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February 3rd, 2020

Page 719

Tanked has all the feels :(

Vote incentive: finally done all the Halloween costumes, you know, now that it’s February, lol. ┬áSo time for more ninjas! Jealous ninjas :)

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  1. Nila

    Soon… Very soon…
    No “End” or “End?”
    So… Still one more b4 next chapter~

  2. T-Shaw

    Damn, Vanity must have had a rough childhood. Especially since he’s treating the bears like crap. Wonder what his story’s going to be like?

  3. connor Murphy

    Vanity rejected a hug from red/tanked oh, ho hoo!

    it’s on now micro dick, you don’t make tanked cry!
    *readies fist’s to punch Vanity*

  4. connor Murphy

    @Nila hold me back girl, he made tanked cry!

    *is ready to punch Vanity’s face off*

  5. Nila

    @connor Murphy
    heh.. heheheh || Good…. I like this anger you are feeling towards him. || They will find out soon… & their reactions will be so savoring..

    [When we see that “END” we can finally put this chapter to rest. &… then the next one begins. & I already know the title for it, thanks to Patreon….. heheheh]

  6. Nila

    @connor Murphy
    Was hoping this would be the “End”… But, here’s to hoping next page is the final one for “Evil Jr”.

  7. Tjimmy1999

    Guess the only bear Vanity will probably miss is Tanked. He is the only bear in this zoo that’s actually sweet to others.

  8. Athlone

    Look at Vanity’s face in the fourth panel, the poor guy is clearly going through some emotional pain.

  9. Tjimmy1999

    @Athlone Around the same thing I’m saying. People just seem to not like it when no one shows physical care to Tanked.

  10. Ali

    If vanity might be leaving, then… does that mean we get a look on his back story?

  11. masterreviewer1000

    Oh thank GOD. Vanity didn’t do anything bad to Tanked. But he did make him cry so… FUCK.

  12. masterreviewer1000

    @Ali Well maybe. Sometimes it’s not specific on who’s backstory is going to be told.

  13. Nila

    & do you see it in panel 5? . . . little Vanity, is crying out of true feelings. Not like his fake feelings in page 219.
    What a wonderful sight of despair~

  14. Todd Maccarone

    Man, that’s just sad. Tanked- the one bear Vanity made any kind of friendship with -got rejected, too. I actually feel like I’m gonna cry.

  15. connor Murphy

    @Nila okay now that i’ve gone and gotten my anger out,
    i have to ask nila aren’t you a bit curious about vanity’s past?

    i mean tanked was the only friendship he really had and now
    vanity is pushing everyone away and it’s making it suspicious?

  16. connor Murphy

    also wait, did Sara just throw the skunk at lech…seems like what they’d do
    what with Sara’s main personality trait is Bitch. hehe ;)

  17. Nila

    @connor Murphy
    Of course I am. Ever since I claimed that I would prefer someone like Death’s origin.
    I knew since then that it would be most likely Vanity’s turn to tell.

  18. N0083rP00F

    I still think my original analysis of Vanity stands.
    As to what happens to the little [censored due to abuse of the English language, if that was even English]

  19. Nicole

    Vanity did do something to Tanked previously. He tore the head off of Tanked’s teddy bear. That was one of the very first things that happened in this arc.

    Panels 4 & 5 are a pure “Yes, I’m the asshole” realization moment for Vanity. Tanked isn’t asking for a hug. His arms aren’t open. He’s just standing there, bewildered and innocent. The self-revelation for Vanity is too much and he’s probably feeling true shame for the first time. So he runs. I think Tanked is crying out of sheer bewilderment at the situation and sadness at Vanity’s behavior overall, not because he didn’t get a hug.

  20. Nicole

    Also…is Pro-hulk picking his nose?? =D

  21. Nicole

    Haha! Triple post!

    I just re-read and connected last week’s post to this one. Vanity’s last words: “I won’t miss any of you!!!” And then he walks right into Tanked.

    Yes, you will Vanity, yes you will. And Tanked’s crying makes more sense connected to that comment as well. Very hurtful.

  22. TurkeyT

    *sees everyone hating or seeing the fortold story of Vanity*

    Me: *singling out the fifth panel* Vanity is dabbing out of there.

  23. Nila


    I’ve theorized something about Vanity. || Born either with siblings or an only child.. Ping Pong has been taken away as a baby. The only comfort comes from the hollow love of fans.
    Being transfered from place to place… It’s the only thing that makes him feel anything good anymore.
    Coming here.. Just another bunch of randoms, yet one or two of them got to him in a way that made him… feel something.
    He didn’t want it… It was easier to just be that, star attraction. It’s not the first time he was wanted gone. & not the first time someone tried to warm up to him…

  24. Nila

    You lose & you lose what parts of you that are true.
    You become a shell that cracks over time.
    Growing up… You feel like the World is a safe & beautiful place.
    Then one day……… Reality comes in…….
    & you slowly crumble over time… Until nothing is left, holding you to this plain of existence…

  25. Nicole

    Well said, Nila! 100%!

  26. connor Murphy

    @Nila speaking from experience…no need to elaborate.
    i just hope that your doing well, i mean that Nila.

  27. Abdiel

    Darnit I’m too late to vote on the design. Is there anywhere I can buy that shirt? I love it!

  28. Abdiel

    Or as a sticker it would be super cool too

  29. admin

    @Abdiel: it might get into their Editor’s choice sale, otherwise I can put it on my Teepublic shop, they have stickers and etc.

  30. Anonymous

    People are talking about Vanity, but I hate Cara even moreso for apparently being concerned with that stupid panda. I want to scoop out her eyeballs like Evil tried to do with Vanity.

  31. connor Murphy

    @Anonymous, firstly down a bottle of chill pills.
    secondly…Cara is caring and empathetic that’s her base personality, she’s nice
    third, empathy is nessecarily a bad thing to have so calm down.

  32. Bri


  33. Abdiel

    @admin thank you very much if you did that I would for sure buy it!

  34. rws

    And why did the skunk attack that bear?

  35. Nila

    I believe that skunk was in the box Vanity had while back

  36. Nicole

    I’m thinking someone from above either released the skunk and it’s just running away, or someone from above threw the skunk? Sara?

  37. xephion

    i dont think many have understand what is going on he wants them to hate him so is easier to leave when he saw how they all acepted evil as a family that hurt him because he know he cant have that since he cant stay.and lashign out is the only way he can feel better when that time comes and it must be soon if he is acting this quickly

  38. Nicole

    That’s a good point, xephion. Of course Vanity would’ve known all along that he would be moving at some point. That has been his whole life experience. But the other bears wouldn’t know this.

  39. Abdiel

    Thank you I bought the shirt and sticker

  40. Nila

    Shall see if it is the final page of this chapter or not~

  41. connor Murphy

    you do realize how sinister that sounds…right~

  42. Nila

    @connor Murphy


  43. connor Murphy


    just making sure you realize that you sound like an anime villain
    being cryptic and leaving people guessing what your actually planning.

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