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January 4th, 2010

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Everyone looks at me funny when I say this but I can’t stand coffee: the smell, the taste, not even the sugary cafe drinks.  But I do like Coffee Crisp…

If you missed last week here’s the vote incentive aftermath to the Christmas card:

I had so much fun with these sketches I drew a part 3: today’s vote incentive is the aftermath of the aftermath :D


  1. coffee is like crack

    to the boss:
    i am mighty healthy, no heart complications for me, no way…
    thank you for the concern though :)

  2. AdamW13

    No good will come from this. Hilarious high jinks, though, I’m sure.

  3. £Ø§Ð

    Don’t Drink Coffe ‘Neither, So, Your not Alone. :p

  4. reccaman

    Coffee is for work and not for when you get up or to drink at home but that is just me

  5. Skykitsune

    Oh sh*t… Here we go again! I don’t drink coffee, but I’ve seen the effects of that much, and for a first timer? Hoo boy…

  6. Kitsunekage

    My First time having coffee was like that, too….but I drank more… i can’t start thinking untill i at least smell it, even thou i’m more of a tea guy myself.

    Just a thought, for those of you who do like coffee, what do you put in it. I hate the cream (I was brought up on 1% and skim milk), so I add in enough sugar to kill a horse….

  7. Solario the Visored

    As the image was loading and I saw the first three panels, I started thinking of that song by OK GO: “Aw, here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again…” This can only end hilareously. XD

    As for the Christmas Aftermath image, I can’t help but think Prozac is making that face because of Evil’s lack of creativity. “Seriously, Evil. A goose? We’ve already done that phobia of his to death! And Nerd’s just explodes? Lame. At least the Peanuts reference was nice, but that seems more like last-minute creativity to me.” >:P

  8. gokol

    I don’t like Coffee either!

  9. Elkian


  10. Elkian

    ‘Gourmet’ also implies ESPRESSO

  11. Kisara

    Lol @ panels 6 thru 9. Those panels remind me of a scene in Open Season. Elliot (the buck) finds some coffee, and even though it tastes disgusting, he still likes it cuz somehow it’s addictive. XD Same thing with Death I suppose. I adore Death’s face. <3

  12. Kisara

    I’m also the same way with coffee. :D I can’t stand the smell or taste. I use to like the smell, but not anymore :/

  13. EJAK5199

    This obviously isn’t going to bode well…

  14. An Apple

    I love the smell of coffee, but cant stand the taste. Anyways, with Death drinking so much of it, I wonder how he got it all so late at night.

  15. sneakers

    Uh oh..

  16. Mvilu Uatusun

    I can relate to your dislike of coffee. Every time I so much as smell it, I get an instant migraine headache. I hate it so badly that I’ve nicknamed it, “That Vile Witch’s Brew”.

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