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June 18th, 2010

Page 182

And Prozac shows up for the rescue, though perhaps he’s a little too late this time.  He was probably standing around the corner waiting for them to do each other in.  There will be peace and quiet in the bear’s den for at least one night… or they can all become coma bears and it will last for awhile.  We just went through purchasing life and critical illness insurance as apparently that’s something you do when you grow up and have a baby and aren’t invincible anymore.  It’s kind of morbid going over the options of what’s covered and how.  For instance, if Jim loses one limb (doesn’t matter which) no CI payout.  But two limbs?  It’s party time.  If he gets cancer and lives for at least 30 days, money!  And then after he dies, more money!  And if we both go in a fiery crash, Sammy’s rich!

Not quite invincible but kind of rich is Batbear (some sketches of Death in costume from the vol 1 artist edition books)


  1. Recca

    So damn funny haha, poor Tank gets the blame!

  2. Artis.K

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow poor tankie wankie! hahahahahahaha

  3. Ben

    Now I can’t wait for what happens when they regain conciousness!

  4. Delakando

    Awww thats so cruel. Tanky won fair and square!

  5. Likeacupcake

    So cruel; Tanked had to put up with all of that, then he doesn’t even get to watch his show.

    Just to let you know, I look forward to Mondays for more BN, and BN gives me the strength to reach Friday =)

  6. shadowwalker

    awwww poor Tanked! and yes i actually said awwww when i saw what Prozac did, all that Tanked had to go through to watch TV, and BAM! Prozac turns it off thinking hes to blame for the mess…and where was Prozac during the brouhaha? But it was well worth it to see Evil get the smack down lol. The whole thing was the best fight ever seen!

    i know it would mean a ton of extra work for you but i’d love to see some animation shorts from you staring the Bear Nuts gang. When i win the lotto jackpot can i hire you to make it happen? lol. If you say yes i’ll add it to my todo list when i win.

  7. Lody

    I feel sorry for Tanked.
    putting up with all that fighting over the TV until finally ending it, and as soon as he puts it back on his tv show prozac ruins it.
    It’s kinda funny though as the wrestling did influence tank, where else would he get the idea to smack evil with a chair after all

  8. Pandora01

    Lol’d at Tank’s expression in the last panel.

  9. poco

    Awww! No fair!

  10. rtlstien

    Tank’s expression in the last panel perfectly summarizes this whole experience; WTH just happened?

    I wish death came along and gave Prozac the touch so Tanked could watch his show

  11. Superbeast

    I think this is all that needs to be said “Tanked got robbed”!

  12. Stryde

    That was classic xD

  13. Nick

    Tanked needs to put ‘Zac in the leg lock of doom.

  14. Glowworm

    Hey–Tanked only knocked out one of them! XD! Great ending.

    BTW–love Batbear–my boyfriend uses Batman’s voice when he talks for Death bear.

  15. Kenichi340

    Goddammit, Prozac! I feel sooo bad for Tanked. He needs to put Prozac in the leg lock of doom for that!

  16. Bosn_C_Otter

    Also take a very serious look at workers disability insurance. If you company supply’s it odd are it isnt near enough. i had to support my family on 2/3 of my pay for almost a year. Now I have AFLAK. Ok, sorry for the plug on to the comic. Where you trying to send a message with the first three panels? Tanked stripped off the “Image” left his “addiction” behind and looked totally in control of himself and his life in panel three. You may not have meant it that way but its a great life lesson.

  17. DominicanKing614

    omg thats just so wrong and mean that u made tank end up that way =( …. oh well hopefully he gets it back someday

  18. Kaos

    Awww poor Tank. <X3

  19. Kurobara

    Poor poor Tanked. The little guy can just never win, can he?

  20. Nicole

    Love Tanked’s big blue eyes in panel three. And his expression in panel 4 made me lol! :) Holding on to his pillow…so cute!

  21. kuma P

    hahahaha i simply loved this story

    i’ve been following tthe comic for a short time but already read all chapters

    but this ending is the best so far in my humble opinion

    you deserve an animated series

  22. Martino

    He didn’t even get to open a beer :(

  23. Bastion

    Poor Tanked. He’s gonna snap one day and just let everyone have it. “How’s that for ‘bad influence’, Prozac? Ya bi … Bah!”

  24. ElectricDeity

    Oh man. That deserves a rim shot.

  25. Vampire

    thats messed up

  26. Dallas-Dakota

    You know, this little bit of violence thats part of Bearnuts? It’s like Happy Treehouse Friends, but better.
    (Except for some of the gore, which can be funny but…)
    AND THEN everything Bear Nuts has on top of the violence, oh my. I remembered why I love your comic, Alison.

    *Weird, I don’t see many Alison’s, do you get called Alice a lot? :P

  27. lt_amazil

    aww prozac to the rescue!

    evil:oh hi prozac!

  28. Bosn_C_Otter

    Oh a question, did you decide to put “end” on the last panel because of all the questions about the frog-drop cupcakes? Or have you done it before?

  29. BoredStiff

    I have seen it before. I was looking for it on the Monday’s panel and was happy there was at least one more in this arc.

  30. Animie fan

    the expression on tankeds’ face in the end was priceless. :D

  31. Michelle

    Aw, poor Tanked. xD
    Does he not know how to turn the TV back on?

  32. D.Durand

    Miss Acton, now, you are just mean !

  33. Sam

    Dang tank still loses. Oh well he just needs another six-pack to be happy again =)

  34. Matt Datchuk

    Every single one of tanks expressions in this strip are awesome.

  35. kaijufan43

    Tanked needs to whoop ass!

  36. PuppyWolf

    Awwww… poor Tanked… he just wanted to watch TV! I love his facial reactions.

  37. Jessica

    OMG! That’s so wrong! Poor Tank!

  38. Skulljack17

    I always think of life insurance as a sort of morbid gambling myself. “Ooooh, this plan covers horrible burns! Although, it doesn’t cover incidents with gardening tools.” XD
    As for the comic, I hope to see some wrestling moves from Tanked in the future. Followed by quips and jabs from Gay or Lech. Heh!

  39. admin

    @Likeacupcake: That’s nice of you to say! Unfortunately when you’re at home with a baby you can barely tell Mondays and Fridays apart and half the time I have no idea what day it is.
    @shadowwalker: It’s been a looong time since I’ve animated anything (back in the day when we still did it with pencils!) so very rusty I be… but if you win the lottery I’ll re-learn :)
    @Glowworm: lol, hopefully not overdone Christian Bale Batman? That was grinding.
    @Bosn_C_Otter: Disability is definitely not a bad idea but it’s prohibitively expensive…. I love if when people find reference to things that I didn’t intend in the pages! And I believe I’ve been using END on almost all of them, or END? for cliffhangers.
    @kuma P: Thank you! That’s very sweet (I so totally agree!)
    @Dallas-Dakota: I’ve only been called Alice once, I usually get ‘Al’ which makes me feel masculine :P
    @Michelle: Nice avatar! And yes, he can push buttons but maybe he can’t figure out how to plug it in (you know when you’re cable box has to be re-set again and those all those features? I have trouble with that! Or Prozac took the cables with him.)
    @Matt Datchuk: Thanks! I think he’s my favorite to draw.
    @Skulljack17: I know! Do we gamble on dying early thanks to cancer/etc. and cash out, or do we live too long and run out of rrsps?? And then when you have children to consider, crap. It’s complicated!

  40. Chiara-Wolf

    dont u just love how incredibly violent the bears are?

  41. Evil2.0

    It’s not fair, after all the argueing and fighting he can’t watch tv….just booo curse you fate

  42. Purohueso

    I laught hard with the “WTF?” face of Prozac, :P, and Tanked face on last panel reminds me from a certain parody of The Shining (No beer and no TV…), XD

  43. ELVISP


  44. Kitsunekage

    Quick, Tanked! Hit Prozac with the chair while he’s backs turned! Only then can you watch your show in peace.

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