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December 28th, 2009

Page 140

I’m not sure when Jeffrey’s name sake will see this but HA HA!  I just implied that you eat poo!  Now stop making fun of Sam’s hairline :P  You’re both going to look the same when you’re old.

Merry belated Christmas wishes from all the bears!  Vote to see what happens next :)


  1. Maui

    Panel 2 is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! – In a close tie with panel 3, of course :D

  2. machchunk

    So would you have to spoiler something if I asked you if this was more of a punchline comic than your regular output?

  3. Lucky

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year o/
    Oh gosh, third comment *o*

    BTW, love the Christmas pic ^w^

  4. Hex

    Ha love the sloth. So death pretty well dose the things that i like to do but i don’t get to feed deer i get charged by them.

  5. Kamino Neko

    Re: Christmas pic: It’s Satan Claus!

  6. Kenichi340

    Death pretty much loves to do things that I like to do as well.

  7. Nicole

    Love the uber-calm of panel one. Death is such a sweet bear. :)

    Happy New Year, all!

  8. phDexter

    It seems, he has a complicated personality. But he is so adorable.
    I like that christmas drawing of yours. Evil as Santa (sorry Kamino: Satan) Claus. But it doesn’t seem that the others really belive, that he just gave them gifts.

  9. phDexter

    And they were correct. Poor Cracked.

  10. Nicole

    Poor Crack! I had a run-in with a goose when I was a kid, so I totally identify!! Bad Evil! Bad!

  11. Kurobara

    Yeah, Death can fiz out people’s brains and humans are the ones with odd behaviour. XD

  12. Jay

    Jeffrey’s hairline will be similar to his maternal grandfather’s, not his dad’s hairline, – it’s one of those sex-linked genes.

  13. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    Why is he helping another creature survive?! He’s supposed to be “Death” Bear!

  14. Puffles

    Belated Merry Christmas. and Happy New Year to you too!

    Death’s soft side is just all the more reason to love him….panels 2, 3, and 4 are hands down the cutest things ever :D

  15. Wolfen

    Alison, would that Jeffery be kinda like the Jeffery that Bill Cosby talks about? Jeffery:” I’m 4 years old! I’m 4 years old!” and Jeffery’s poor mom: “Jeffery NO! Jeffery get back here. Jeffery, Jeffery, Jeffery!”

    Merry Christmas!

  16. Angela

    LOVE the Christmas card. Funny! And Happy New Year to you and yours!

  17. Amanda

    LOVE the Christmas comic. I laughed so much at the vote picture.

  18. itssnowing

    Death is my favorite character ;)

  19. phDexter

    Happy New Year For All Of You!
    I Wish You A Beary New Year.

  20. Zolah

    Happy New year bearnuts :3

  21. Kat

    O_O I made fanart before this page was posted that looks so much like panel 2. It’s beautiful and deja vu inspiring XD

    Before I go back to lurking, happy new year bearnuts! ^^

  22. SinisterTwist

    Happy New Year!

    We’ve got to get BN voted higher up in the polls! At the moment we’re getting beaten by Collar 6 for the #11 spot.

  23. BleachedKitty

    Happy new year! Death is adorable.

  24. Leo

    Would this Jeffrey person be your brother by any chance???

  25. Glowworm

    Panel 2 is adorable!

  26. Glowworm

    Panel three is super cute too!

  27. fizzyizze

    Love how Death’s ears are turned back always. I think it really shows a character, the ears. xD Call me crazy. Has anyone seen Avatar? It blew my mind far into the depths of speechlessness and dumb’d thoughts.

  28. Skykitsune

    Death Bear would be the best predator ever, make him fast and he’s unstoppable. A mere touch is all it takes… … … POKE THE FAWN DEATH! Then kill it and make some stew.

  29. Kitsunekage

    Heh, Jeffery’s like Tanked…..

  30. Faiz

    @Hex, unless it is mating season as stags would try to fend off possiblenrival mates and as for you, stags may thimk you’re one of its rivals.

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