Page 789
June 7th, 2021

Page 789

Is there ever a case where you could have too many pockets?

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Vote: more Father’s Day designs from previous years because I’m currently working 3 jobs and can barely scrape these pages together and haven’t had time for a new tee design in FOREVER :(


  1. kitty

    IS THAT A??????? U KNO

  2. Nila Foxy

    *sees last panel . . . – – *dead*

  3. Nila Foxy


  4. T-Shaw


  5. WaitWot

    Is that massage rod for Cara??

  6. Mr. Casual

    My guess was so close, and yet so far. X)

  7. Treascair

    Well… this is awkward.

  8. Todd Maccarone

    Well, at least Lech might not be dead… But I didn’t need to see what was in all those pockets. What other things did Gay have in that vest of his?

  9. Murphy

    Aaaaaw Gay does care about his boyfriend!
    Pffffft! Okay that last panel got me! ;)

  10. razzen

    ooh, possible blackmail material

  11. Murphy

    Okay, i’m guessing the rubber Ahem- toy!
    absorbed the shock since rubber is insulator not conductor.
    still lech is gonna be embarrassed he’s saved by a adult toy.

  12. tsophiekins


    have you done the ‘saved from the bullet as it hit the bible in my pocket’…


    xD xD xD

  13. gridsleep

    It’s only a lightning rod metaphorically.

  14. maninblack

    You can never have too many pockets

  15. Nicole

    Evil, did you have a warrant for that search? :O

  16. Murphy

    Y’know I think Allison should state lech is Bi.
    because lots of people think that bi people should “pick a side.”
    so i think that it would show that bi’s or other sexualities don’t go away.
    it’s not a choice to like people regardless of gender or if they don’t have gender at all

  17. kitty

    @Murphy coming from a bi person, preach.

  18. Nila Foxy


  19. Murphy

    *Vibrates intensely in excitement for next page*

  20. grape.lys

    Finally caught up! Thanks to finding old art of yours I screenshotted years ago I remembered your series and came to catch up- I had been behind since 2017!! This was amazing to read up on, I didn’t realize I missed it so much. In a weird way I find it nostalgic because I’ve been following your work since 2015, when I was,, too young to read a comic like this lol. So proud and glad to see the dedication to the comic for over a decade. Thank you, Alison!! I’ll be staying caught up from now on :D <3

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