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May 8th, 2023

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Loved your dessert suggestions from last week, the rice crispy cake pops idea was awesome, we’ll have to try that sometime. We went easy with cookies and blondies, the lemon brownies “sold out” first. The kids all manned their own table in the gym and bartered baked goods for tickets (so none of them had to handle money). They talked about the brownies going first but then Austin beds them had cooler looking cookies than ours which was annoying cause he got all the traffic and then finally they were gone and Evan was like awesome! OUR TURN and they moved the rest of their cookies. I had many nostalgic thoughts of our times long ago manning artist alley tables when we still had time for cons lol. Some of that I miss :)


Derp and Dork wheeled around in confusion and Sara got her opening. She locked them down quickly and watched with relief as their eyes glazed over purple and their arms slowly lowered. Murder buffeted them about their unprotected, stupid heads and Sara was slow to pull him off.

Cara stared around wildly. “Where’s Steven?!”

Sara blinked. Her head was throbbing and all the honking wasn’t helping. She held her arms out to Murder and hoped he’d come to her. Her head felt loopy and detached and she didn’t want to risk trying to compel him. Fortunately, he seemed more than happy to settle in her arms and lay his creepy snake neck against hers. She eyed him sidelong. His eyes didn’t seem very purple.

Cara grabbed her arm and spun her so they were face to face. She was talking loud and slow and Sara stared at her in confusion. Then her ears popped and sound returned. Cara was using that hissing, angry voice she used when she was really mad and trying not to be overheard. There was a heavy panting noise in tandem from behind and the goose in her arms started quietly snoring.


  1. murphy

    That is a good question where is steven… he’s dumb but he went crazy after lost arm.

  2. Todd Maccarone

    I don’t like this- Sara’s power isn’t working perfectly, there’s a murder goose in her arms… And Steven is oddly absent. Also, the other polar bears focusing again isn’t helping matters at all!

  3. NotAnotherZeroFan

    …Aaaaand this does not look good. The girls need to get out of there asap.

  4. Cam

    @Alison: glad you liked the rice krispy treat idea! If you make some, you should share how they came out! I’d love to see how the twins decorate theirs!

    Poor Sara, seems like keeping her powers up is causing her body a lot of stress, she’s even getting a nosebleed it looks like. Steven always seemed like the calmer one of the group, I’m kind of hoping he’s secretly more sophisticated than the other two and acts nice to the girls and helps them out. Probably wishful thinking, but still.

  5. T-Shaw

    Ohhh crap….
    Where’s the other big guy?

  6. Nicole

    They won’t remember this right? RIGHT??

  7. NotAnotherZeroFan

    @Cam: Steven also seemed the dimmest of the three. I mean, he was literally defeated (at least for a little bit) by Lech ripping his sock “arm” off (

  8. Cam

    @NotAnotherZeroFan: I think that was more a mixture of phantom limb syndrome and trauma than him being dim. But it’s possible the girls could end up tricking him to get what they need and escaping. I’m still hoping he’s secretly a nice guy though. Steven’s my favorite of the polars.

  9. NotAnotherZeroFan

    @Cam: True, that’s a possibility, but something about him seems a l’il derpy. There is also the possibility that he fell into the wrong crowd (only polar bears we’ve seen are Steven and the other two, so it can’t really be gauged that all polars are like this).

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