, they know no one is going to steal their rust bucket. :)

  12. Likeacupcake

    …. and they’re worried about Tank’s brain, rather than anyone else?

  13. Blacky Blackerson

    Lech is going to be Riding Dirty, Nerd will just stay White & Nerdy, and Tank… is being to cute to make a joke out of.

    Well, almost time to finish up a busy week. AFJROTC has had events all week and today is ComingHome so I know I will have to stay. It wouldn’t be a problem if people there weren’t so, well, douchey. Some walk out before performances like the world revolves around them and they complain about every little thing. There are also the backstabbers who pretend to be your friends but talk about you behind your back (not doing it well if the person you’re talking about is in the same room. But I’ll manage; I have a pretty cool position (I paint murals on their walls and doors) and am a TSgt now, so maybe next year I can be a 1st Sgt. Your comic (and a few other things) also help me get through high school hell, so thanks for that.

    Speaking of military, maybe you could do a military based arc sometime in the future. Maybe it could be called “Saving Private Lion”.

  14. JS

    Yeah, I think that last panel is prize at the bottom of the box. Puts all the rest into perspective. A frightening, fatalistic perspective. :)

    @Blacky How about one where they have to stop Gay from having a sex change operation? Call it “Saving Private Parts”. :)

  15. Bosn_C_Otter

    This is going to end badly… Again thanks for your help on the key cards. I am the Chairman for Further Confusion next year and I will be happy to come back to you for more commissions. Everyone loved them.

  16. coyoteBR

    Let’s sing-along:
    “Mustang Lech
    You better slow your Mustang down
    Oh Lord, what I say now

    Mustang Lech, baby
    Oh, lord, I guess you better
    Slow your Mustang down

    You been running all over town now
    Oh, I guess I have to put your flat feet
    On the ground

    All you wanna do is ride around, Lech
    (ride, Lech, ride)
    All you wanna do is ride around, Lech
    (ride, Lech, ride)…”

  17. JS

    I wanna see bears on the 401!

  18. Glowworm

    At least Tanked has his helmet on!

  19. Gearactua

    We’re all gonna die, aren’t we?

  20. Nicole

    Last panel = the only two sane bears in this group!

    @Kitsunekage: you don’t have to be out of park to rev it! ;)

  21. silverfang16

    I don’t think even Evil can make this worse.

  22. Kurty

    Just a note. When I took drivers ed 5 years ago they talked about 10-2 is no longer advised because it creates a safety hazard with the airbags. When the air bag goes off it pushes the arms up towards the face and breaks peoples noses. I personally know a few people that have had there noses broken from the airbags pushing there arms into there face. So instead they teach 4-7 these days.

  23. Kurty

    Um that was a typo I meant 4-8.

  24. daniel

    Since the advent of in-wheel airbags – the correct hand position is now 9 and 3, least you loose your thumbs and break your wrists should the air bag go off. (Yea – it’s a 1 in 1,0000,000000000,0000 chance, but the new Driver’s Ed says 9 and 3 – I know because my kids keep correcting me when we drive, it’s a pain to be an elder these days)

  25. J.H.

    I really hope that’s an automatic!

  26. Hal

    I honestly think Nerd is better off wearing the helmet. He still has a functioning noggin!

    Also, fairly new reader~

  27. DoggyGal

    OMG Evil riding a kangaroo without horns AND the cheek fur of his is more Nerd style than that pointed tuff!?!? I so wish to go to that furry con one day…

  28. Uberhoser

    Like belting up will help >.>

  29. Nicole

    @Hal: Welcome! We’re a friendly, albiet twisted, bunch around here. :)

  30. Anthony

    @Hal: Every monday and friday, Alice-senpai posts her online comics to all her BN fans.

    @Nicole: By the way, nice speech.

  31. AquaCoon

    When I went to drivers ed, they said that they now recommend 3 and 9 o’clock positions to prevent you from hitting yourself in the face when your airbags deploy. Though I’m not sure how that would help that much, as you’d probably hit your passenger if you did that anyways.

    Did you go to FC after all? Or did you just make stuff for them anyways? I remember you saying you couldn’t make it, due to babies being unable to turn into planes and take you there, or something. That’s why you have to get yourself a Krypton baby. Those things are posh.

  32. Blacky Blackerson

    One of my busiest weeks is finally over, so time to kick back and relax for a while.

    While I’m thinking about it, since this is a parody of the Carebears, are there going to be Carebear cousin parodies? Some ideas that came to mind was War-Heart Lion, Narcoleptic-Heart Monkey, Queer-Heart Rabbit, and Sadist-Heart Penguin. Also Alison, are you only going to make 12 books since they’re only 12 bears (including upcoming characters) or are you going to make books for characters like Steven, Madge, etc. to keep it going?

    @Nicole I find it funny that the two most insane characters in the series are sane in this comic all because they refueses to ride with Lech. Irony anyone?

  33. hurgoll

    I like how it seems Nerd is taking care of Tanked. He has his helmet on and Nerd made sure Tanks’ belt was snapped on before he even did his own belt.

  34. Hoheh

    Hopefully, car fetish Lech doesn’t hit anyone…

  35. kitsunekage

    @Blacky Blackerson I didn’t know you’re in the military! You guys all have my support! (Unless you pull a dick move like dropping out of boot camp, even though I probibly wouldn’t make it etheir. But at least I’d try!)

    @Hal Welcome to the BN fanbase that is us. We’re all as crazy as the auther!….. *Looks at alison* Wait, we’re not suposed to scare away the new readers?….. Anyways, I would advise checking back every now and then after you post, ‘cuz you may find yourself in a posting conversation with the other fans.

  36. DigitalWolf

    i own a 99 mustang and i left my key in the car but thought i lost them, until i actually went to the car…

    having a lecherous bear drive my car is a fear that will drive me to NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!

  37. Blacky Blackerson

    @kitunekage Well, I appreciate your kind words, but I’m still a high schooler, so I’m not in the military. AFJROTC is basically Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp. I don’t know if I’ll join the military yet (because media art is what I want to study), but thanks for the support netherless. You made a drained sap happy again.

    @Hoheh Well if he can’t put the key in the ignition yet, a car is his best way to go. Giggity!

  38. kitsunekage

    @ Blacky Blackerson No problem. Just graduated myself, and am going through Carpentry Pre-Emploment at the local College. But, hey, I’ve always thought of the military as a safty net anyways, so, if thats the way things turn out, then I hope to be in your squad, and then we can chat freely about BN outside of the site.

    Also, I have a friend who’s looking into the the same industry you are, goes by Roy Throssel, say hi for me if you ever meet him, for me.

  39. kitsunekage

    Plaese ignore any redundaces in my pervious post. Have had less then 3 hours of good sleep last night….

  40. Chris

    Ya’know the bears sitting in that car really give me a sense of their scale. They’re alot bigger than I thought.

  41. fan#666

    omg can’t wait for next part. I am LOVING this!

  42. Csarszkee

    aaawww look they put a little helmet on Tanked’s head!

    I’m actually in love with Tanked btw. Bet he’s hell of a good listener.

  43. blondboy87

    Still no bio for the polars?….Steven deserves to immortalized with a bio.
    And I fear for Nerd and Tanks safety…thank Jeebus for seat belts!

  44. admin

    @Anthony: Seen it, had some really good eps but overall was a little disappointing :(
    @Shane: read the blog :)
    @Bosn: great, I’m so glad! They were definitely fun to do!
    @Hal: Welcome to BN :)
    @AquaCoon: no, it was really far.
    @Blacky: Those are interesting names! I have no plans in parodying the cousins though, I have enough real animals to play around with. And 12 books would likely be my max as considering the rate I’m going it will take me 12 years to do that… not sure I have that in me!
    @DigitalWolf: lucky! I’d freak out if I lost my keys
    @blondboy: only the main characters are getting bios (otherwise I’d have to do one for Madge and Edward and Ella and the giraffes and the… lions…

  45. Calbeck

    Kept my hotel key of Evil from Further Confusion and’ve been showin’ it around…definitely a fave with a lotta folks! Hope it results in a few more hits for ya, you deserve it!

  46. Turin Aramaia

    The voting page is gone, you need to put the card images someplace more permanent…

  47. Dave

    that or the owner is simply forgetful and plum forgot to take the keys in with him.

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