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February 15th, 2010

Page 148

I had fun with this page, I really like panel 1 for some reason.  I wish I had better first aid knowledge but I do know it’s a tad dangerous to shock a heart in a normal rhythm.  But are bear hearts similar enough to humans??

Bonus comic: Cave Pat page 6


  1. Martino

    It took me a while to get Evil’s joke (there was one wasn’t there?) but it was well worth it. This might be one of my favorite chapters.

  2. phDexter

    Oooooh… Tanked so… cute and gross (a little).
    And yeah, where Gimp put those things?

  3. Jim

    Yeah, disturbing the rhythm of any animal’s heart is probably going to lead to bad things, depending on how hard the shock was.

  4. hehe

    1. aww, I wanted to see lech get owned by death
    2. Yay! Gimp bear is back!

  5. Meloa

    I Love Gimp Bear, he is the sweetest out of all of them. also evil is right i don’t want to know where he keeps those.

  6. Kitten

    I LOVE Gimp’s face in the third panel. Such sarcasm/”really..?”

  7. phDexter

    Yeah! I was the first one. That’s mean, that you upload when it’s 6 o’clock am in Hungary.

  8. Saddust

    Crack Bear really reminds me to some children screaming as long as ones don’t care about ’em ! I had a cousin like that… And I love Tanked’s Valentine picture ! But I sooo much like Tanked…

  9. phDexter

    Last comment today: if every foreign thing has been forbidden by Prozac, why Gimp still has his cloth and other stuff?

  10. Lissy

    If Death defibrillated Lech, then Lech should be just fine. Fibrillation is when your heart stops contract as a unit and becomes about as effecient as a bag full of mad worms. Defibrillation is when you send a shock through the heart to overload and wipe clean the conflicting electrical impulses, then hope that the heart resumes beating with its own pacemaker.

    (Woot, med student nerd here, don’t mind me)

  11. Green

    lol, Deaths face in 2nd last panel

  12. Your Obedient Serpent

    Luckily, there’s a blog by an MD that has an EXTENSIVE section about common mistakes in medical scenes in comic books and on TV:

  13. Kurobara

    Haha, I loved Gimp’s face on panel three. It just screams “Oh, shut up.”

  14. admin

    @ Martino: Thanks!
    @phDexter: Then Gimp would be naked!!
    @Lissy and YOS: Thanks for the medical knowledge guys! I’ll fix that for the print version for sure, and cool site!

  15. Sora A.K.

    I was going to point you towards Polite Dissent, but someone else already did. XD It’s a great site.

    Omigosh Tanked’s tail… In panel two it looks kind of like the tail of Sanrio’s Cinnamon Roll character! Ahh, so cute…

    And did Crack move to the kitchen doorway to scream *just* so the others would hear him? XD

  16. Glowworm

    Loved how excited Evil sounded when he told Prozac what happened! XD

  17. Jakethelastninja

    I like Tanked bear V-day card! :D

  18. Bamith

    All i know from what has happened so far, no bear should have the power to blow things up with his mind… they would get my honey far to easily >_>
    who agrees what i said was random but made sense~?

  19. Almoray

    I love how none of the bears think to close his mouth. :)

  20. String Petoun Ping

    @Admin: I don’t see the problem about Gimp bear being naked. All the other bears are usually naked.

  21. phDexter

    @Admin: admit it: you just don’t want to draw him.
    But it’s actually awesome, how much expression he can make with that mask on his face. Well done!

  22. phDexter

    Also, is it me or Tanked really looks clever and steady. Is his emergency stock out of beer and other drinks?

  23. Kuro

    Yay! Gimp is back! If you ask me, he should be the first aid bear. And in the second to the last panel… is it just me or does Tanked actually look normal?

  24. Nicole

    He wouldn’t be Gimp without his garb. ;) And he’s not a troublemaker like the others.

    Crack’s losing his mind! And I love everyone’s expression changes while he’s screaming. Poor green bear.

  25. Formless

    I find Crack bear screaming in the background very cute. xD

  26. Kimo

    There seems to be a lot of enthusiasm coming from Evil in that 5th panel.

  27. pon

    Prozac can’t take the leather gear away, they’re symbolic of Gimp’s loving nature. His willingness to give of himself for the happiness of others even if he suffers in the process; also that he likes it when you slap his ass a little but damnit people have needs.

  28. Sloth

    The ‘medical mistake’ could easily be excused off on the fact that..

    It’s a bear. A bear with no PHD or MD. A bear describing what he thought happened to Lech, or in other cases, what he HOPED happened to Lech. XD

    Don’t see a need to change it for the print version. :)

  29. Porst

    Previously it was Crack’s left eye that had been blue… in this it’s his right eye… does it just change randomly and i didn’t notice?

  30. Jessica (Das Pope)

    I love Prosac’s face in the 4th panel lol

  31. Bamith

    also i just noticed… shouldnt gimp have an earring on his ear in panel 2 like in panels 3 and 4? although the earring is seen on both ears… im confused…

  32. Sloth

    Those aren’t earrings, it’s the stethoscope earpieces.

  33. Skykitsune

    I love panel 5…

  34. NicoleyBean

    I really love pannels 7 and 9 Crack is my favorite bear.

  35. Kitsunekage

    Damn….Death has officaly beaten out all the other bears now as my favourite….

    ….Wait. What does that say about me? *Shudders*

  36. Solario the Visored

    Yay, Gimpy! You just can’t beat his…knowledge…of the body…..

  37. Solario the Visored

    Yay, Gimpy! You just can’t beat his…knowledge…of the body…..

    @Kitsunekage: It just means you favor death over evil! It’s a good thing! :3

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