Page 181
June 14th, 2010

Page 181

Love panel 4! ¬†Evil might just need a rabies shot now… and an MRI perhaps.

That last golfing Tanked wasn’t preppy enough so I fixed it :)

SITE UPDATE: More stuff added to the Fan Art section including a really nice Gimp by Moonbeamcat and this fantastic montage of the bears’ bedtime routine by Poptin.


  1. Kitsunekage

    *Sigh* I’ll go call the ambulence……

  2. Elkian

    XD Tanked copied the wrestling move.


  3. MrPainkiller

    i see that Evil still has the tag on his ear :)

  4. J.C.

    The last panel is great.
    Tanked’s satisfaction, Evil vomiting as if he were Tanked… what’s not to like?? XD

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