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June 28th, 2021

Page 792

Busy week around here! The twins turned 10 (10! Ack!), I turned…. it doesn’t bear repeating…and Sam graduated from gr 6 (in a lockdown so not much was done but then he found out Baskin Robbins has ice cream pizzas so he declared he had earned one for graduating and thus cookies and cream on a brownie was enjoyed by all-I think his new life’s goal is try all 4 flavours)
School is over and already they are trotting out my favourite: “I’m booooorrrrreeeddd!”

When they’re not fighting of course.

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  1. Nila Foxy

    Nice… Already they are back to insulting each other.
    Really bears.. Now is NOT the time.

  2. T-Shaw

    Insulting each other already?
    NO TIME!!!

  3. Nicole

    What is Nerd seeing that I’m not? Death just blasted the other two! Oh, Lord!

    So glad everyone’s still alive, tho! :D

  4. gridsleep

    Why haven’t the police arrived, like, three hours ago? Explosions at an airport are not treated lightly these days.

  5. N30N

    Its been 3 minutes and they’re already back to bullying eachother, cant say im surprised lol. Also its really wholesome to see Vanity and Gay somewhat getting along! :)

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Well, Death is slightly smaller, and his power is starting to drain, so that’s good… But it just occurred to me- is it possible for Death to lose his entire charge? And if so, how does he get his power back? As another issue, how do they get Cara back to normal, and what’s going to happen in “about 12 minutes”?

  7. Eeveeevolutionlover

    @gridsleep @todd maccarone: My guess is the police that was mentioned will arrive in 12 minutes. Nothing like dodging authorities while trying to keep this all under wraps.

  8. Errick

    You know, I am still not clear on if all of this is actually happening or if it’s some kind of imagination thing. Do these bears actually turn into giants and shoot lightning or is something much more mundane going on if we were to view it as human beings or something?

  9. Nila Foxy

    *smh* You must be new.. Cause, Bear Nuts has a vital clue that is only used when things are taking place in a characters “Imagination”. The panels get all wiggle-wobble like. & they never last this lone.
    So this is all ACTUALLY happening to them.

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