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March 2nd, 2020

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So my puppy will jump in swimming pools… but won’t walk through puddles :P. Indy is 10 months old now and still has little over-excited pees when someone comes over, or when she goes to Nana’s house, or when my brother looks at her, lol. She is fixed and the vet said that usually helps…but obviously not always. I guess her bladder is just as weak as mine after twins! Guess who doesn’t jump rope or go to trampoline parties!!

Vote incentive: more Patreon request sketches (Gay gets a Valentine!)

New tee design: Bestest…Friends?



  1. Nila Foxy

    Hah! I knew the chalk would be for that~

  2. Nila Foxy

    Oh Lech… Shut up~
    This isn’t about you… & for the last time; Vanity didn’t do the water poisoning part. That was the Monkeys.

  3. masterreviewer1000

    Wait. By that contract logic doesn’t that mean Sara and Cara will be shipped out after the breeding program has ended?

  4. Ali

    Ha! Shun line…
    I guess the problem did solve itself. But~ does this mean we get a new bear :)

  5. connor Murphy

    I know this is about Vanity and all but…

    How do you know that Gay has pimples on his butt Lech,
    has lech been looking at gay’s ass that much? ;)

  6. Nila Foxy

    That’s a bit cold. As much as I’d hate to say it, they need Ping Pong back.
    I’d do it… for Tanked.

  7. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy
    Again.. Lech being too Lech. With Gay & the water.
    I hope we will soon see what special secret, Cara will show i this chapter.
    Also….. Look at poor Tanked :( Wouldn’t you do anything to make him smile again?

  8. connor Murphy

    @Nila Foxy

    that reminds me to ask, do you ship gay and Lech.
    since that seems to be the prime ship around here lol ;)

  9. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy
    Not really~
    But almost everyone is doing it, so I’m just gonna wait & see if it happens or not.

  10. Treascair

    I’m kinda with Lech on this. Evil’s a petty asshole, but Vanity’s crap could have gotten them killed.

  11. Tjimmy1999

    @Nila Foxy
    Bipolar much, Nila. First you spend the remainder of the last chapter wanting Vanity beaten to a pulp for being an irremediable asshole, despite a good chunk of these bears being that label, and now you don’t want him to leave? You really need to pick a lane and stick with it.

  12. Nila Foxy

    Are you trying to humor me? … Or are you f’ing blind? Look at my 2nd comment down… The one I replied to Conner.

  13. Nila Foxy


  14. Vausch

    Lech, for someone who has had blistering rashes on your nethers you really should not be throwing shade at Gay. Especially since that really gives away where your gaze is drawn.

  15. T-Shaw

    No one crosses Lech’s line.

  16. Tjimmy1999

    @Nila Foxy
    So you started feeling sorry for him now that he’s crying and knowing his situation? How easy it is after all that flexing about him being your worst character changes after seeing them in their weakness. And stop posturing. I get enough of that already.

  17. Nila Foxy


    *sigh* If you are that ignorant & incapable of understanding what I’m saying, then I’m not going to explain it.

  18. Tjimmy1999

    @Nila Foxy

    Ah. Yeah I feel that that “secret hypothesis” should’ve not have been secret to begin with.

  19. Nila Foxy

    Crossing you out now. GB~

  20. TaggertShare

    Gees, can they ship Vanity back to China? What about the Corona Virus mess. It would be an apt thing for him to be forced to face such a mess.

  21. Nila Foxy

    Not if the BEAR NUT-TEAM can help it! | Evil can be the crazy one.

  22. connor Murphy

    @Nila Foxy

    isn’t Evil already the crazy one, sustaining Psycho crack from that one arc?
    besides i think all the bears are crazy to be able to live together with each other and somehow not kill each other.

  23. Tjimmy1999

    I get the feeling that’s only treated like a human problem than an animal problem.

  24. Tjimmy1999

    Silly Prozac. You should already know by now that people like Lech are never satisfied until horrible violence is done to the ones that pissed them off in the first place.

  25. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy
    Exactly. Evil seemed a bit crazy even to the rest. (& that was an A-TEAM joke)

    Well recent Crack is much more sensible. & Lech isn’t crazy. He’s just stupid.

  26. Todd Maccarone

    Gonna miss that little pain… And the girls, if they ever get Cubs.

  27. ......

    That’s a nice vote incentive, cute

  28. gridsleep

    And like that (end panel) my week is already over and done with. I am going back to bed with a bottle of hydrox. Don’t wake me for the apocalypse. Only a medical coma will erase that picture from my mind.

  29. Nicole

    Looking forward to seeing where this goes! And…can we keep Lech behind the shun line forever? :D

    Indy sounds adorable!

  30. Nonsens

    I’m actually with Lech on this. Vanity hadn’t ever felt physical pain. He totally deserved it this time.

  31. Nila Foxy

    Maybe that should be Lech’s new “time-out” corner. heheh

  32. Chasey

    Payday needs to be here sooner because I NEED THAT SHIRT.
    Also, eh, I personally don’t think Vanity deserves to stay, other than that he creates good drama as a character from a reader standpoint.
    From a story standpoint, though… Tanked deserves to have his buddy back. Lookit that sad face. :<

  33. kittikin

    Can’t say I’m going to miss vanity much he didn’t bring all that much to the story IMO. him being the antagonist felt a little forced I’m actually kinda glad he’s being written out. I’m hoping for a new bear and or cubs

  34. Bri

    @Chasey: Agree with you 100% heh heh ♥︎

  35. connor Murphy

    I personally agree with @Nila Foxy

    As much as Vanity is easy to despise…
    someone has to be the jerk, spoiled brat, Asshole, Scumbag, Unwashed pair of socks,
    soul full of gunk, Grinch in this family and i think Vanity is perfect for that.

    yeah i made a christmas reference fight me comment section. :P

  36. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy
    Well I think Lech can at least be the “unwashed socks”. Gay said early in BN how the guy barely bathes.
    Here’s what we got with all the bears…

    Cracked- (formerly) mind scarred almost to the end, germaphobic, but recently gaining a tude which makes him seem more confident.
    Prozac- enraged as child made quiet by drugs, but lately has dropped the fake-smile facade. Not really all too happy these days.
    Death- lonely shut in who hates his “gift”, who when found a way to be able to touch without hurting became happy.
    Tanked- heavy drinker to feel the pain of loss go away, though recently been less derpy & even sensible. & the strange attachment to some others.
    Nerd- fictional stuff was all he had when mom wasn’t around & when she was gone forever. Been “ok” mostly now.
    Evil- highly mistreated through dangerous tricks for amusement as a child which warped him. But lately has realized there are others he can be with.
    Gimp- abused in tests & left alone, only to later be freed by human ignorance. Wearing that mask not just to numb the pain, but to protect others.
    Cara- despite the emotions, mostly tries to be as caring for others. Even if they are not the best kind of folk. Though she can have her limits.
    Sara- Can be a bit flirty, though passes on former males. Not afraid to be bitchy especially to Gay or Lech. Has mixed feelings about her sis. But mostly love.
    Lech- Gets easily poked at if his manliness is tested, even when no one meas it. Quick to scold anyone to make himself feel less of a loser.
    Gay- Seems mainly queer only in the sense that he likes fine fabrics, drinks lightly, fond of words like “fabulous”.
    Vanity- wants to feel on top of the World so it feeds into what seemed like happiness. Only to feel broken after being sent away to a place that won’t feel like a home.

  37. connor Murphy

    @Nila Foxy

    have you been taking psychology classes from harly quinn,
    because that seems like how she’d analyze someone, color me impressed girl!

    only comparing as a joke, no ill will intended…i make weird references as jokes. heh heh.

  38. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy

    Aww ^^ that’s so sweet you compared me to Harly Quinn. I do feel like her sometimes. | & yes, I’ve studied the bears in this very much.

  39. connor Murphy

    @Nila Foxy

    ^^ glad that you take it as a compliment. | by the way how did you think the animated Harley Quinn series went, i personally loved it. the 11th episode made me nearly wish to throw hands with the executives of the show. it’s amazing.

  40. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy
    I never saw that. | I know her from things like BM TAS & BOP

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