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June 11th, 2010

Page 180

This arc was definitely one of the more fun to draw and I especially like the middle three panels.  And Nerd got some TNG in there anyway!

I got kicked in the face at work once.  It likely broke my nose but I didn’t get it looked at as the bleeding stopped pretty quickly… my nose is a little off though and it was probably dumb of me not to get it looked at when it was fresh (this was over 8 years ago I think so I don’t see it being fixable now unless I go plastics).  But the look on people’s faces when I say my boss broke my nose almost makes up for it :)

But poor Gay could be in for a triple black eye at this rate… did you know breaking your nose can also cause black eyes?  I’m just full of fun nose anecdotes today.

This page is lacking a little preppy Tanked so I sent him golfing.


  1. Unusual

    Wow. TV wrestling has nothing on these guys. I’d be surprised if Tanked didn’t find his wrestling show boring after watching this.

  2. Kiggy

    WHere is Death?

    I wanna see him giving out zaps of numbness and restoring the peace!

  3. Artis.K

    AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hahahahahah woow fight fight fight

  4. poy

    No Nerdlets for him..

    Pffftnah, he was gonna be a virgin for life anyway. At least Evil didn’t hit anything vital

  5. DominicanKing614

    looks like Evil Bear is losing his interest in the fight …. i think hes just gonna leave now lol

  6. Zoe

    Make it so? Is that a movie quote or something?

  7. Ben

    “Make it so” is a quote from Star Trek, The next generation. Yes, I’m a nerd.

    again with the cheap shots evil! YES! I definately like nerds reaction, but gay’s seems just a touch off, it’s more like he’s thinking “oh wow, he beat me to it” than a 0.o kind of look. Not sure if that was intended but still hilarious just the same.

  8. RainbowKnight

    Boot to the Head!

  9. lanysmiles

    I like the fact that gay has gone all crazied attacker in the first few panels! :D

    although i would have thought nerd smarter than to get involved! :D oh well one does what one must for TNG!! :D

  10. Kaos

    Gay really looks cruel when he slams Evil’s head in the floor.
    Evil looks like he is ready to kill Gay. O.o

  11. Lea

    It appears, Nerd has been cheated out of The Next Generation… of bears. Yes, I’m not funny, but I had to tell you anyway. At least the strip is as entertaining as ever, if not more! Can’t beat a dude being hit in the nuts. :)

  12. deet

    Is Evil choking Gay?

  13. Wentil

    It doesn’t seem to be a headlock of the choking-off-the-air, arm around the neck, hand-pushing-head-forward kind, but the eyes -do- make it seem Gay’s being choked. Maybe Evil’s just getting bored with fighting and Gay’s just getting frightened waiting for the hammer to fall?

  14. Wentil

    After all, look at the stress lines on Gay’s head — Evil is clearly pulling his head back, not pushing it forward, but the cut-off of the panel doesn’t let us see if the bend of his elbow is around Gay’s neck or not. Only Alison can enlighten us! :) (But I’ll assume it’s a choke hold until further notice)

  15. Wentil

    Panel Six gives new insight into the Strip’s Name.

  16. Marcus

    Hehe…Crunch. Sorry Nerd Bear, no more Bear Nuts for you D:

  17. Hex


  18. admin

    @Poy: lol… I like the term Nerdlets!
    @Zoe: Captain Picard! Wether or not you like Star Trek, you gotta love Patrick Stewart, especially on Extras.
    @Lea: I guess somethings are just classically funny… :D
    @Wentil: I definitely meant it to be a chokehold, might have come off better with some gasping fx but I was hoping the eyes rolling back thing would read better… and he’s not really pulling Gay’s head back, just digging his claws into his scalp to hold him in place… my bad that all doesn’t come across better :) Rear Nekkid!

  19. thatonedude

    woooo evil! last panal evil seems like hes just waiting for gay to die lol. ( yes death is funny) its really free for all every time they atack someone the person they just saved attacks them. i think they should team up then beat the sit out of the one then each other

  20. Barn0wl

    @admin: I’m guessing it’s more of a “Carotid Chokehold” ( rather than actual choking of the airway? A Carotid Chokehold is definitely MUCH faster (I’ve used it and been on the receiving end in training).

  21. Barn0wl

    @admin: Ah … never mind. I just noticed your “Rear Nekkid” … missed that before. LOL

  22. tanukichu

    wait, now i want to know WHY your boss broke your nose! :o

  23. Ketira

    I see *some*one’s been listening to the Frantics too… (Alison, was that intended?) …and I am also waiting for when Death finally wakes up from his nap and goes after Evil. That should break the chokehold….

    @Alison, re: vote incentive – That’s how I played when I learned golf in High School. After that, I lost interest; I knew I wouldn’t get any better, so why bother trying?

  24. Bastion

    Here’s another reason for Nerd to be happy about TNG: It’s ‘SIR’ Patrick Stewart now!

  25. BoredStiff

    Picard On extras was one of the best sit com episodes of all time.

  26. Jewstein

    That’s some awesome Shawn Micheals Sweet Chin Music action in panel 4. That’s a pretty decent Rocket Donkey kick in panel 6 also. I like how the heel is plunged upwards into the fuselage to the point of it being visible past the auxiliary fuel pods. The fact that he is wearing the Star Trek uniform while enduring said rocket kick is very avant garde.

  27. Dallas-Dakota

    Sir Patrick Stewart has been Sir for quite some time now, Bastion. ;)

    Evil, in the last panel, looks way more like he’s been shot with a tranquilizer dart then getting disinterested, to me.

    Also, yes, looking forward to seeing Death again.(Though maybe not just ”restoring the peace”)

  28. andrew

    i just love evil’s face in the last panel. “pass out already, i have very very painful things planned for you.”

  29. TJ YZ

    I totally want to see Tank go wine tasting
    and I completely appreciate the Star Trek reference

  30. Kikren

    Someone got kicked in the Bear Nuts! :D

  31. grimreaperxxx92

    ou that hert me seeing evil kick nerd in the nuts thats gust painful

  32. Wentil

    I actually had the pleasure of seeing Patrick Stewart playing in the role of Prospero, the deposed Duke of Milan in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, at a Community Theater back in the day. He was about eight feet from me in the front row! :) Oh, and he really was awesome. You really saw that his roots came from this sort of acting, and not what he did on Star Trek, even though that was where he gained the bulk of his fame.

  33. BSQ

    I got hit in the face with a hockey stick once, the hockey stick is the one that got broke though… all I got was minor bleeding and getting to sit out of the game for 12 seconds… I can take the pain… though I still wouldnt want to be on any Mtv shows >_>

  34. Bastion

    @Dallas-Dakota – Really? But the article … the news … *siiigh* Thanks. I’ll just go hide in the corner.

  35. Animie fan

    I love the casual expression as he cuts off gays’ air supply, this guy outa be in movies.

  36. itssnowing

    “Crunch”? ouch ._.

  37. Kitsunekage

    *Comes in with Popcorn* Wow, this just keeps getting better! *Stuffs a handfull of popcron in mouth” Wun’ shum!

  38. JS

    I have to say; for a woman, you’ve got a really good take on what it’s like to have a goal scored between your personal uprights. :)

    Why is it almost always Nerd this happens to, and Evil to blame? :)

  39. KingMe

    You know if Nerd only had not gotten in the way, Gay would have beaten the sh!t out of Evil. And that is why I am such a fan of Gay Bear, he may like getting pedicures but he can also kick some series ass.

  40. Ryu

    *is still very contemplative of a possible attraction between Evil and Gay* I think it’s a crack pairing…
    Not Crack the bear

  41. sneakers

    Bwahahhaha! Oh lordy. “Make it so.”

    Can Nerd attack Evil with a bat’leth sometime?

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