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February 1st, 2010

Page 145

Bad Death!  All those disposable cups are soooo bad for the environment :P

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Bonus comic: Cave Pat page 3

UPDATE:  To anybody in the Ottawa/Gatineau area:  DMF Comics will be at the Gatineau Comic/Anime Con this weekend.  They’ll have the BN books and perhaps some new merch… if I can get everything ready in time of course :D


  1. TJ YZ

    Awww! I’d love a Dooom Cat!!!
    Asked for the Book of Prozac for my birthday, and my friends were worried and thought I was just really interested in medication. XD If I don’t get it, I’ll just have to order it myself.

  2. Summer

    Hey it’s your avi from deviantart XD

  3. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    I wonder what would happen if Tanked and Crack drank coffee…

  4. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    Now that I think about it, it would be more fascinating to see what would happen in Giga-Prozac drank coffee…

  5. hehe

    doom cat!

  6. Dart

    Oh god.
    This can’t be good.
    Then again coffee some times help one sober up….
    Maybe we are finally going to get to see Tanked sober side.
    The Gimp on coffee really worries me.
    The others are pretty much out of control as it it. Beside Death Gimp is the only character that seems to have some control of his impulses. I can see it now, a jucied up Gimp riding on of the other bears like a hourse.

  7. Mickel

    I had an 11 shot mocha once and felt like panel 5. Love it!

  8. LOD

    Once I had a dr pepper and right after that a coffee. I started playing x-box and was driving around (driving game), in real life, cops would have arested me for endangering the public.

  9. the guy =D

    awwwww i dont know why but i think tanked its the cutest of all the bears =3

  10. cmo28air

    I can’t wait to see what trouble Death’s coffee addiction will cause! I just hope prozac doesn’t get hurt >> he’s one of my fav’s… and T seem’s to have gotten over the tape incident, looks like it hurt though >> (been reading for a while, only commenting now) I love ur comic, the art is great and the story is wonderful <33 I look forward to reading it every week! Ty! <3

  11. DominicanKing614

    well there are coffee flavored alcohols i believe so tanked might like it … and so might i if i were legal to drink yet (just 1 and 1/2 more years dammit lol) … as for crack …. i dont think he should intake ANYTHING more ever … except maybe some downers cause he needs to chill lol

  12. Mmm...

    Tank’s skin looks like Malteser

  13. Valancia Girl

    does tanked also have a doomcat plushe ?

  14. phDexter

    Okay, Death now REALLY have a problem. Maybe he need an anti-caffeine treatment.
    I hope, that poor tanked won’t be punched out. And where did he get that Doom Cat doll?
    I also like your Cave Pat comic.

  15. MrGiggles

    awww death looks so happy and as if hes going to have a siezure…

  16. ...

    Did Tanked take one of Cracked’s plushies? :D

  17. budle

    I wonder what will happen when death lost control… :D

  18. Fan of Death


    And I want a Doom Cat plushie!

  19. Snickerdoodle

    AAAhhhhh, KITTY!!
    I must have it!!. :3

  20. Papercuts


  21. E

    He stole Crack’s friend D:<

  22. Wolfen

    aaawwww Tanked pushing DoomKitty on the tire swing. That is so cute!

  23. poco

    I can’t decide what’s cuter, the mice or Tanked playing with his plushie.

  24. nia_teppelin

    Run, Tanked, RUN!!!

  25. Nicole

    OMGosh, could Tanked get any cuter than he is pushing his doomcat doll on a swing?

    And with Death hooked on caffienne, I fear for the world….

  26. Death-FanLOL

    I love panel five. Death addiction… I can’t wait for the intervention :DD

  27. Alicia

    I really like how to developed Death bear into a caffeine addict. I am sure most would have assumed because of his personality, he would have been boring and not really into doing anything. But I think this makes him even more interesting. Now, if we can just get Evil hooked on something, or maybe Crack back on drugs LOL!

  28. Pickles

    i think maybe tanked is sober ’cause we haven’t seen him with a beer for a while now
    maybe he’s just a social drinker and only drinks when he’s around the other bears

  29. rajak

    Dooom Cat is so sweet. the whole comic is so sweet and funny.

  30. King Todo

    Triple Ven–


  31. £Ø§Ð

    I Would Totaly Buy a Doom Stuffed Animal.

  32. Bosn_C_Otter

    oh my god, poor Tanked! Removing the tape must have hurt bad.

  33. DavinciCoder

    Fortunately Tank was tanked when the tape was removed.

  34. Alexander

    I thought that strip around his head was a bandana or bandage or something… ow… talk about a receding hairline… *rimshot*

  35. admin

    @TJYZ: Happy Birthday to you! I’d love a Dooom plush too…
    @Mickel: Ugh.
    @Valancia Girl: He borrowed it from Crack.
    @phDexter: Thanks!
    @rajak: Thank you!

  36. Alex

    OMFG! Its DOOOM CAT! im in love with your comic and art work. keep up the awesome work =^,^=

  37. Skykitsune

    Poor Death.

  38. Kitsunekage

    Death, Panel 1, remindes me of Evil when something goes right for him……
    Death, Panel 5, remindes me of Crack…..

    I foresee the end of all days………….&%$@!

  39. Kitkat

    Poor Tank has a bald spot from where the tape was :(

  40. Thwaitesy

    Once again Tanked is just so Adorable.

    And Death is hilarious in all his panels LOL

  41. chase

    I had to come back to this page to say how SO ADORABLE Tanked is with Cracked’s Dooomcat plushie.

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