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June 21st, 2010

Page 183

Poor Crack Bear.  Every day must be a horrible one with that personality.  He looks so hopeful in that first panel… and it just goes downhill from there.

All the pages for vol 2 are done and I’m putting the finishing touches on the back cover and other extras, and it has to be laid out, but we should be able to start pre-orders soon.  Or if you’re going to FAN EXPO in Toronto at the end of Aug we should have copies of Vol 2: The Book of Evil there.  I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime the POSTERS and BUTTONS from Anime North are available in the store right now! :)

Continuing my super heroish theme of vote incentives here’s a recent SpiderHenry stamp available for free download at Whiff of Joy’s stamp blog.  I draw a lot of bears and mice these days :)




  2. poco

    Yay! The new book’s almost here!

  3. Meloa

    I just know Evil has something to do with this.

  4. Artis.K

    buttttttttons!!!!! i want yay! bearnuts! me love

  5. J'Dona

    Wow, excellent cover! I can imagine Evil’s glare drawing small, malleable children across a comic book store and swaying them in the way of purchasing and pyromania … or at least after prompting from their parents, who were already enthralled.

  6. Ben

    sad thing is I know a few people like crack that are just that anal.

    now hopefully I’ll have my tax return and be able to see you at fan expo allison! I’ll be sure to bring pocky!

  7. NK_Nutter

    Woohoo can’t wait for volume 2!

  8. Topazert

    That evil never learns. He’s already been cracked on the head by the unlikest of heros. Who knows what cracked could do.

  9. Nico

    Will you have book one as well at Fan Expo? I prefer to buy my books in person when I can rather than online.

  10. D.Durand

    The funny thing is bread is not even so healthy. Better eat meat of fruits when you are a bear…

  11. Kurobara

    Either Evil hasn’t learned or Tanked got into Crack’s room and found a new chew toy…Poor Crack! D=

  12. Catsablanca

    D: Oh noes!

    Looks like Evil’s doing!

    Poor Crack, as if he doesn’t have enough to worry and freak out about. </3

  13. Cloud W Omega

    i am surprised he could even use a knife to cut the crust off…

  14. Maddie

    Crack’s “Constant vigilance” quote….slightly subtle reference to Mad Eye Moody’s quote in Harry Potter?

  15. Lody

    This is gonna be an interesting conspiracy.
    I feel sorry for cracked’s doomcat doll though (it is doomcat right?)

  16. Anaiyah

    First day of sumer and a teddy is dead

  17. maya15

    @Cloud Maybe he tore it off w/ his fingers or use a plastic disposible one.
    That’s a cruel fate for a Doomcat. (ok no puns about a Doomed Cat)

  18. Nicole

    Doomcat!!! Nooooes!!!

  19. lt_amazil

    YAY A BOOK OF EVIL and to think a comic that went so far in the world-wide-web (wonder who still remembers) and was predicted to end soon i’m glad it didn’t =]

  20. Thorne

    Awww I love the cover!! makes me want a liuttle Evil bear of my very own…


  21. JR Tyner

    Will you be doing pre-order sketches again!?

  22. admin

    @J’Dona: Thanks! I have turned a few parents away at cons when I explain the target age range… just because they’re cartoony doesn’t make them kid friendly…
    @Ben: Tax return you say? I’ve been paying for the last 5 years :(
    @Nico: Definitely, and I know what you mean!
    @Maddie: Not specifically, I didn’t even think of that until you mentioned it. I liked that character :(
    @Lody: Yep, that’s Dooom our studio mascot.
    @JR Tyner: For sure, though the sketch editions will always be available. The advantage of pre-ordering was a free sticker no matter which edition you order.

  23. Shirtless Bum

    O.o I just started reading this web comic and I have to say it’s funny dark wonderful and crazy all at the same time Dam your good. BTW if your wondering about the name it’s because I rarely were a shirt and my friends say I look like a Bum when I don’t, “pants are optional to” :D

  24. BoredStiffy

    T.M.I. Shirtless…

    Also the first time I read your name I left out the R. Which made your name slightly more interesting.

  25. machchunk

    I had better see Nerd’s head in medical wrapping

  26. Sarita

    Says in that article that many captive Polar Bears go crazy and some are given Prozac. These guys aren’t Polar Bears, but I thought of this comic instantly. |D

  27. Liar-Fyre

    Constant vigilance, is that a Harry Potter reference, or am I just overthinking? XD

  28. Michelle

    I think Cracked is kinda cute. xD

  29. monkey

    This is SO FUNNY! omg its actually funny unlike the crap thats on now adays i shoudlent be reading this i think im 13 and i hope my parents dont find out, but good job:D

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