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June 25th, 2010

Page 184

Oh Glech, your silly interactions aren’t fooling anyone (they’ve sucumbed to the celebrity couple name mashing)… are they or aren’t they??  I think with nine males stuck together there’s probably a lot of unrequited love!  Or they just turn the sexual tension into violence re. the previous comic :)

We like to tease my army brother about this as he probably knows a bit about an all male (or mostly male) dynamic.  That’s an awful lot of young, buff guys showering together… and there’s no alcohol allowed where he’s stationed so what do they do all day??  Video games apparently.  Leave it to my brother to find a job, even in a war zone, that lets him sit on his ass and play Halo, or whatever.  Is it ironic to be in a war and still want to play war video games?

Too many males!  Here’s a girl!

Today I turn 29… OMG so old. (I know it’s not really old but it’s a terrifying prospect to be leaving my 20s.  It’s almost like re-inventing yourself as that’s what I’ve been for a decade and soon I won’t be anymore.  And I’m a mom, which is another term I’m still not used to using to describe myself… OMG old.)


  1. Vampire

    any one how has to resort to killing stuffed animals if some one destroyed all 90 something of my dolls id have to hammer nails in to there fingers and then cut out there minor organs where they can be still alive , and feed it to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (then go for the major organs)

  2. Julian

    Never posted a comment here but read since #1.
    Two days late but: Happy Birthday! You do a great job!

  3. admin

    @peninmyhair: I think a lot of people are still finding themselves in their 20’s, or re-inventing themselves in their 30’s, but I think I’m okay where I am at least :)
    @SoraAK: If you wrote slash fic for this I might just have to read it
    @Dubael: Thanks for the insight and the hugs!
    @Tigergulp: If only…
    @D.Lord: Thanks! My husband is Greek so he’s happy to hear it :)
    @Nicole: Thank you!
    @Lea: I could use some plastic surgery on my baby belly, ugh.
    @Poco: Happy Bday to you too!
    @Rashen: Thank you!
    @Crystal: Congrats!!!!
    @Lea: Well my husband still hasn’t lost the baby weight :)
    @Ben: Thanks!
    @Bosn_C_Otter: uh, thanks! Very encouraging :)
    @Kay: I’d love to do a children’s book like that “My Two Bear Daddies”
    @Julian: Thank you very much!

  4. maya15

    Happy Belated Birthday, Alison. I just turned 29 myself in April and never thought of this age as old until I reached it. I find myself calling high schoolers “kids” and dismayed by the fact I been carding people that were born when I was in 1st grade who can now legally drink. Of course it doesn’t help my hair turning gray already. The upside of our age is the insight to look back at mistakes of youth and still being young enough to most or less easily change the direction of our lives.
    Btw who is the character in the incentive? She kinda looks like Black Cat.

  5. andpet

    Glech is now an official shipping for this comic. Let’s start the fanart people!

  6. >=[

    My coment might not make the list, but I have to say Im predjudice, I cannot stand, or tolerate Homosexuals. I’m from texas, so that may explain it. However, the comic in general is cool keep up the good work.(but pleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee none of this glech nonsense)

  7. Kitsunekage

    I’ve created a mathmatical formula:

    If the tension of the cave is y, the disasterous outcime is x, then pr0zac-0ff-h1s-m3ds=yx, D3ath-0n-caff1n3=2xy[squared], crack-1n-a-r1ght0us-fury=3(xy)[cubed]. Since we all know that yx less than or equal to 2xy[squared], which is in turn less than or equal to 3(xy)[cubed], then you have already come to this conclusion: Crawl into a hole, and pull it in after you.

    If this comment makes no sence, reread it untill it does. It took forever to figure out how to write it!

  8. Elkian

    OH CRAP, Cracked is mad!

    Kitsune: You forget nErd-w1th-3roKen-m0de7

  9. chase

    This would be exactly me if I found one of my plushies mangled…

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