Page 147
February 8th, 2010

Page 147

And now poor Gay, Death is just wracking havoc today :)  I believe I have an iron somewhere, but I never use it.  I go out wrinkly or I persuade Jimmy to iron for me… they make me a bit nervous.

Backtrack if you missed last Friday’s bonus update, next Friday update will be on the 19th!

Bonus comic: Cave Pat page 5


  1. Ch1pM0nkey

    gay is now fire prone

  2. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    Great, now Crack is afraid of microwaves and burritoes. Poor thing.
    Gay’s incident reminds me of a certain Zits strip “I think it looked better in-ironed”
    Shouldn’t the update schedual be Monday (shudder)–>Friday–>Wendsday–>Monday?

  3. hehe

    1. topwebcomix is down
    2. Gay is now a “flaming” gay, *joke*

  4. christina

    Lol does every bear have their own credit card. can’t wait to see confrontation with death and prozac

  5. Libby Rust

    Annnnd now he’s made Crack pass out. WoOt!

  6. frogger

    …Where do they keep getting the credit cards?

  7. Randomdudewholeavesbadcomments

    Bad Gay bear, no credit cards! And lol, Nerd starting licking himself. I’d probably do the same thing then roll Crack over with my foot so he didn’t suffocate

  8. Sora A.K.

    Nerd looks cute with his glasses unsee-throughable; reminds me a bit of those Japanese characters whose glasses are always fogged up for no reason.

    The random (and adorable) lack of fingers in a few panels made me think of myself. For the longest time I’ve always drawn characters without fingers but recently I’ve been trying to draw them with fingers… Really tiny stubby fingers, but still fingers. It’s a start.

  9. poco

    Hahaha! How many credit cards has Prozac confiscated now?

    I also have an iron somewhere, but I either take my clothes to the cleaners or go out looking like I slept in them. XD

  10. Alicia

    Wow, Death bear is on a rampage! Why does he seem so angry? He seems like his is crashing hard LOL. I wonder who will be effected next by Death’s rampage? Bet it’s Evil :D

  11. Shen

    XD Awesome reaction from Nerd… and Prozac’s facepalm is just perfect. Can’t wait until he notices Death’s the one causing the ‘bad luck’ streaks XD

  12. phDexter

    You shouldn’t work so hard Prozac… The won’t give their habits (such as stealing someone else Credit card) up.
    And who’s gonna help Crack? He had a heart-attack!!! C’mon, guys help him!

  13. Nicole

    Cashmere? Holy cats, I’m suprised Gay didn’t have an aneurism. Love his chibi arms! :D

    Hoo boy…havoc still to wreak on Lech, Gimp and Evil…although Prozac is pretty hot on Death’s heels. This is so good.

  14. Glowworm

    MORE identity theft?

  15. Zelly

    3rd panel cracks me up haha….

  16. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    I think I have a pretty good idea where Gimpy bear gets his stuff.

  17. gridsleep

    “wreaking” havoc

    still a great comic, as always

  18. gridsleep

    I missed the earlier Cave Pat comics, and even if I go back and vote on the appropriate date, it only shows the latest page. Do you have them listed in order somewhere or am I just a loser at the game of chance?

  19. Xuncu

    Heh heh… so how many of the bears are felons now?
    Nerd and Gay: Credic Card Fraud
    Evil: Kidnapping, attempted homicide, attempted infant/childcide, arson, destruction of public and private property
    Tanked: Breaking and entering
    Hell, everyone except Prozac for theft of Schedual II medications…

  20. SIX

    poor cracked.

  21. BiteSizeSamurai

    So, nothing to do with the comic, but I’m pretty sure I saw Gay’s human counterpart today. Not sure if he was gay, but he sure as hell had the EXACT same hairstyle.

  22. admin

    @gridsleep: No worries, I’ll post those pages again in the nearish future… I’m working on fleshing out more of that comic for eventual web pub.
    @BiteSizeSamurai: Awesome! :)

  23. Alex

    Hahaha! I just noticed Nerds tongue in Panel 3. Clearly Crack suffering cardiac arrest isn’t much to stop him from sampling the disaster of a burrito he’s covered in.

  24. The Nails

    Has anyone heard of the person masquerading as “Death Bear” in Brooklyn? Link to

  25. Luke McKay

    Just discovered your webcomic and art pages of yourself and your husband the other day. Amazing work. I especially liked the comic. I read them all.

    Also, you are Canadian as well? Hello from Vancouver. :) maybe I’ll get to see you at a comic or anime con or something someday. Do you guys do those?

  26. Puffles

    Ah poor Gay…..he just can’t stay away from them online shopping sites

  27. gokol

    Gay: Flame on!

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