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February 7th, 2011

Page 249

I think Evil may now have more accessories than Gay…

So a while back Jim was contemplating that perhaps it might be nice to have three kids instead of two since we both came from three and he would not have to do any of the work involved with a third pregnancy so why not?  Then I got pregnant again and decided very quickly that 2 was indeed enough as the nausea and tiredness and not wanting to eat issues were all a little worse than with Sam and I did not wish to go through all this a third time.  Apparently the universe was listening and decided to satisfy both of us (or play a really mean joke in my opinion).  I’m thirteen weeks now and we had the first ultrasound a few days ago and, well, crap:

Talk about being shocked speechless.  I’m still flipping out and haven’t adjusted and can’t stop thinking about how many diapers we’ll go through in a week.  They’re sharing one sack so they’re identical whatever they are (another month before we can tell) and apparently identical twins are pretty rare and only account for about 8% of twin births.  Fraternal twins are the type that run in a family and as far as we know there aren’t any on either side.  Apparently having identical twins is a “random and spontaneous” event with the chances being about 1 in every 250 pregnancies.  They also come with a lot more risks than fraternal which is wonderful, like I’m not stressed enough.

So I’m warning you guys now that come July some time when I explode with babies the comic will likely drop to just Mondays again, though it depends on how much of a buffer I manage to get done beforehand.  The extra tiredness I’ve been feeling that halved my little available work time has abated for now but apparently comes back with a vengeance later, along with extreme weight gain and back pain!  Yay!

Jim keeps mumbling something about tuition fees x three.

Here’s me in 6ish months, Bear Nuts style of course :)


  1. Draconi

    I want twins someday…

  2. Amber

    Congrats! I’m a twin myself, and I can’t resist saying (once they have name) don’t refer to them as ‘the twins’. It’s very annoying. And make sure you treat them like individuals. =) (Sorry if that seems obvious, you’d be surprised at how many people don’t do this.)

  3. in vitro fertilization

    in vitro fertilization…

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  4. sneakers

    Congratulations! (Even though it is a bit late.) A trick to telling them apart is painting their toenails different colours, with a good non-toxic varnish.

    Tanked is so helpless.

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