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June 28th, 2010

Page 185

POSTERS and BUTTONS now available in the store.

Poor Tanked, finally got to watch some wrestling…

Today’s vote incentive is HellEvil :)  I want to do another one like this in color when I get the chance.  I know some of you are sick of Evil and his evil ways, but I just have way too much fun coming up with stuff for him to do to the others… MHWA HA HA.  Not sure what that says about me.



    It must be hard to find a criminal when you live in a rouge’s gallery…

  2. Jim

    So, Evil’s been watching a lot of Jackass, huh?

  3. AccursedBiscuit

    I love the transition of tanked’s face when he hears evil!

  4. Sora A.K.

    Omigosh posters and buttons! They look so great… I want them all…

    Look, Gimpy! He doesn’t show up too much. I can’t wait until he gets to star in a chapter. :3 And Tanked looks SO HAPPY in panel 10 it’s making me really happy too. :D

    QUESTION: The only difference between the normal edition of the book and the Artist Edition is that the Artist Edition comes with a sketch and a sticker, right? Because I’m finally getting around to buying the book and would like to know for sure…

    P.S. I am totally not writing a Bear Nuts slash fic of course not stop looking at me like that okay maybe.

  5. Lody

    lol I agree Tanked looks absolutely euphoric in a panel 10. I mean he’s not even touching his beer.
    I wonder what’s so suspicious about Evil’s Tag?
    and poor dooomy, I neglected to read the previous strip and thus missed out on the vote incentive :(
    but so far this chapter seems like it’s going to be the most interesting :D

  6. Sinister Twist

    Hmm… I’m going to guess that Crack is the one who did it- the plushie looks like it’d been bleached, which sounds like something Crack would do- to toss his plushie into the wash with a dose of bleach to kill off any bad things.

  7. Tyron-E!

    It was nice to see Gay Leech actually getting along in last week’ comic! The planets must’ve been In alignment!
    It looks like Crack is finally gonna “grow a pair”! Judging by what he to Leech the last time,He looks more determined to issue justice to whoever ruined his plushie. I like how the position of the ears match their moods! Gimp? I don’t know what to say about his hobby?!?!? The tag on Evil’s ear does look different.

  8. Alicia

    Gimp is gonna star in Chapter 3? Awesome! I do love Tanked’s face, he looks so funny!

  9. Kurobara

    I wonder why it took Crack so long to come up with the conclusion that Evil did what happened to his toy?
    And yay, Gimp finally gets to be the star!

  10. Kaos

    Evil looks so happy. xD

  11. D.Durand

    Okaaaaaay… Who will be the replacement of Evil ?

  12. Silka

    Uh oh, Mizz Alison, the vote incentive is broke.

  13. Nicole

    Gimp’s eyes in panel 1 are priceless! He must be intensely scrutinizing his paddle for dust.

    Lordy…Evil’s gonna catch it from Crack!

  14. Sam

    Ah…I’m starting to see your secret yearning for criminal activity =P

  15. lt_amazil

    ten bucks says that it’s probably death
    also i love how you made nerd’s face look all serious it makes him look cool

  16. Ang

    Um, where’d Tank’s nose go in the 5th from last panel? o.O

  17. admin

    @Sora: You got it, the artist edition is the same except for the extras (a sketch and sticker of your choice).
    @SinisterTwist: Not a bad theory…
    @Silka: We’re having a problem with our domain right now and Top Web Comics was also down this morning…it just hasn’t been a good internet day for me :( Thankfully the comic is hosted elsewhere!
    @Sam: lol
    @It_amazil: Nerd look cool? That’s pretty rare.
    @Ang: He got so excited it sucked back into his face :)

  18. Ketira

    Oh, is that why the drawing disappeared? –and you aren’t the only one; Enya (yes, the singer)’s webpage is also kaput, so I’m waiting for GoDaddy to bring things back up.

    as for the comic…. ooh, is this going to be the death of Evil or just another wrestling match for the guys?

  19. Akinokaze

    Just found the comic today and read the whole thing, great work here I’ll be sure to buy the book[s] when I have some spare cash.

    I voted for the comic but I don’t understand the incentive thing, no pictures come up through the voting system.

  20. Danwins

    Heh….it says you are just as sick and twisted as the rest of us who DO enjoy Evil’s antics!! He reminds me of someone I know, just doesn’t have quite Evil’s penchant for blood. Practical jokes be damned…he’s drawing BLOOD!

  21. admin

    @Ketira: Yeah, our domain expired on us and they never sent any notice :P
    @Akinokaze: Welcome to BN! My server issues are fixed so you should be able to see it now.
    @Danwins: I’m glad Evil has some fans left… he is a bit of an ass :)

  22. Sora A.K.

    You know I was wondering something so I went back and checked- this is the first time we’ve ever seen Crack’s eyes like how they are in panel 9! Unless of course they’re like that at some point in the bonus chapter in Volume 1, which I will get to see soon. :3

    Anyways, just thought that was neat.

  23. DominicanKing614

    why does Cracked focus on Evil’s tracking tag ? … is it a clue to some mysterious secret Cracked origin story we dont know of yet ?? … TELL ME !!!!! … lol

  24. Animie fan

    I know everyones thinking it, but I’ll voice it. RIP IT OUT! RIP IT OUT! RIP IT OUT! RIP IT OUT! RIP! IT! OOOUT!! lol :twisted:

  25. Bosn_C_Otter

    Poor gimp. Sitting there polishing his paddles and no one to paddle….. Unless… maybe the zoo has a secret Bondage group that he sneaks out and meets with on Tuesday nights. Maybe his Dom is a Gibbon who loves to flog cute bears.

  26. Ms-Luther

    i bet $5 that evil did it

  27. Akinokaze

    @admin: Ah cool, I see it now [too bad I’ve missed sooooo many from the past ^_^

    @DominicanKing614: as a guess I’d say he was experimented on in different ways to Prozack and that he used to have a tag himself.

  28. Nicole

    @Sora A.K.: You’re totally right about Crack’s eyes in panel 9. I don’t think we’ve ever seen the bright shiny eyes on him. He’s really on a mission!

  29. alicia burgess

    Well I like evil bear!

  30. Chiara-Wolf

    lol tanks face in panel ten lmao

  31. Madara Uchiha

    omg Gimp looks so cute in panel 2

  32. lol

    i thought tanked wasn’t allowed on the furniture! D:

  33. iznisha99

    I love the wallpapers there are, and there should be some like the closeups in the 1st, 3rd, and 4th panels. Id greatly appreciate it:):)

  34. Kitkat

    I love how you keep the tag on Evil. Most artist would forget such a small detail…

  35. sneakers

    I like how the Bzzz, continued to his tag.

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