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February 24th, 2020

Page 722

I didn’t line up the text on the book very well cause I was tired but it says ‘How to Zen’ if anyone asks and I assume it’s not very helpful, except at this exact moment where it is apparently just the thing :)

I will spare you all the details of the last two weeks as two seemingly different sicknesses made their way through our house (8 loads of laundry folks…8!) but I did find it really interesting to see how the twins handle things. Evan threw up on his shoes at school (and didn’t take them off!? He was still wearing them when I went to go get him!) I’d never seen him look that pathetic and sad and he moaned and groaned non stop about his head ache. He was pretty bad for 2 days, then a bit better, then turned the corner on day 4. ¬†Owen got it later, had one bad day, not a single ¬†complaint, mostly just slept. Was pretty much fine the next day, 100% back to normal day 3. I don’t know if Evan just got hit harder? Or do I have a significant man baby in the making?? Lol.
And Sam threw up in his Lego drawer, we’ll leave it at that.

More NEW designs on Neatorama (great tees) and Teepublic (great selection of blanks and other stuff) and today’s Vote incentive is another of the Valentine’s thank you sketches from the Studio Dooomcat Patreon page :D


  1. Ali

    Wow, I’m surprised lech wants in.
    What am I saying no I’m not, everybody changed so much.
    Also tank literally dies in panel 2

  2. Nila Foxy

    Looks like they are all about to find out.
    But I wonder… Which ones will end up caring & which ones won’t.
    I know Tanked will want to go after Vanity. & I wonder about Evil..

  3. T-Shaw

    First time Lech wants in a family meet.

  4. Michael Sirius

    Oh my goodness, there’s a ghost in panel 3. Spoopy
    Wow, I knew Lech was a troublemaker, but now they’re literally throwing the book at him huh?

  5. Abdiel

    I’m wondering if Death will be present at this family meeting as well. Poor Lech wasn’t even being mean this time and everyone ices him. He smells like trash to be fair, but still.

  6. Hake Feretto

    Hmmm a family meeting huh ? Computer and all so it mean Prozac know the true about Vanity :p. And strangly Evill is the once missing but I’m sure he will hear from away or he is already on the road for put vanity back to the zoo ( I think he alreasy knew about the transfer or he have learn about it somewhere > w>…). The once question is where is Death ? It’s sad to see he is still so alone and backgrounded.. I hope he’ll have his own arc one day because actualy he is the bear I want the most know about his origin !

  7. gridsleep

    Sci-Fi Sacrilege is right (not to mention [but I will, anyway] the use of Forry Ackerman’s slang phrase which is also hated by the purists.) That design will start fist fights at conventions. I predict you will sell… five.

  8. connor Murphy

    Lech actually took a bath, he’s come a long way since the cone arc.

    also really lech, gay smells like ass. have you looked in the mirror lately.

  9. WhiteGamingBunny

    Lech really isn’t being all that bad (for him anyway) so their reaction is kinda extreme. At least he tried to get the smell out. That’s an improvement over how I feel he used to be.
    Also, that “I smell like Pasta!” frame is really adorable.

    Speaking of new shirt designs, when is there going to be more Bear Nuts related shirts? Aside from random bears in the same style, there only appears to be three BN shirts. I’d love to buy a Nerd shirt.

  10. Todd M Maccarone

    Dear god… Lech is even worse than usual. Skunk stink doesn’t improve him at all, and the pasta and meatballs comment- so unnecessary!

  11. Nila Foxy

    @Hake Feretto
    I’m starting to wonder about Death’s absence as well, now. | Prozac “could” know now. Or is about to.

  12. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy
    It’s Lech. He will say whatever he can to defend his so called “pride”.

  13. connor Murphy

    @Nila that is so true for Lech, so painstakingly true.

    also for him to know what gay’s scent is like he’d have to spend almost every second of everyday with him,
    there uh…there something you trying to tell us Lech, mr. so called alpha male? XD

  14. Arttu Toiviainen

    Lech is so proud of himself with that joke. And so am I. His face with that pasta bit is so cute.

  15. Nila Foxy

    @WhiteGamingBunny indeed it is that panel. In fact i have a good joke for it.

    Lech panel 4: “Some people tell me “the NES is overdone”
    Lech panel 5: “You know what I say to them?”
    Lech panel 6: “The only thing overdone here is my toast”
    Evil :*off screen* “lololololololololololol”

  16. Nicole

    Poor Gimp still without his mask! The sheet just cracks me up. :D

    @Nila and Hake: I agree! Where the heck is Death? I swear, he’s out sunning with the birdies, as usual.

    I literally bought the Choke t-shirt for the look on Pikachu’s face. ;D

    @Alison: Gah! The lego drawer!!!

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