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February 10th, 2020

Page 720

Ultimate stink bomb direct hit!!

I want to say a huge thanks again to my Patreon people!  You guys rock :D. Back in Christmas I did a thank you sketch day; I had 5 slots for ‘I sketch whatever you want within reason and up my alley ie. no crazy Transformers/super mech stuff cause I hate drawing vehicles’…it needs a better name :)  The below image is from that post.  I plan to do the same this month, probably for Valentine’s Day, so if you want in check out our Patreon page!

Vote incentive: another sketch request from Patreon that was pretty Gimp specific :)


  1. Nila

    heheh… oh Evil. You lovable bastard..

    & so closes this Chapter. | I’m glad I know what next ones title will be.
    (TY Alison for Patreon)

  2. Vausch

    Don’t you mean “Don’t look a gift skunk in the tail”?

  3. Tjimmy1999

    Well you can’t kill old habits. I wonder if anyone still think Vanity is the worst character.

  4. connor Murphy

    Of course evil would be the one to chuck a skunk lol

    also not even Gay is gonna want to cuddle lech after that skunk blast. XD

  5. Nila Foxy

    @connor Murphy
    Maybe he just opened the box & it jumped out.

    You seen the new title sneak-peek on Patreon?

  6. Ali

    I think Prozac would still be angry at evil if he’s eardrums popped. Also nerd looks good in panel 9 and 10.


  7. masterreviewer1000

    You know. I look around this area and I think to myself: Where the hell is Death? Seriously, where is he?

  8. Tjimmy1999

    It’s almost like Death is a background character because he hardly ever appears. Maybe that’s what Prozac should be doing.

  9. Dakaggo

    Does Gay get stuck giving Lech a bath after this? Might we finally get a Gay/Lech chapter for valentine’s day?

  10. ShennyNerd

    I….I think I figured out what Cara can do.

    And if I’m right, I’m not sure how I feel about it.

  11. Nicole

    The nuclear size of that skunk explosion in Panel 2 is the best! lol!

    As for Death…he’s been know to go off by himself a lot. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s napping in a meadow somewhere, completely oblivious in introvert heaven.

  12. Nila Foxy

    Is that so?
    Well… I’m eager to see her use it.

  13. T-Shaw

    Skunk bomb=total annihilation.

  14. anonymousethatscurriesinthedarkness

    Was it evil to drop the skunk on top of them? Yes.
    Did anyone get severely hurt, maimed or traumatized? No, no and short term yes.
    Evil’s pranks are annoying, frustrating, embarrassing and downright irritating but he doesn’t go out of his was to actually hurt others as far as I have been able to recall.

  15. Todd M Maccarone

    Okay… Evil dropping the skunk on everyone wasn’t at all what I was expecting… somehow? Regardless, at least the madness is over… for this chapter. I pray for all the bears’ sanity… and some hope that Vanity will actually try to be memorable for the rest of the cast.

  16. Tjimmy1999

    @anonymousethatscurriesinthedarkness You have very strange standards then.

  17. Nicole

    @T-Shaw: Right?!

  18. Nila Foxy



  19. Tjimmy1999

    @Nila Foxy Did I say something funny?

  20. Black Pete

    one of the best pages yet. And a nice birthday present.

  21. DutchiePass

    Did… did the smell of the skunk reverse Prozac’s transformation?

  22. admin

    @Black Pete: Happy Birthday!!

  23. Tjimmy1999

    @DutchiePass Well something had to knock him out of that transformation.

  24. Gumballs81

    Well, it would have been a shame to let a perfectly good skunk go to waste.

  25. Urago

    Now I’m curious to see Cara’s special skill. Now she joins the clubs of Prozac(Hulk-like form), Death(death touch), and Sara(pheromones).

  26. connor Murphy


    ehh…i’d include Evil (Voodoo skills), Crack(psycho slasher form), Gimpy(Rage form), Lech’s uh…ability to crash a car spectacularly?

  27. Sero

    I expected the skunk-thrower to be Evil – but I also thought it would have been rich if it had been Sara.

  28. TaggertShare

    That ending stunk, which is good!

  29. Abdiel

    Lol I didn’t notice Crack screaming through the panels.

  30. Nila Foxy

    & now… (possibly) About 1 moar day b4 the beginning of the new chapter~

  31. gridsleep

    if your ears are sticking out of your roller derby helmet and you land on your ear, that would really hurt. might want to rethink that. like, ear cages or something.

  32. connor Murphy

    I feel like Gay and Lech would team up just to beat Sara in a roller derby,
    Lech holding up gay for one of those advanced rollerblade moves and everything.
    meanwhile Death and Gimp are placing bets on whether the two will kiss if they win the derby,
    and Prozac is just glaring at all the other bears betting on whether gay and lech will win.

    y’know now i kinda want that to be a fanfic…someone get on that lol~

  33. Nicole

    Oh, connor Murphy, never stop being you! :D

    So close…to a new comic…

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