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June 21st, 2021

Page 791

Apparently it wasn’t obvious enough, but Lech is pretty concussed and also pretty bi. Will leave it at that.

Plus: EMERGENCY DILDO SAVES THE DAY is a thing that happened.

Vote Incentive: Happy Late Father’s Day to all the dads! Like this poor ratty single father :)


  1. Nila Foxy

    Well.. At least Lech said he was sorry, to Gay.


    I feel like the concussion causing Lech’s nausea was pretty obvious. Also, love that Lech is confirmed to be bi.

  3. Cloudy

    Wait a second… emergency mouth wash? With this much context? Allison you sly devil you

  4. Tjimmy1999

    Good to know that Lech is bi. Wish he said that in the comic though. It also doesn’t explain the years of him projecting misogyny, insecure masculinity issues, and his weird perverted behavior with human women.

  5. Nicole

    Yay! Ship so cute! <3 And the big bears are calming down except for Cara—she's got all night, I think! :O

  6. Treascair

    Honestly, that blood worries me… hope Lech doesn’t have any internal bleeding.

  7. Murphy

    Well that’s an awkward after first on comic kiss.
    at least he had manners to say sorry.

  8. Murphy

    Also about Lech being Bi
    people are oblivious unless you spell it out for them.

  9. Todd Maccarone

    I have my doubts that the fight is anywhere near over, but Pro Hulk being chucked into Super-Death is sure going to be interesting. Also, Gimp better check out Lech A.S.A.P!

  10. GregV

    @Tjimmy1999 It could be that Lech’s hyper-masculinity was a cover for his insecurity about being attracted to guys as well. That he didn’t accept that about himself or wasn’t comfortable with it yet, and maybe that’s been changing recently.

    Or maybe we’re just over-analyzing a comic about cartoon bears. But I’m saying there’s definitely ways in which that could all fit into his psyche.

  11. Hake Feretto

    Wow things seem becole even more bad for our bears now than Cara seem be the last degenerate-beast OwO… I hope they’ll found something soon for make a definitive stop at the situation > 3>…

    Also seem Lech assumed he have kiss our golden-bear or maybe he even have no see what happened but it seem too obvious for me XD… Lech is definitivly be and maybe we’ll have his back-stiry soon after this arc ! I now can’t wait for the next X3 !!!

  12. Bry

    did Lech just APOLOGIZE to Gay??? wow, he hit his head pretty hard. all joking aside, still a sweet moment between them (vomiting in the mouth aside) and our alpha male is a-ok!

  13. SomeOtherBear

    I mean the whole “safeword” bit sort of gave it away a while back. Or the color coordinated dress during the last phombies episode :) Opposites attract and all that. Lech is a lecherous bear, ergo he is clearly an equal opportunity employer. Good for him and Gay. Being so opposite they probably strike a healthy balance in the background. I wonder if Kara’s were-bearness is contagious?

  14. T-Shaw

    Never seen Lech apologize to Gay before.
    That’s a rare thing right here for me.

  15. kitty

    as a bisexual, thank you for including a bi character in your comic. :) i really like lech & it makes me feel seen <3

  16. kitty

    i’m bi so this makes me happy :) i really like lech & it makes me feel seen <3

  17. kitty

    oops lol it said it wasn’t submitting the other comment HAHA

  18. Nicole

    No worries, kitty! And happy Pride month! :)

  19. Murphy

    With emergency mouth wash, Gay was prepared for if he didn’t enjoy it.
    or if the kiss went awry. Point is he was prepared beforehand.

  20. Bri

    My heart, it still swells <3 Eeeeeeeee

  21. Taila Blu

    Loving the bi rep! Lech isn’t a perfect guy but honestly having bi rep that’s a multifaceted and flawed character is super fun for me.

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