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January 11th, 2010

Page 142

Sammy update!  We got some photos taken by some lovely friends with a really nice camera and they caught this one I just love so much; Sam at 8 weeks:

And now back to our story: Death looks like me, permanent eye bags and all.

Today’s vote incentive is more character design stuff… I’m thinking of developing a web comic for these two…


  1. Mr. Clueless

    lol @ duct taped tanked

    I’m doing a bio project which requires a creative part to it. I’m not all that great at drawing peoples and creatures, so I tried using this comic as an inspiration (as in the style) to draw mine. My bio project was on the evolution of lions. Well, to say, it’s not all that fantastical.

    Also, I think sam was born around the same time as my niece, so each time I read about sam, I think about my niece (who I love very much) and her progress as well.

  2. Lord Ravnos

    FIRST! Awesome pics of Sammy, congrats again. The look on Deaths face tells me someone is about to get hurt for doing something stupid.

  3. cheezedog

    Sheezes, no wonder we never see Death. He spends all his time Death sleeps all day long, while Prozac and Evil are fighting.

  4. Jesse

    Poor Death, I know how he feels, being up all night, and then dealing with morning people.

    Sam looks almost as cute as my kid did at 8 weeks, then again, I might be biased in favor of my kid.

  5. E

    The tape is. on his eyeball…
    The thought of tearing it off…

  6. hehe

    evil did a no no to death’s room
    evil is gonna get hurt!

  7. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    @Jesse: Amen to that. I hate mornings. I’d like them better if they started later.

  8. Dubael

    Sam is gorgeous, again, congratulations.

  9. phDexter

    7th again!!!
    “…And- EVIL!” I laughed a lot at Evil’s innocent face. And he still have that tag on his ear.
    Poor Death. He shouldn’t drank all the coffee.

  10. Bosn_C_Otter

    What a wonderful looking kid! Just think in 16 years he will only say “Whatever” and think your the meanest person on earth. At least until he turns 19 and needs money.

  11. gime reaper 92

    i love evil but my frends tell me im more like death poor death bear he gust so enoyed
    and the baby is so cute

  12. Kitty_cat84

    How gorgeous is Sam ^_^ And prozak suddenly twigging to evil… nice XD

  13. Glowworm

    Your baby is so cute. Evil+Duct Tape=bad.

  14. Nicole

    Poor Death! He was having such a good, restful day until he got to the coffee. Actually, I’m glad Evil is up to his hijinks, otherwise Death might’ve been the death of Prozac! Love Prozac’s contented face in panel 3. :) And Tanked is gonna need some eyedrops! :o

    Sam is so beautiful! :)

  15. beaufleur

    What a cutie pie!! Congrats!!

  16. Evil2.0

    I share your trait of permanent eye bags ( and insomnia) since third grade… on a lighter note Sammy is looking very cute, reminds me of my friends nephew, those cute chubby cheeks

  17. Nicole

    Forgot to mention how fried Death looks in panel 4. Cracks me up! He’s flattened!

  18. Unusual

    … Is it mean to feel more sorry for Tanked in this one? Poor thing. Even if I did laugh at him, he still needs a hug.

    Sammy’s lookin good! I hope you’re holdin’ up under the chaos of having a lil one around. Your jungle girls look really neat too, nice representation of their individual personalities through expressions and body language.

  19. Sherry

    I just sat here and read every comic from start to finish in like 2 hours… Love it.. and now I’m going to be sooo Tired in biology class tomorrow hehe

  20. Angela

    Baby pictures! And Death!
    You’ve made my Monday.

  21. Imp Oster

    Haha thats gonna hurt to remove that tape from his eyeball. X3

    Cute pictures. Your little Sam is really gettin’ big. ^_^

  22. NovemberMist

    Aw, Sam’s adorable, :3 they’re so… manageable at that age. Adrian s 6 months no, and he rolls, and pivots, and scoots, and is into EVERYTHING. I’m learning how to crochet, again, and the yarn is everywhere. *sigh* oh well.

  23. Na No Da

    Oh my gosh, I wanna squeeze an’ pinch those cute chubby cheeks >////<

  24. Kay

    I only just noticed Evil still has his tag/earring XD

  25. Kenichi340

    Sam looks gorgeous! You have such blessings to have such a beautiful and healthy child.

    Death looks strangely badass and psycho in panel 7.

  26. budle

    Oooogh… he’s uber cute… 0_o!!! Can I eat him… XD?

  27. Deborah Simpson

    Like these Bears. Better than Care Bears, even though I do like Care Bears.

  28. Nicole

    I stayed up too late gaming last night and when I woke up this morning I looked like death warmed over. HA AHAHAH…GET IT? Death warmed over??!! …….meh. cant stay up that late again…

  29. Happi Pappi

    @E just realized the duck tape thing can’t stop thinking about it lol love death in this strip im definitely not a morning person and my roommate is I can totally relate

  30. Uzuma13

    I would so read a web comic with the incentive characters in it. Looks to be a good time all around.

  31. wiccanbear

    i love this, is tanked ducktaped to the cave wall? btw when do we get to see more of gimp?

  32. Sora A.K.

    I just read through the archives and I must say I very much love this comic and it was a wonderful break after an incredibly stressful day; I will definitely have to buy the book next time I have money…
    Oh, this stuff with Death reminds me of this fanfic I read once. In it, a “dark and mysterious” type character was shown to be very addicted to coffee (or some coffee-like beverage) and when the coffee machine broke he went on a rampage! It was hilarious…
    Anyways, I’m going to bed now. Thanks for improving my crappy day. <3

  33. Porst

    Hmm… my sleep cycle only involves about 4-5 hours of actual sleep so i kind of understand how Death would feel right about now…

  34. you

    Must.. have.. third panel on a shirt!

  35. Skykitsune

    Damn! You nearly got away with it Evil!

  36. Kitsunekage

    Death with blood shot eyes MADE MY DAY!!!!! (I was also wonder if he accually feels pain or ather emotions, now I know)

    At my school, we duck taped owr principle to the wall two or three times…

  37. EJAK5199

    Lol Death rolling his eyes at Prozac’s lecturing

  38. EJAK5199

    And how the hell did the clouds get BEHIND the sun?

  39. sneakers

    Sammy is so cute!

  40. Mvilu Uatusun

    I see Evil still has his ear tag. LOL.

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