Page 149
February 19th, 2010

Page 149

Such an ominous page… The only problem with making things dark is I never know how they’re going to print. ¬†And poor Prozac now :)

Bonus comic: Cave Pat page 7


  1. PadawanSerry

    I see Crack was too freaked to even show up. Who can blame him?

  2. David (:

    Love panel 2 (:

  3. cmo28air

    Proozaac!! awww.. poor thing.. this is gonna hurt >>

  4. Kaos

    … Now Death Bear is scary. O.o

  5. hehe

    panel 7, cue golum

  6. budle

    I’m soooo wanna hug him!!! Not to mention the risk of being death… :P

  7. kookaburra8su

    Coffee does that to people.

  8. CatzCradle

    I love how you shaded their eyes in the dark, very beautiful!

  9. gothric

    um, he’s thirsty lol

  10. Saddust

    Death’s cave is decorated in a very… deprived style ! And I confirm, great shading/colouring job. Btw, I’m thirsty too, let’s get a booze ! (^v^)

  11. phDexter

    Run away! The beast is unleashed!
    This would make a good horror movie: “Night of the living bear addicted to coffee”. It sells itself!

  12. Hex

    Finish him

  13. Nicole

    Love the gleam on their eyes in the dark.

    Oh, man…Prozac’s gonna die! Bravest bear EVAR!

    Cave Pat’s so cute, too! “But you woman. HARHARAHRAHARHAR!” Gotta love the neaderthals.

  14. Sora A.K.

    Oh no! Poor Prozac…

    And I didn’t question where the microwave was plugged in so I’m not going to question the light… XD

    I love how mom-like Prozac is. “When was the last time you slept?” with that look… He was concerned about Death not getting enough sleep earlier in the storyline too, I think that’s neat for some reason.

  15. Fan of Death

    I can relate to Death in this one, I’m really cranky before I get my coffee :P

  16. Porst

    I’d like to see Death vs. Prozac… could be interesting… or very short… or both…

  17. Ketira

    What I like is even Evil knows not to mess with Death. I hope Prozac’s going to be okay….. *sweatdrop*

  18. Ketira

    OT: grrr… I *do* have a Gravatar avatar, but why won’t it show up here? (Hm, maybe it’s time to ask my next eldest bro, the Zen nomad {} ….. )

  19. Anonymoose

    And thus ended the run of Prozac. Without him the bears descended into chaos, the exhibit was shut down, and Disney bought them for the new Lion King sequel~

  20. phDexter

    I just remember now! Death is like the whipping angels from Doctor who. When you didn’t watch them, they came closer and freaked you out.
    I actually hear his voice now… and it’s creepy.

  21. Squival

    Hmm I’d give death a hug (a cure that costs nothing!) but I think he’d fry me

  22. Topazert

    Quite frankly I’m wondering whats going to happen next. What with Prozac’s more human mind knocked out,whats stopping his beastial side from playing ragdoll with Death’s body?

  23. digitalrie

    More! More!))

  24. Kamino Neko

    Proof that coffee is a dangerous substance. >_>

  25. Suzu

    xD this is awesome! i love Death Bear! oooh i see crack now xD right behind Evil you can see a tiny bit of bright green above his ear I guess thats Crack xD

  26. Kitsunekage

    To quote the Grunts from Halo…. RUN! RUN AWAY!! THE DEMON IS HERE!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh….. *runs off into the distance*

  27. Solario the Visored

    Okay, since noone else has said it, and it has to be said…


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