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February 5th, 2010

Page 146

Poor Crack… I’ve been trying to stay away from microwavable processed food but it’s just so easy and so fast and I’m addicted to those pizza pocket thingys. ┬áThey can make a bit of a mess in the microwave though… just not that bad :D

Bonus comic: Cave Pat page 4


  1. Monkeymoo

    Updating on fridays again? :3

  2. PadawanSerry

    Death’s powers are so great it makes the microwave that it vanished. Is it a good idea to microwave things with Death around? Nope, Bad Idea.

  3. Sora A.K.

    AURA OF DOOM! *cough* Um, I dunno… And I really like the panel where Prozac is getting zapped for some reason.

    Microwaves scare me too, Cracked. When I was little my big brother told me my brain would melt if I looked into one while it was cooking, and I’ve been terrified of that happening ever since.

  4. budle

    good thing I don’t have microwave and experience having one my self…. :(

    But, coffee addiction gave him bad mood? what’s with the aura? :o

  5. MrGiggles

    the mighty aura of Death cannot be diminished, but can be strengthened by coffee!!

  6. hehe

    death casts aura of impending doom

  7. YemYem

    Caffeine withdrawal much? o.O

  8. Hex

    Wonder what death is like angry (Grumpy) hmmm can’t wait to see LOL him and evil great buddies

  9. Libby Rust

    LMAO! He made Tanked barf. Awesome.

    Also, I make some awesome microwaved spaghetti! No, seriously. Noodles and all. With fresh sliced button mushrooms and Asiago and Mozzarella cheese. Mmm. :9

  10. Andpet

    The dreaded ‘coffee-hangover’ takes over Death! And like Crack I’ve been witness to the horrors of microwaves. (NEVER put metal in that thing)

    P.S. I love those pizza pockets too, they’re almost as addictive as the coffee!

  11. Gothric

    he he, the coffee has set death bears power on overdrive, so his mood and power radiates out. not good. but funny.

  12. Xuncu

    Awh, DoomKitty fall down…

  13. CatzCralde

    I use the toaster oven when it comes to stuff like pizza pops, it has never failed me since. :D

  14. niateppelin

    Well, that mess could have been prevented by using those microwave cover-thingies. Those are awesome!

    But LOL, making Tanked barf. Now THAT’s one awesome ability :D

  15. Bosn_C_Otter

    HARK? That is so gross! Hark! my God just thinking about it makes me want to Hark.

  16. Kaos

    Poor the bears.. now Death Bear should get a name change.. into Chaos bear. xD

  17. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    Horray for Friday updates! I kinda expected Death to tear Tanked’s doll to shreds. You know, if Death (as he is) combined with Sloth Bear, they would create Garfield bear!

  18. coffee is like crack

    nappa :cilc what does the scouter say about his withdrawl level?
    nappa : what nine thousand? theres no way that can be right

  19. Alexander

    Woo for short circuiting Death! I’ve always had a mild love for characters that flip like Death has. Going from quiet and withdrawn to… uh… quiet with withdrawls?

  20. Nicole

    Holy crap! Death in panel 4…run away!! Fear the aura of caffienated Death!

    There is SO much to love about this comic! I adore Crack with his burrito and shiny-eyed Nerd helping him along. Crack’s even shiny-eyed in his own way. So cute. As usual, all the expressions are so good.

    Thanks for the Friday update, Alison! :) What a treat!

  21. Turnish

    I love where this comic is going. The characters are pretty entertaining on their own, and rarely need to rely on external circumstances to keep readers hooked- a rare feat!

    Alison, I love that you’ve decided to post every other Friday as well, but don’t wear yourself out for us, kay? ;) If you need a break, then take one. To be completely selfish, I’d rather see fewer updates and have the comic go on longer, if that makes sense :P

    Brown-nosing aside, Cracked in panel 10 is PRECIOUS. I dunno why. D:

  22. Fan of Death

    Looks like someone needs some caffeine.

    P.S. Is there going to be anything that Crack ISN’T scared to death of?

  23. Ketira

    Eeeee….. my mom is about like that but *before* her morning cup of coffee!
    As for microwaving things — only mess I’ve seen come as close to the comic is a potato exploding. (Mom forgot to puncture the darn thing, and found out just *why* one does that before heating it!) And yes, it was one of those “baking” potatoes you find in the grocery store….

  24. Nicole

    @Turnish: I totally agree about Crack in panel 10. Just want to hug him!

  25. allaze-eroler


    i use my breakfast in microwave XD

  26. Turnish

    @Fan of Death: remember, though, he’s not scared of bread. Cause it’s safe and not swollen and pink and filled with horrible bacteria ;)

    @Nicole: FFFF I know!! It makes me want to make a Cracked plushie!

  27. Icantseethesun!

    Oh wait nerd got his glasses back

  28. Kitsunekage

    Comgradulationa! Death has evolved into Apocolipto!!
    Death looks so pissed *whimper*

  29. zombiematt

    lol deaths my fav, not to nagg but they sometimes look like cats

  30. Zermel

    will it blend?

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