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February 18th, 2011

Page 252

I’ve recently gotten a few more comments/emails about plushies and of course I’d love to do them, I seriously want the whole set BUT minimums are high and I’d need to be really sure I could sell enough of them and quickly to cover all the costs and not be stuck with a hundred plus to store in my basement.  We’re talking a $5000-6000 investment that I can’t afford right now, even before my recent baby “windfall” (ack!).  So they’re definitely on my list of fun things I’d love to offer you guys some day but I think it’s going to take a bit more time to build an audience big enough for toys and things (I want vinyl toys for my desk top too…).

Everybody who knows about the twins and our nervousness at the whole idea tries to make us feel better with the inevitable “Hey it could always be worse, there could be three in there!” O_O  Unfortunately that’s not the least bit comforting.  It did inspire this creepy triplets image though.


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Why isn’t Prozac complaining about how Crack is using an umbrella in broad daylight?

  2. Tc

    I’d been torn between Prozak, Death, Nerd, and Evil if you DID do plushies… DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE D:

  3. SlopDoggy

    Looks like Nerd won’t be able to get any more model sets for a while.

  4. TekServer

    >> Why isn’t Prozac complaining about how Crack is using an umbrella in broad daylight?

    Because he’s more worried about what Lech and Evil are up to …


  5. Tedflip

    This is probably the most laid-back I’ve ever seen Tanked, in the 8th and 9th panels..

    Btw, my book 1 & 2 came in the mail yesterday, I loved reading them both (Whole comic even with the two included only in the books). :D

  6. Onething2say

    If you are planning to design a toy you could try patchtogether

  7. Jade Griffin

    Ha ha:) What ARE they up to? And as for the comments and the recent news on the kiddos, I’ll quote Penny from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog: “Everything happens.” If you haven’t seen it, rent it, watch it on netflix instantplay, buy it, whatever. It’s a great masterpiece. And if you have it on disc at your disposal, the musical commentary is equally awesome! Hope your day is as good as mine. Just started voting incentives myself! Um, when I tried yours, it wasn’t triplets but the dog and three kitties. Maybe I’m early?

  8. Colleen

    Looks like Nerd is still committing credit card fraud. I wonder if Gay is still doing that too XD

    And poor Crack freaking out over the sun. Either he thinks he’ll get skin cancer or sun burn or whatever goes through his head.

    Tanked looks…relaxed…I hope Evil didn’t put anything in his drink.

    And whatever Evil and/or Lech is doing…Prozac is about to deal with another rage fit I’m sure. Evil and Lech are really bad for Prozac’s health.

  9. Garrett Williams

    @Jade: Yep, comic posts a couple hours before the vote incentive. The triplets pic is up now and it really had me laughing!

  10. kitsunekage

    Wait, Evil and Lech. missing. together…O.o…. BANISH, YE UNHOLY THOUGHTS!!!!

    @Colleen Cracked must be more afraid over a falling projectile. like a frozen turky. Must Monday.

  11. kitsunekage

    Sorry, should read “Must be Monday” there

  12. Kylie Ann

    @ Colleen – the sun is yellow(ish), and Cracked hates yellow (remember the corn incident) … at least, that’s my guess … and the onyl reason he doesn’t freak out other times is because his focus is on something else.

    I loved the 3 Nerd panels where he’s trying to warn Vanity to keep quiet, and then realising he’s kinda sprung.

  13. Jeroen

    Hey, we have one of those (only ours is way cuter)… Many people ask about our little dragon. I used the last from a set of pics I found online years ago for the babycard.
    Why dragons you ask? Well, besides that I like them, we used to live in an apartment building called the dragon (after an old steamlocomotive), so we used pics of dragons for our nameplate, and then a pic of kissing dragons for our wedding invitations, and other things (my mom did painted hardboard cutouts for corsages) one thing led to another… you know how it goes.

    And twins. If they’re both healthy, all will be well in the end won’t it. I guess we’re going to get a bit less bearnuts the first few months after they’re born, but we’ll get by, somehow…

  14. coyoteBR

    @ Coleen: I think a peak on Crack’s head would reveal: “UV rays! Ozone Layer!! Acid Rain! Bird droppings!! Meteorites!!”

  15. Blacky Blackerson

    You can stand under my UMBRELLA ELLA ELLA (sorry couldn’t resist).

    That’s just more stuff that Nerd has to cover up. He use credit card fraud, tore off Stevens arm, was involved with a car wreck, and all in 3 arcs! That’s alot of broken Prozac laws in one sitting.

    Wonder what the two “saints” are up to, and what those pesky kids could possibly want.

  16. JS

    I KNEW Nerd would get another credit card. How else would a bear get the things he needs? Walk into Wal-mart with a pawful of cash? He and Gay seem to be the guys who plug into human culture to the greatest degree, grand theft auto notwithstanding, they would naturally be the guys who’d actually need plastic in a big way. Nice to see Vanity back and fitting in… hmm. Never mind Gay and Lech, what about Gay and Vanity?

  17. WizardRex

    Is it weird that I would be proud to call the third triplet my son?

  18. drewzilla

    Have you thought about patchtogether? They do a great job on vinyls.

  19. Peach

    I would totally buy a Death plushie.

  20. Roderick

    The 3rd triplet looks less diabolic let me tell ya =D

  21. Hal

    Haha, Nerd’s busted again! He won’t be ordering things for a while~ XD

    Makes me wonder if Gay has more cards too.

  22. Batjustice

    I can’t help but wonder which triplet would end up being the hellspawned problem child? Can’t be the 3rd one. no way.

  23. Twizlerskunk

    as for the plushies… why not see if you can get the income from a presale?

  24. Felonious Punk

    To me (and apparently I’m not alone) the 3rd baby looks the happiest and least innocent.
    I’d wager baby #1 to be the hellspawn. Just can’t trust women ;)

  25. Gridlock

    I would so buy death, gimp, lech, prozac, tanked and evil plushies if they came out!

  26. FoxieDragon

    Great page! Love the bit with Nerd. Makes you wonder where he gets all these credit cards!

    Also, god forbid you have plushies made of the bears… I would not be able to contain my money.

  27. Nicole

    Regarding swag like plushies and vinyls…’s always an awesome option.

    Oh, the classic stroll through the habitat seeing what all the bears are up to. Gotta love it. A quick cameo of Vanity and wow…Tanked looks so mellow and relaxed.

    @Jade: Love Dr. Horrible! :)

  28. Blacky Blackerson

    @JS: The thing about that is I believe Vanity is like the child of the group, and that would make Gay a Pedo-Bear. Vanity even called Gay a old man and haggard so not only does it suggest that Vanity is younger, but that Gay also dosen’t like Vanity. Don’t think they would mind being fashion buddies though XD.

    One of those rare mellow Tanked moments. I like the moments when Alison’s characters are out of character like angry Crack, emotional Evil, Caffinated Death, and Nerd Rage.

  29. Koga the husky

    I would soooo buy a plushy of Death CX

  30. JS

    @Blacky I didn’t get the sense that Vanity’s a kid. A panda cub would be too value to risk separating from its mother and sending off on its own. The way he was pushing Gay’s buttons, I got a vibe more like he was a 20-something settling into a large household of bachelors easing, with varying degrees of grace, into early middle age (I’ve had glimpses of this kind of thing in action). In any case, his preoccupation with his looks and self-worth seem to cause him to share a lot of Gay’s more superficial interests. I think they could at least be, as you say, fashion buds if Vanity could get past trying to antagonize Gay.

  31. Shadow

    If you’re serious about making plushies and don’t have the funding, then Kickstarter is something you should check out. I think it’s run by Amazon, can’t remember for sure. Basically you set a goal amount and link from your site and us fans pledge monies toward plushies (like a presell basically). Since it’s just a pledge, no monies are paid until the deadline you set, and if you don’t make the goal, then nothing happens. Other web comics I read have done it, and I’ve coughed up a fair amount of cash for thier merchandise. It’s a lengthy project, and I think Kickstarter takes a small percent for the services or something, but it’s still feasible. Sorry for the wall of text, hope this is helpful. BTW: it’d be a great way to fund a “Zambie” t-shirt also, just saying.

  32. Blacky Blackerson

    @JS: I said that ’cause he appears alot younger than anyone else in the group and by the child of the group I meant like maybe 15-17(in bear years). I never could accept the fact that the bears might be mid-age, so I always assumed, at the most, the were around Scott Pilgrim’s and comp. age with Vanity maybe being around the age of Knives Chau. It begs the question, how old are these bears?

    Speaking of Scott Pilgrim, anyone else think this comic could fare well as an arcade-style game. Scott Pilgrim and Penny Arcade did it; if this got the fundings, this could as well.

  33. JS

    @Blacky — Totally weird! I am watching Scott Pilgrim vs. the World RIGHT NOW, on the recommendation of a friend. Twilight Zone moment. :)

    Sorry, no way is anyone Scott’s age worrying about wrinkles or being called “haggard”. :)

  34. Blacky Blackerson

    @JS: Unless, of course, you’re GAY. But again, that’s all up and debatable and as of now is really up to the readers preference. Oh, and trust me, I know a few people around my age that would worry about wrinkles and in todays society 20 is like the new 40, so 40 is apparently old (kids these days).
    I keep telling you all, I’m magic like that. I can see into your mind and your soul XD!

  35. Titleist

    I would totally buy a whole set of plushies IN A HEARTBEAT.

  36. Charmy-Monster

    I wonder … when the girls come up, will Lech, and maybe Evil,nerd and Death, be the only STRAIGHT bears?
    Because Gay and Vanity are fabulous (no offense intended), Prozac looks (for me) like a bi-bear, and I just can’t see Tanked and Crack straight.
    Also, Prozac just didn’t care about Crack’s umbrella and Tanked’s calmness. I guess he just gave up with them.
    I love not being the only one seeing the dragon as the harmless baby in there!
    I am looking forward to this new book. Tanked is just too funny, even if he’s not my favourite (Crack is). Actually the whole comic is really funny.

  37. Blacky Blackerson

    @Charmy-Monster: Gay and Vanity I can see, but not Prozac, Tanked, and Crack. Prozac may seem extremely happy alot of the time, but pills do that to people. As for Crack and Tanked, their straight but not female material. Crack would probably be afraid of getting STDs (especially from one of them), and Tanked….would you date someone who’s brain is pudding and throws up every minute? I seriously doubt Evil would be on good terms with the ladies and Death would have to wear gloves to avoid roasting them. I do see Lech and Nerd in a relationship though.

  38. fan#666

    aw! the baby dragons a girl! Just so cute! Is it the child of the dragon Lech is going agenst?

  39. DasJepix

    Laid back Tanked is laid back

  40. Hoheh

    /silly, Vanity. Now Prozac’s mad!

  41. toraudewa

    XD The two that are the most disturbing to see missing. XD

  42. bbr

    There are sites where you can set up a “project” for the plushies,, forgot the name.. but that might work.

  43. HugsNCurses

    For raising funds you could try rewards for donations could include signed copies of bearnuts volumes, plushies (once completed) or original artworks. this might help you get that capital prior to making the fiscal commitment and alow you to get a sample of what people are willing to spend.

  44. JS

    @Blacky — Lech and Nerd, what the… Hey, are we REALLY talking about this stuff?? :D

    I am REALLY starting to feel sorry for Crack, BTW. Can’t that poor boy EVER unwind? Never mind Tanked, it’s Crack who needs to ‘faced. Crack –> Crocked. I can’t help wondering if the pose is an homage to:

  45. Nicole

    Boo at the shirt.woot derby results! Do we REALLY need two panda shirts?? Ah, well. Alison, ya been robbed!

  46. Blacky Blackerson

    @JS: Sadly we are; sadly we are. Its a magical thing called boredom. Oh and let me rephrase that quote.. (clears throat) Lech and Nerd in a relationship..with the females, not each other. With each other would be creepy!

    @Nicole: Well, you know Vanity and the Coca-Cola Bear would probably buy multiple shirts of their own species. Alison’s really talented, so she may get it one day. Just stay hopefull and keep voting. Now time to vote for the bird who was brave enough to use a walkman.

  47. Neonic Blade

    Can I demand a Cranked (Crack and Tanked) ship?

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