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June 14th, 2021

Page 790

Early on I was able to plan arcs with a bit of real world meaning, like having a Christmas arc actually land on Christmas :) I haven’t been able to accomplish that kind of thing in awhile, my capacity for forethought is much diminished (along with my aging mom brain cells) but last month’s ‘Kong vs Godzilla’ release happily coincided (kinda) with the emergence of 2 new beast modes to rival Pro-Hulk, and the final evolution of Glech happens to land on Pride month, not planned but fun all the same :)
And if you had ‘read a comic with a line like “That’s my emergency dildo!!”‘ on your bingo card, then here you go.


  1. Nila Foxy

    *puts on helmet* Here come the Glech shipppers!!

  2. kitty


  3. Nila Foxy

    (Daaaaamn.. Guess Gay did like Lech like that, even a little?)
    *sees last panel* Oh shit— 3.. 2.. 1..

  4. Kayden

    Well, these last few strips have been…unexepected…but not unwelcome.

  5. T-Shaw

    Really Gay? Glech confirmed!

  6. Vausch

    Welp, guess this is one way to easily remember your first kiss.

  7. NotSureAboutThisOne

    I usually really like this comic, but I’m not so sure about this homophobic joke at the expense of gay people.

    I realize that this might make sense “in character” and in the context of them being walking stereotypes dialed up to eleven, but at the end of the day, it’s still a joke about gay people being gross and gay kisses are so repulsive they make you puke.

    This just really doesn’t sit well with me, personally.

  8. PlayingPossum

    I don’t think Murphy will be preparred for what is going to happen he might die of shock

  9. rugibess

    It’s happened, it’s canon, yesss.

  10. S.L

    I’ve waited thirteen years and seven hundred comments of will it happen for this, and it’s all worth it!


    After all the pages teasing Glech and it finally happened. I know the kiss is the big thing here, but I just LOVE Evil’s smug face in the bottom panel.

  12. Nicole

    Is it confirmed, tho…;) That last panel begs the question. :D

    Enjoy it, Gletch shippers! <3 Happy Pride!

  13. Anon

    Aww, poor Gay’s unrequited love. Or maybe Lech is puking because his roasted fur REEKS. Also because he almost died.

  14. dakaggo

    @NotSureAboutThisOne Pretty sure he’s puking because he literally just got hit by lightning and almost dies. Characters puke in this comic for far less. Besides that I don’t think Alison would do that when she knows a significant number of fans want the two of them together. She’s even drawn commissions of them together.

    Anyway… taking this as confirmed! Maybe there will be a few bumps in the road over the next Arc but things are definitely ramping up. Panel 10 and 11 are so cute!


    @dakago That was what I thought. My mind never went to “gay kiss = gross” Also, I know a lot of people are saying “glech is canon now,” but all that’s canon is Gay has feelings for Lech.

  16. Todd Maccarone

    Well, at least Lech is okay… But I’d wager Gay won’t be after Lech cleans out his system, so to speak.

  17. gridsleep

    Great googly moogly.

  18. Ana

    Can I have a word about this?
    But before anything, I’m not homophobic. Love is love. So my confusion here has absolutely nothing to do with the gay stuff. Why I’m saying this? Because people can excessively get offended over different thoughts specially in this delicate topic so there.

    Anyway what confuses me is how Gay EVEN LIKES Lech that way.

    They’re always catfighting. Seems for me very toxic and not the ideal relationship of roomates, let alone lovers. Gay always disaproves Lech’s antics and vice versa. He hates his lack of hygiene, cockiness, arrogance and one-track mind. So


    Of course I’m missing the point that’s why I’m talking about it here. In order to at least understand how that happened.

    Also Lech is a womanizer. Not a good sign for Gay’s crush here.

  19. rugibess

    @Ana I mean there has been some casual signs that they had been getting friendlier with one another, and their fights had lessened as of late. It was pretty obvious to me that they were at least getting along better, and Allison has been teasing us in the comments since like their first fight. And some of the gay dudes, including myself, I know are into the more macho dudes, to an extent, so It’s not all that baffling a thought. I don’t know quite where this new relationship is going to go from here, but there is a lot off possibilities. Lech might be somewhat in denial after the adrenaline calms down, or just say fuck it, who knows, there is potential for some conflict tho.

  20. rugibess

    Your giving me some bad vibes, as others have stated that’s most definitely not what Allison is going for.

  21. Murphy

    I was waiting for this! Yeeeeeessss!
    also I feel like this is leaning towards these two’s backstory!

  22. Murphy

    This, this is why i said you guys weren’t ready!
    My heart soars, the ship Sails…possibly!

  23. Klaus

    Me and my Fellow Glech Fans:

  24. NotSureAboutThisOne

    To be clear, I’m absolutely not saying that the author is not a good person with good intentions, or that this isn’t a good comic. Being critical of an aspect of someone’s creation is not an attack on the creator or their body of work.

    What I am saying, though, is that I think this page might be a bit questionable – whether intentionally or not.

    Now, it could very well be that this wasn’t what the artist was going for. However, the way this is framed – like it being the last panel of this page without much extra context – it seems to me that him about to throw up is just this page’s punchline. If it truly isn’t what’s going on, it sure can still be interpreted that way. Like, if he’s going to puke for another reason, shouldn’t it be part of the next page with more context?

    In the end, let’s be honest, this page probably would’ve worked just as well – maybe even better – without the puking part.

    I’m just not sure that validating homophobic viewpoints is very productive and – as someone who is homoromantic – I might be a little bit disappointed to be ostensibly portrayed as gross and revolting.

  25. lou

    @NotSureAboutThisOne I understand where you’re coming from and I’m sorry you feel this way, but I’m certain that’s not the artist’s intention at all. I’d wait a strip or two more before passing judgement. I mean if you look at the artist’s meta commentary on the site alone, she’s not exactly the “haha gay people” kind of person. Comics are meant to be read in succession, and sometimes pages don’t work so well on their own. This could easily turn out to be a subversion of the prejudice that you’re objecting here.

  26. StoticM

    What a pleasant surprise. This arc has been extremely eventful.

  27. Taila Blu

    @NotSureAboutThisOne He’s blushing in the panel before he pukes, so I do think Alison is just having him puke TO puke. Not because he’s revolted by it. He very much so enjoyed it, else the blushing wouldn’t have happened, I think? I do get your concern and think it is valid, but that’s just my take. He liked the kiss, but he also almost died.

  28. Nila Foxy

    … Are you finished?
    Stop thinking about this TOO much, & just enjoy it.

  29. MicaXIII


  30. MicaXIII

    @NotSureAboutThisOne to be fair, I’d puke if I survived getting hit by lightning.

    and this whole chapter has kinda built up the two’s relationship being much better than it’s ever been in previous chapters, so it wouldn’t rly make sense for Lech to be repulsed by the kiss.

    feels more like the joke is “lol romantic moment ruined by a dash of realism”

  31. grape.lys

    Woooahh, happily surprised!! I notice and love how all the little hints about Glech slowly ramped up to this moment, sort of like an enemies-to-lovers trope. I’m appreciative of it especially during Pride month.

    Thank you, Alison :) I should probably start carrying around an emergency dildo too…

  32. vacadude

    @NotSureAboutThisOne as a gay man, and, as someone who has had received a puke filled kissed, I find the punchline completely hilarious.

    Nothing like reacting like “oh Gay, been there, I get you bro”

  33. Anonymous

    To be fair, Lech WAS kissed without his consent, which would be uncomfortable regardless of sexuality. And I’m LGBT myself(Aromantic and asexual).

  34. Mr Holiday

    I’m just wondering if it’s a little on the nose that it’s pride month and they setting this up, or that people kinda overlook that bromances do exist, and Lech is the kinda type to have a bromance with a BFF.
    Still though, Gay is a absolutely melodramatic and this fits in perfectly xD

  35. Cloudy

    Been following this comic for 10+ years now, and I must say– this was completely unexpected, my jaw dropped so much, on top of the biggest grin ever that I damn near gave myself lock jaw.

    This is too heartwarming, wholesome, and just the absolute best fanservice. I can’t wait to see what comes of this for the future of our ‘happy bear family’!

  36. kitty

    sigh. @ the people pissed about the puking & saying lech doesn’t like the kiss… he clearly does? he’s blushing, has cupped gay’s cheek, & his little feet twitched in excitement. it’s clear he likes the kiss smh. i’m sure alison added the puking for humor because every sweet moment between them always somehow ends with puke, it’s like a running gag. reread the comics guys lol

  37. Chasey

    Pretty sure Lech isn’t puking because of the kiss, just wait for the next page, jeez.
    He’s *probably* puking because he’s suddenly conscious of whatever amount of bodily trauma/concussions/terrible pain and wounds he has sustained.
    Anyway, I kept thinking “HAS to be a dream” when I read this one, however, seeing Evil there and watching makes me think it’s not a dream, ha.

  38. Kayden

    @NotSureAboutThisOne I’m not sure that Lech is puking because he’s getting kissed by Gay. If anything, I think Gay would only openly kiss him like this if they’ve had a secret relationship for a while now. Which would be why Lech clearly leans into the kiss – it’s a familiar sensation. It’s also why Lech was able to make this crazy plan of his to begin with; he knew fully well what was in those vest pockets, and clearly didn’t want to draw attention to it.

    Ergo, secret relationship. Speaking of which, Evil’s smile at the end is one of a person’s suspicions being confirmed.

    That said, Lech is probably retching because, while he was able to avoid death, he’s probably still sustained massive injuries. At least, I certainly hope that’s the reason. To go back to the status quo after all of this would be very sad to see, IMHO.

  39. Jkings

    I… was not prepared for this!?
    I work in multiple kitchens for hours on end, have to deal with a staff the rotates every few month, crappy customers and even worse bosses that will treat you like crap every chance they get. But this… this completely destroyed years of negativity in one glorious moment of laughter, happiness and joy. This has made my day and Year. I really needed a suprise.

  40. matti


  41. Tjimmy1999

    You all say this relationship started 13 years ago. But you are all wrong because that started 11 years by the author no less.

    Strange, isn’t it?

  42. kitty

    @Tjimmy1999 ppl shipped before that part

  43. Hake Feretto

    I’m not gay or other but for those than seem upset by the last pannel, I had look better at the one just before if I was you…. We see a romantic kiss than seem make everyone happy in the pannel and a second one than confirm the suspicion of a certain white bear however the next pannel suddently insist on the back of Lech’s head full of blood and injury and a red BG color is not here for nothing.

    Clearly this pannel is here for show the emergency of the situation for Lech than is badly hurted, show he have bad injury than probably make him suffer and will let scar on his boddy. And the last pannel is just showing these injuries are impacting the romantic-stuff…Lech puke for pain-reason and also the fact he almost die here. I wouldlike see any of you’s faces after have take a lightning on your boddy like Lech here > 3>….

    On my point of view I just think Lech dreamed he was in heaven (the kiss pannel’s blurring side look like the moment is not real) but his hurted boddy just make him come-back at the suden pain and reality what cause this puke at the end, for me the pannel just before this last and the main emergency of the situation is what cause this result at the end and not a “Heeew I kissed a man, yuck its disgusting!!” reason UwU.

  44. N30N

    First comment! Im so happy these two finally kissed, Ive been waiting for this ever since I discovered this webcomic :D

    Also about Lech puking since everyone is arguing about it, hes obviously not puking from the kiss due to the fact hes blushing and pulls Gay closer. Hes probably sick from his injuries or the smell of burnt fur, Ive never smelt it but from what Ive heard people say its not a very pleasant smell! Hopefully Lech pushes Gay out the way, I dont think he’d be happy about getting thrown up on ;^^

  45. Treascair

    Awwwwwwwwwww! Seriously, hoping for a lot of cuteness now that THAT particular ship is confirmed!

    … they really do make a cute couple <3

  46. Bri


    I’M SO ELATED <3

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