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February 17th, 2020

Page 721

Of course this was written long before travel to China became what it currently is; I’ve seen entirely too many docs lately about the inevitable nature of the next great pandemic… maybe I should stop watching Netflix for awhile :(

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  1. Nila Foxy

    adu adu parting is such sweet sorrow, Vanity :(

  2. masterreviewer1000

    Best fucking title I ever read.

  3. connor Murphy


    why do i feel like your acting feeling sad for vanity?
    maybe it’s because of the comments the last few pages.

    so i apologize if i don’t believe you, your still my friend tho.

  4. Ali

    Aww I feel bad for vanity, i feel worse since we might be losing a cast member.

  5. Vausch

    Dang, even Crack’s got a limit. Also am I crazy or are his and Gay’s muzzle’s miscoloured in panel 8 there?

    Jeez, turns out the little fella’s been acting out to either make them not miss him as much or try to justify it to himself that he won’t miss them.

  6. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy
    Well, my BN fan friend… Now that This chapter has started, I can finally reveal MY little twist ending.

    I was only, actually 2-3rd’s honest on my hate during the last chapter. | I wanted to see if my secret hypothesis of him actually having, true inner pain & coming from a unfortunate event of real, heart-felt loss.
    & I was right.
    If there is one kind of pain that brings out ones most buried feelings… It’s sadness.

  7. connor Murphy


    *does an orangusnake impression* Depression, the perfect recruitment tool!
    but in all honesty, sadness is one of the strongest emotions someone can feel.

    along with overwhelming joy, fear, disgust, Rage, Anxiety.

  8. Tjimmy1999

    I will never get bored of seeing a passively aggressive Crack pointing out the flaws in everyone’s logic.

  9. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy
    Probably the strongest of all… Look at “Inside-Out”.
    I was hoping for THIS the whole time. Turns out Vanity had a heart after all & he’s in pain again…
    Like the first time.
    Maybe this is where Cara really shines.

  10. pretty_blossom

    netflix also has a bit about the inevitability of plagues coming out of china – in the short documentries they do – Explained…

  11. Nicole

    Aaaah! Poor lil’ dude! His lil round noggin’! *sigh*

    Maybe he doesn’t really leave and the title refers to him no longer being an asshole?? Maybe?

    That said, it does seem like some time has passed between panels 6 and 7 if they’ve gotten the cave all cleaned up.

    Ah, Nila, you tricksey little fox!

  12. Baron

    I’m prepared to see Vanity get rescued or something. I just don’t have a feeling Alison would actually get rid of one of the main cast, like this.

  13. ShennyNerd

    Wait, how did Vanity know he was being moved to another zoo?

  14. T-Shaw

    Crack is finally acting like a normal person. Without being paranoid

  15. Mr Demon

    I’m not saying i need it, but I need the 3rd, 4th, & 5th panel.

  16. Hake Feretto

    Haaaaa finaly the famous arc begin, Vanity definitivly have act like a jerk for a good reason : be considerate as an asshole by all bears for they’ll not be sad he disapear . It’s the kind of arc than I love, see one character be sure evryone will hate him and he’ll finish alone again but at end he’ll see people care about him and he’ll never been alone anymore. I realy can’t wait to see how this arc will evolve >~< !

  17. Chasey

    So he really doesn’t want to leave his family. Or, at least not leave Tanked.
    I’m sure they’ll save him somehow once they realize what’s going down, but begrudgingly, since Vanity made it really hard for any of them to want to keep him. Which was on purpose, to mask his sadness, I see now.

  18. WhiteGamingBunny

    Ah, the arc presumably aimed to garner sympathy for the resident jerk character. I feel it will affect me as much as the attempt a certain game had when they made a game trying to make the previous game’s hate-sink of a villain sympathetic. I doubt my opinion will change much, but Mrs. Acton is a fabulous writer, so it isn’t impossible. She made Evil likable, so why not?

    I know regardless of how good the reasoning, all it took was Vanity’s teary face in this strip to convince many. A character’s appearance is the main factor in determining if people will want to see good in a character. If he were an ugly designed character, all his supporters would be singing a different tune, I’m sure.
    That said, I hope that Mrs. Acton does a great job giving a reason behind the panda’s actions. I do not enjoy disliking anyone.

  19. Bri

    I can’t get over both Crack’s expressions and his sass. I just can’t.

    Cara and Sara totally remind me of my sister and I, tee hee. xD

    I don’t even want to imagine what it possibly feels like being shot by a tranquilizer (let alone being shot at ALL) …

  20. connor Murphy

    Crack is evolving, he’s gone from just tolkien paranoid doomsday prepper,
    to passive aggressive angsty teenage stereoype…i’m so proud. *sniffs*

    now crack is semi normal, being more than just panic attack central.
    also Cara seems to be super angry about this, which makes me wonder if she can influence other’s emotions?

  21. connor Murphy


    is…is it bad that Vanity is one character that reminds me of Xion from Kh?

    Vanity to me, is a character that seems to constantly be wondering why he’s there
    why the bears care about him when he’s not even anything like them which is probably why i made the comparison.

  22. Todd Maccarone

    It’s actually kind of sad that Ping Pong (a.k.a. Vanity) is going away… But is he really gonna leave, or does the creator of this comic have a few tricks up her sleeve to change things?

  23. Thwaitesy

    It’s a double burn because it came from Crack.

  24. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy
    idk who that is or where from~

    Well.. Vanity for this page & #719, does remind me of Rocket from GOTG 2 or Mae from NITW.
    He has all these problems that seem to be unfixable… & he hates that emptiness eating away at his soul.

    I can still imagine him being taken away from his mother, so young. Almost like Tanked having his mother taken away. Deep down… He doesn’t believe he will ever have a forever home…

  25. all

    @ShennyNerd Maybe he overheard them talking or maybe he knew along, since being a panda bear he’d be moved around a lot since they are on loan from china. I assume he is going home to china.

  26. Nila Foxy

    Of course he found out. B4 the last chapter started.
    & I feel that wherever he is going is NO “home”…

  27. Betty

    Poor kid.

  28. Delakando

    So wait he did all of this because he was leaving and didn’t want them to be sad about him going?

  29. Nila Foxy

    @Delakando yes & no…
    He was hoping to make it hurt less for himself too… Yet it still does.

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