Page 245
January 24th, 2011

Page 245

Hey lookie, Nerd can be insecure AND indecent at the same time :)  And I wonder who Lech stole the glasses from…

I finally updated the archive page (I was getting emails about that, I’m sorry!  I know!  Gotta a lot of other stuff on my plate too but it’s done now and I’m sure I will let it lapse again soon :)  Sharp eyes will notice some unfamiliar titles of arcs to come, so to speak.  That polar bear arc just finished does indeed have a follow up, Nerd does indeed feel ever so guilty (Evil not so much), and the fate of Steven will be revealed (he’s NOT dead by the way, I only do that stuff in Versuses/Versusi/whatever).  It’s written and thumbnailed but I haven’t gotten any farther than that since it will be the bonus comic for book 3 and that’s not nearly done yet, okay maybe half done… anyway, got something else on the go in the background here that’s been eating up my little bits of free time.  I’ll give you guys a sneak peak when I got something to show :)

It’s been far too long since I drew more Melee Ninjas!  Another ShirtWoot derby entry that didn’t win but I think it came in 4th so that’s not too bad- The Unstealthyiest Ninja.


  1. Nicole

    I never noticed that Nerd was the shortest bear besides Vanity. Lordy, I just love them all. Even Lech at times.

  2. Aps

    One of the only times Gay would approve of Lech’s apparel.

  3. kitsunekage

    @Black Blackerson We can rebuild him, we have the Technology!…. but, we lack the financing *Attaches plunger to shoulder* That otta do it

  4. Blacky Blackerson

    @kitsunekage What A Twist!

    @Aps I think Gay would be mad a Lech because he stole the outfit.

  5. Nicole

    @kitsunekage: Hahahaha! :D

  6. Grumpy Bear

    Really love this cartoon. I only found it recently but have read all back pages
    . I love Tanks expression on this page.

  7. niyko

    Aww tanked actually looks really cute in panel 6, despite the fact he is watching nerd grasping his “bear nuts”.

  8. S.B

    Wow, Tanked and Nerd made me laugh so hard with this one.

  9. KingMe

    I feel so bad for Crack.

  10. Stitchpunk

    Wait…. isn’t that Gays sunglasses and scarf? I noticed one just like it on page 57 XD

  11. sneakers

    Oh Nerdy.

  12. Cam

    Is it just me or is Lech’s ears getting longer? He looks bunny-like.

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