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January 18th, 2010

Page 143

Poor Tank :(

I tried waxing my legs once and probably won’t do it again, not really very fun that.

The next few vote incentives are a bonus comic!  This is my short from Popgun volume 3 which was out last summer I believe.  I also have a short in the upcoming volume 4 from Image; they’re cool books!  Check them out here.

Anyway, this is page one of ‘Cave Pat and the Early Feminist Movement’.


  1. Alex

    Ouch… poor Tanked. And poor Prozac, for that matter.

  2. Suzu

    oooooooowwww o.O; poor Tanked

  3. Delakando

    HOLY CRAP! This may hurt!? Yeah like.. leave him a bald spot hurt!

  4. budle

    Waaah… that’d be hurt as… as…. HURT! XP

    What’s with waxing? why waxing? Why don’t just shave or use some oil or such…
    Maybe pain is addictive? :D

  5. Paplom

    I see you don’t have time to think on the story.. too bad :(
    There’s almost nothing going on lately on the comic, just random stuff, I’m nut pleased but I understand you having a son and I think you should dedicate your time to him.
    Hope to see more action in the comic soon

  6. Tony

    Hurt and leave a bald spot.

  7. Sora A.K.

    Yikes… If I were fuzzy I think I would have preferred to just walk around with the tape on.

    For some reason I really like Tanked’s pose in the eighth panel. So cute… Well, they’re always so cute. You know what I mean. I think.

    I really need to stop commenting on stuff on the internet while I’m tired and hungry.

  8. Loki

    *cringes* Poor Tanked, though his face in the last panel is to die for

  9. Almo

    I actually thought he was tapping Tanks eyes open. 0_O Maybe he won’t notice?

  10. phDexter

    Is Tanked trying not to laugh in picture 3?
    “Wasn’t me?” Oh, Evil you crack me up all the time!
    And Tanked look so…, well so not drunk. When was the last time he drink any alcohol?

  11. Suffix

    AWWW!!! Tanked Bears is TOO CUTE!!!

  12. pickles

    will tanked ever speak to the other bears instead of just in his imagination?
    will tanked learn to stand up for himself against evil?
    how hard would it be to get a BN plushie?

  13. Kristen

    Oh My God, Tanked’s face is adorable. . . and is the tape stuck to his EYEBALL?? Yeah that’s going to pinch a little.

  14. Nicole

    Jeez…I hope his eyeballs stay in! Poor Tanked! :(

  15. Lea

    Ouch, he’ll hate what comes next… or worse, he’ll like it. Naked mole rat bear anyone? It’s like crossdressing, but waaay cooler. :)

  16. lythre

    is this cave pat thing going to be a webcomic? and was there some offical annocement of it that i missed? cause i would think someone would have said something about it in the comments

  17. turnish

    Actually, I’m quite enjoying the random shenanigans of the bears… it’s nice to just have little moments where we can see more of their personalities shine through :) Keep it coming! The story can wait, methinks. You’re not going to have some epic adventure everyday; I think the characters are entertaining enough on their own.

  18. Brandywine

    OMG…..OUCH!!!! Poor Tanked!! That is definitely going to leave a mark!

  19. Weisses

    @Paplom – What the hell are you talking about? o__O There’s nothing going on in the story? Yes, there is! If you payed at least a lick of attention to the story line for the last 142 pages, you would realize that there’s alot that goes on in the story line that’s random, but it still pertains to the story. So yeah.

    Anyways, poor Tanked. D:

  20. admin

    @budle: Because shaving hurts too sometimes, and doesn’t last very long… and damn men (in general) have it easy :P
    @Paplom: Sorry you feel that way but my writing hasn’t changed in the least, and this arc was written long before the baby arrived. I’ve never thought of BN as an action comic, what interests me most is their interactions. I do acknowledge that it’s moving pretty slowly at the moment at once a week updates but that’s not something I will apologize for… but it is building to some action at the end. Thank you for your input and understanding the slowdown :)
    @Sora: Thanks! You sound tired and hungry and totally coherent.
    @phDexter: I tried to make look like T trying to pull away from the wall, not so much I guess :)
    @pickles: Maybe some day :) To all of the above (I’d love BN plushies too but they’re rather expensive to produce, minimums are pretty high.)
    @Lea: lol, I think that may be Evil’s ultimate goal…
    @lythre: Cave Pat was a short for an anthology but I’ve written lots of other stuff for the characters and I’d like to make it a web comic some day…
    @turnish & Weisses: Thanks guys, that’s exactly my perspective :D

  21. dood

    Any sudden movements like these are pretty painful, it reminded me of when my finger was dislocated and the doctor at the ER said the same thing (MAY HURT ?! is he kidding me ?!) but thankfully that was over in a second, but to remember that again *shudders* .

  22. Nicole

    @Paplom, remember this is updated weekly but is written like a graphic novel. If you were paging through it like a book, this would just be part of the flow of the moment and you’d be quickly on with the rest of the story. However, it is being posted as a webcomic, therefore you get days between pages and that’s part of the deal. Don’t forget, most artists charge for this kind of high-quality work. Webcomic artists are giving it away for free…so instead of critiquing, perhaps you should just be grateful that Alison is willing to post it at all.

    @admin: It looked to me like Tanked was trying to walk away from the wall. :)

  23. Jakethelastninja

    awww tanked D:

  24. Glowworm

    “Go to your room!” XD! Poor Tanked.

  25. Weisses

    @admin Your welcome. ^_^

  26. Angela

    Poor Tank but I love Prozac – good leadership style.

  27. hobbesme

    i hope the next frame shows tanked with a bare red stripe on his head ;p

  28. Saddust

    Me think like turnish about the storyline, no need of an epic story every week. One of my fav moments is the li’l story of Tanked (awwwww…) and the squirrel having a tea together. Nevertheless, I think that Paplom’s comments are welcome as everybody’s. No need to be rough at a different opinion… Additionnaly, thanks Alison to let this forum open to “non-subscribers”. This allows such debates.
    Besides, I think that the Bears have avoided another Prozac’s madness, Evil should lookout… (^v^)

  29. Noir the Sable

    Ooog. That’d look like it’d HUUURT…

    I mean, then again, it IS Tanked… for all we could know he could be tanked enough to not be able to feel as much pain… hopefully…

  30. Nicole

    Hi, Saddust…it just chaps me when an artist is freely giving of their time and talent and then someone comes in and complains that it’s not suiting their timetable or their desires. I don’t understand that mindset.

  31. Gothric

    compared to other web comics i have read this one is one is one of the entertaining ones. the interaction of such polerrized personalities is very funny. keep up the good work.

  32. Saddust

    No prob, Nicole. Maybe Paplom’s comment was not formulated the best way (^v^).
    I like too much the eyes becoming red in the third panel. I just notice this though I have read this page at least three times ! Such a good comic with little things that you notice afterward… And I notice as well that Alison is veeery careful not to forget Evil ear’s tags !
    Greetings from France and happy new year everyone !

  33. Aaron

    Dear Ms. Alison,

    Bear Nuts is my new-favourite web comic. Thank you for being awesome. I like Death. I ‘get’ him. Please don’t ever stop making Bear Nuts.

    With kindest regards,
    Aaron Champagne
    Web Designer, Illustrator, Lookout Observer (Alberta Forestry).

  34. Porst

    Funny… although ripping off duct tape isn’t that bad… I know from experience…. My “friends” once made a hat out of duct tape for me while i was sleeping…

  35. Loophole

    I thought that too… Duct tape doesn’t stick like other kinds of tape, like the brown packing kind. Ripping it off fur (or body hair) shouldn’t hurt too much… at least, waxing legs should hurt at least ten times more.

  36. tailman

    last panel looked like a tomb stone for afew minutes to me D: also, new reader!

  37. Gothric

    I like to know when this is going to be more than once a week. I know you are busy right now, i just want a date of when thank you. i really do enjoy this comic and just like to see it posted more often.

  38. admin

    @ hobbesme: not right away but it’s coming :)
    @ Gothric: thanks! And I’ll likely add some Fridays back next month, hopefully all Fridays by March
    @ Aaron: thanks for the lovely comment! What does a Lookout Observer do?
    @ Porst: time to get new friends!
    @ tailman: Welcome! and nice observation ;)

  39. Onikage

    Huh. Looks like Prozac is starting to build up a tolerance. Time to up the dose!

  40. Bamith

    alot of people like this comic cuz of expressions you use lol .-. the comic housepets does good work with expressions also

  41. Xuncu

    Heh, in my head, Tanked always had this one particular “voice”— best I can describe it: Pee Wee Herman’s laugh (not the high-pitched giggle, but the deep “HUR-HUR!”). Now imagine all of Tanked’s vocalizations in that throaty rasp. That’s the one.

  42. Kitsunekage

    80….Poor Tanked……

  43. Elkian

    Poor Tanked o^o

  44. Roderick

    Yeah, R.I.P. indeed =)

  45. Mvilu Uatusun

    May hurt!? Why do people say that when they know it IS going to hurt?

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