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January 25th, 2010

Page 144

Okay so I’ve managed to build up a bit of a buffer again, yay!  We’ll be adding FRIDAY UPDATES again next month but only every OTHER Friday because it’s not that big a buffer and Sammy needs me :)

So next week will have two updates!  And coffee is still yucky.

Bonus comic! page 2 of ‘Cave Pat and the early Feminist Movement’.


  1. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    I hate when I get pins and needles.

  2. Imp Oster

    Ughghghg Pins and Needles. More like.. Death… and… Claws.. Ah I don’t have anything. I love that second panel. :’3

  3. E

    Death seems to be channeling Tanked here

  4. J'Dona

    Oh my god … panels 2 and 3, is that a tanked Death bear? And panel 8 is nightmare fuel!

    I see the tray vanished between him reading the paper and her looking at the pamphlet, but he left her cup. I’m guessing he’ll grab it in a second as he uses her exposed calves to try and cover his escape.

    This is either going to get messy in a few seconds, or even messier in a few days by when he’ll be sucking patrons’ blood to extract the java ..

  5. Almo

    I love how you keep the faces hidden of human adults. The story is about the bears, and that’s the focus. It totally reminds me of home improvement and the guy behind the fence, or Nanny from the Muppet babies. :D Awesome work!

  6. Kalica

    EEeeee, is it the girl from Head Trips?

  7. DollyBird

    GOSH I love this comic to death <333
    It’d be great to see a Holy Bear or something :)
    Good jobb, I cant wait till Vanity and the females enter :D

  8. Bohemia

    Poor Death, he was always the sane one in the madhouse. Now he’s a slave to caffeine, nothing will ever be the same! Love his expression in panel 3, and it’s great to hear that you’ll update more often!

  9. CatzCradle

    Abusing our powers are we, Death? xD

  10. phDexter

    Yuck, he’s drooling! Lucky I’m not like that. I like coffee very much, but I like tea much more.
    By the way, that women is familiar, did we saw her somewhere before?

  11. squeakybunny

    Hopefully he doesn’t get hyper like “Over the Hedge”‘s Hammy.

  12. King Todo

    Nooo, Death! Be rational!

    On a side note: Friday updates= me now changing my pants.

  13. MrGiggles

    lol he will freeze time and drink much more coffee!!!

  14. Duke of URL

    “And coffee is still yucky.” It is NOT – it’s a delicious essential food. That crap *$ & such sell, caramel marashino lotte or whatever, IS NOT COFFEE.

  15. M

    Hahaaaaaa, Death’s junkie face. :D

  16. Bosn_C_Otter

    God I can sooooo sympathize. (says the otter drinking his quad vanilla latte.)

  17. Lea

    That must suck. I’m so glad I’m no coffee addict myself. SRSLY, I’M DrRrINkinG IT DeeLiBerATTELYy, I sweaRR!

  18. Nicole

    Oh, Death, what will become of you? Back to the cave to meditate! ;) Poor guy. Love his expressions. :D

  19. coffee is like crack

    oh great, he’s tryng to keep up with me

  20. G-ret

    Hehe, looks like death might OD on coffee. Hopefully Gimp has something for THAT.

    Also, what happened to the coffee in panels 9 and 10? Didn’t he bring 2 of them to the table? :P

  21. Porst

    Oh the things some people will do to get that next fix…

  22. Two_Twig

    For the life of me, I cannot stop staring at that second panel…

  23. Sora A.K.

    Oh, Death… This is why I yell at my mom whenever she drinks coffee, because I’m worried she’ll get addicted!

  24. TiChan

    Silly goth kids and their coffee. XP

  25. Gothric

    i can relate, except mine is chocolate. i even think i have the same expression as he does

  26. Saddust

    Death looks sooo much like Tanked (Awww…) in the third panel…
    Btw, will ‘Cave Pat and the early Feminist Movement’ become an online comic ? Looks fun !

  27. itssnowing

    looks like a tanked/death child.


  28. PTM

    I haven’t commented on this comic series in a while.
    Ah. That happens to me all the time at the movie theaters, after the movie :l
    Death doesn’t look like himself…

  29. Rook

    ha Death needs Java and he needs it now!

    Love this comic but it needs a female bear XD

  30. Jack

    omg! first time posting ever since i started reading! woo!
    also: i never imagined death being the kind of person (bearson) who gets addicted to stuff so fast.

  31. Gothric

    I wonder what would happen if a girl bear ever entered the picture, and what kind of personality she would have in the comic.

  32. budle

    Uuugh…. death doesn’t look healthy… :D

    Maybe he needs some prozac too? :lol:

  33. ...

    @Gothric, there will actually be girl bears later on, PMS and Slutty.

  34. Kenichi340

    Not the Death arc I was expecting so far, but it’s pretty humorous! Coffee addiction can be bad, mm’kay?

  35. Alexander

    Death is dead… he shall now be forever known as Java Bear. His death touch will be come the coffee touch. Rather than going numb, the affected limb now spazzes uncontrollably.

  36. David

    Caramel Macchiato … is so delicious yet evil

  37. Kitsunekage

    Death’s probly thinking: COFFEECOFFEECOFFEECOFFEECAPPICHINNOJAVVAJAVVA!!!!!!!!!! (say THAT five times, fast!)

  38. Solario the Visored

    Okay, so we’ve seen Prozac act angry, Tanked sophisticated, Nerd tough, Evil (semi-)nice, Cracked (almost) calm, and now Death spastic! What’s next? Gay acts macho? Lech becomes a sissy? Gimp turns…mean?? D:

  39. EJAK5199

    His expressions in panel 2 and 3 :D

  40. J.C.

    Coffee by itself is bitter-tasting to most.
    Add some sugar and milk and it tastes delicious (At least…to me).

  41. Thwaitesy

    It’s so weird seeing Death Lose his cool like this.

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