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February 11th, 2011

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Hey 250 is a nice round number!

Thanks for all the well wishes on the twins guys.  I gather we’re in for lots of scans and appointments and hopefully they’re both healthy and get along well in there (there will be lots of time for fighting when you’re out so just behave for now ok!!!)  Some of your twin stories were heartwarming and some were a little scary but they were all fun to read.  You know what else is scary?  Mini van shopping :(

I’ve posted a bunch more fan art images I was sitting on and totally forgot about (blame it on the pregnant brain, it’s worse now) including this absolutely adorable Evil… he’s so cute I can’t imagine him gouging out anyone’s eyes!

Also kind of cute (and random and rotting) is Zambi! I’ve tried submitting this to a couple of t-shirt printers but no bites yet, probably because Disney eats people who infringe on them (though I have seen a zombie Pooh Bear shirt for sale somewhere) and this totally qualifies as parody.  I want one for myself so I may have to go the RedBubble route… hmmm.

I’ll let you guys decide on a name for Lech’s unfortunate scapemonkey.  Don’t feel bad for him though, the Discount monkeys are jerks (just wait till you see what they do to Tanked!)


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Well, alls well that ends well.

    Except for the Monkey. Imma gonna call him “Scapegoat” or Goat for short.

  2. 13yaroza

    The poor, POOR Mustang! Oh De HUMANITY!!!! ;_;

  3. Silverhawk

    Looks like once again Tanked is the only one unaffected by the whole ordeal… :D

  4. Roderick

    Happy ending? I guess so XD

  5. Hoheh

    Totaled car is totaled. Karma better pay Lech back later…

  6. Anirandom

    hmm how about Nanners for the monkey? or Bananas or I know! Phil!

  7. silverfang16

    I still want to know how he afforded that car…..and how he’s going to afford to repair it. ^_^

  8. FredlyFatchet

    Maybe you should save us all the trouble and tells which animals at the zoo AREN’T jerks. :U

  9. Angela

    That’s just wrong.
    I agree with Soundwave – “Scapegoat” is a great moniker for the little rascal.

  10. Stray

    I agree that poor mustang, seems to me Evil has some dirt on Lech now that may come back to haunt him. Maybe Evil will hire himself out for more dirty jobs around the zoo seeing as he’s been more helpful recently (long as he gets to hurt someone that is).

  11. Batjustice

    i love the monkey’s expression! Priceless!

    I notice everyone is avoiding Tanked’s um…yeah Nerd said it. lol

  12. Bonkers

    I love the tree on the 1st panel and the wheel on the last one.

  13. Wolfen

    I like Scapegoat too.

  14. J.H.

    Made me think of this Zambi: except in way different direction!

  15. fan#666

    i so saw that coming with Tanked. Oh on names for the twins, a word of advice, a cousin of mine had twins and decided to be cute about it and gave the boys names that start with the same letter and rhyme, it was a pain because every time we said one name thy would both some because they thought we were calling them. So chose two names that go, but make them diffident enough to tell apart when you shout from a good distance away

  16. JS

    Yup, I think “Goat” is a great suggestion. :) Ugh, did Tanked just put his helmet back on?

    @silverfang16 That car’s a write-off. Trust me. :)

    So the moral of the story is don’t drive with bear feet. :)

  17. grant N

    I seen tanked doing that a mile away classic. As far as mini-vans depending on how new you looking at my suggestion in your search dodge, honda, toyota. don’t bother with anything else you wont be happy with what you get. And depending on your treehugger stance in life don’t discount the SUV as an option but go big don’t mess around with the cross-overs they look ausome but in the long run suck for room and with twins your going to want room to spread everyone out as-well as a momy spot. Just what i have learned with twins first and a single afterwards.

  18. Yu Huo

    Perhaps the monkey is called Duke, but all of the other monkeys call him Dork, which has really irritate him up until the point where everyone starts calling him Goat? Or what if it’s a female monkey and she’s called Esmeralda?

    I agree with Fan#666 on the names, BTW– I know a lady who has identical twin boys. She gave them very different names and didn’t particularly go out of her way to dress them similarly. They did have identical trikes, but she wrote their names on them so they were different. They do look exactly alike, but the boys have quite different personalities, and she lets them be individuals. They have plenty of reasons to be identical and will have a lifetime of exploiting it if they want to, but it’s excellent that she hasn’t forced them into that role from infancy. Plus it will make your life easier if you can tell them apart. Our mum often couldn’t tell us apart, and we aren’t even twins.

  19. Glowworm

    For a second–I thought Tanked was EATING his puke. I’m sick. Anyhow–I like the idea of “Scapegoat” for the monkey myself.

  20. Blacky Blackerson

    Wonder how Nerd will explain those scars? Wait I know how; he’ll claim that Evil puched him with the brass knuckles, poked him with the knife and kicked him in the face. It would be believable seeing how he Nerd would have been beat with the possesor of the phany pack… OF EVIL!

    Because of the snow days, I can just chill and relax listening to Tupac, catching up on some work, drawing, watching Charlie the Unicorn, and Dave Chappelle. Just hope I don’t have to make them up.

    I know new characters don’t generally make massive appearance in every episode since premier (or chapter in this case) due to the fact that they could overtake the other characters, but is he going to have any significance in the following arcs? I mean, he took Tanked’s room, so wouldn’t he make multiple appearances in the next chapters? Maybe feuds with Gay? I’m just curious, because I actually like the idea of a narcassistic, crowd loving, possibly gay, pre madonna walking in the ranks of the others. It could lead to some creative arcs.

    Oh, and I am 100% possitive this is the Book of Tanked and Monday’s chapter will be the prelude to is origin. How do I know? I’m just magic like that.

  21. silverfang16

    @JS Under what? :P

  22. Hal

    Haha, that was real clever making it look like it was the monkey’s fault! XD

  23. JS

    @silverfang16 Under where! :) …Which is something you don’t see much of in Bear Nuts, except on Lech’s tummy. :)

  24. JS

    @Glowworm — you’re not sick; Tanked DID eat his own puke once, and at the dinner table, too! Nobody cared. A tolerant bunch of friends, these guys.

    @FredlyFatchet — in a word: Prozac. :) Except that time he kicked Vanity.

  25. Nicole

    Lordy…I thought Tanked was eating the puke, too, for a minute. Eww.

    He is so cute in Panel 4, though, when he feels all better!

    @Blacky Blackerson: “We’re on a bridge, Charlie!”

  26. Blacky Blackerson

    @Nicole: “Is anyone else getting splinters? Seriously guys we shouldn’t be on this thing!”
    I could totally imagine Death as Charlie.

    I don’t think he ate his vomit although that wouldn’t surprise me since he did at one regurgitate his food and then ate it again.

  27. JS

    @Nicole — It’s just like the Romans said. Post vomitum omnes animales laeti sunt. (After puking all animals are happy.)

  28. Jade Griffin

    A name for him? I vote for Brass. Brass Monkey keeps playing in my head, what with the brass knuckles and all:) LOL!

  29. scribbleninja

    monkey names:
    Kiefer (the DASTaRLDY!!!horribly misspelled!!!)(least intimidating name EVER. might actually be better for some sort of big cat, actually, but whatever.)
    James Bond
    Scapegoat (lol)
    Leslie (EMBARRASING!!!!!)
    Naraku (blatant inuyasha reference… the manga is actually quite good…)
    Goku (saiyuki reference)
    Bobby Jack (already taken….)
    …y’know what? anything embarrassing.

  30. Auxiliarybro

    Is Goat gonna be a recurring character that takes the blame for stuff now?

  31. Nicole

    @JS: I’ve…never heard that one. But so true!

    @Blacky: “Shun the nonbeliever! SHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!” It’s actually really hard to draw out the “uh” sound like that. ;)

  32. boredstiffy

    Looks like Lech survived the car crash only to be eaten by a dragon.

  33. Blacky Blackerson

    @Nicole: I think we suffered from Candy Mountain Cave Fever. We’ve been filled with sweet sugary goodness! Just be careful so no one will steal your freakin’ kidney!

    @boredstiffy: Just like most horror movies, false survival!

    Speaking of which, I like to think of the VS as a Higurashi effect. The character dies and magically comes back to life in another dimension.

    @JS’s avatar: “Too close! A little too close!” Guess where that quote came from.

  34. JS

    @Nicole — Well, okay, maybe it was Roman bears. The Romans were speaking of something else… ;)

    @Blacky — Aladdin? And you can NEVER be too close to a nerd.

  35. Nicole

    Definitely Aladdin. :D “Look at this! Combination hookah and coffee maker! Also makes julienne fries! It will not break! Will not….it broke.”

  36. Blacky Blackerson

    @JS: Ah, Touche! (I love using that word)

    @Nicole: I feel like a huge kid refering to Aladdin. But hey, better to embrace the kid in you then to be depressed all the time and wallow on what could have been (most people in todays society).

  37. Shadow

    If you ever get that “Zambi” t-shirt printed somewhere, I want one. So please announce it, I’ll be waiting. <3

  38. Anthony

    @5th panel:Ok, now dat’s just effin’ gross

  39. miike

    @Jade Griffin: I like Brass too. I think its a winner. Now… I MUST LISTEN TO THAT SONG.

  40. Macarius

    Well…I guess it was mixed with beer and Tanked thought “BEER!!”. But still kind of nasty.

  41. Shada

    His name is Francis.

    Francis the Monkey, for shits and giggles.

  42. silverfang16

    @Blacky Blackerson Hey Aladdin kicked ass! That was back when Disney wasn’t afraid to reference hookahs or have the sultan shout praise Allah.

  43. Blacky Blackerson

    @silverfang16: Well back then, cartoons weren’t afraid to be politically incorrect a times and had clever inuendos (Animaniacs). But now, we got the freakin’ FCC preventing that from happening without it being TV-PG. So now, instead of witty adult humor that only older audiences would get, we get stupid fart jokes, and unimaginably stupid characters. Only a few cartoons today are humorous, but the rest are just crap. I miss the 90’s.

    I can’t tell if Zambi’s supposed to be cute or disturbingly creepy!

  44. CharmyMonster

    Gotta love Zambi….
    I have a feeling that this will be the book of Tanked.

  45. JS

    …Meanwhile Lech really seems to be losing the referendum here! Hey, I keep pulling for you, buddy, but I think a lot of these mean people are keen to see you take a gullet ride! Bring your sword! You never know… :)

  46. TheRatKing

    Zambi vs. The Zamboni.

    You know you wanna.

  47. Aps

    Hard not to hurl myself seeing Tanked’s reaction to the sight of his own vomit…

  48. Solario the Visored

    Yay, Scapemonkey! :)

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