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February 14th, 2011

Page 251

I imagine taunting Death is never a good idea… and Nerd thinks he’s so smart.

This is the beginning of a couple of fairly long arcs mainly about my little Tankers.  Book three is indeed the Book of Tanked though I’m not sure when it will be finished.  I’d love to aim for August or so again which means completing all the pages about 2 months before that to allow for printing and shipping time. Unfortunately my pace has been a lot slower lately with the double parasites sucking all the life out of me; most of my free time now is spent sleeping.  Especially lately as we’re all sick.  Jim got some kind of cough/flu/chills thing and shared it with Sam and I.  Now we’re experiencing our first sick baby and I’ve never seen anything so sad as a toddler with a sore throat and a fever :(  He didn’t sleep very well last night so we put him in bed between us and he settled back down and started to snore really loudly till I had to leave and go try to sleep in the other room.  I was unsuccessful.

Shirt Woot’s latest derby theme is ‘Oddball’ which was fun to come up with ideas for.  Unfortunately my little kitties are only inching up towards the top 9 so I don’t think they’ll earn a print but they’re still damn cute.


  1. JS

    @Damian — oh, sorry, I’ve been misreading you… I thought you said Gay and Gimp, because of the context. You’re a Glech shipper! :D I personally don’t think Lech needs to “play for the opposite team”. He got that itch a while back from somebody, and it obviously wasn’t one of the other bears… ;)

  2. JS

    One last comment… is anyone else getting a kind of Schroeder and Lucy vibe from Death and Nerd’s poses on the couch? :)

  3. Blacky Blackerson

    @Damian: Well the thing is about Glech is that 85% of that being cannon will drop in book 4 because, guess what, FEMALES!! Unless Gay can convert him by that time (and I seriously doubt that will happen), Glech probably won’t happen. May be hinted or even somewhat confessed, but probably never official.

    @JS: Now at first I did think Gimp and Gay would hitch up due to the fact that twice it was a roll of dominance rollplay. However, Gimp has recently seemed iritated at everything (especially Gay). I guess things went bad during the Gimpy Day arc. But you never know; masochist aren’t that picky after all.

    Although still kind of jerky, Nerd has a right to gloat. Anyone who says they beat Death in a game of chess deserves braging rights.

  4. HeyGuysItsAnnie

    For once, Gimp actually looks like he’s unhappy being tortured!

  5. Kriiz

    Wow. I just spent the last 48 hours reading the entire BN archives up to the present date, and I’m totally hooked. Needs moar updates. <3

  6. EJAK5199

    Death is by far my favorite out of all of them.

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